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UNDP Home-based with Two Missions to Geneva office and Two Country Missions within the Region (Asia-Pacif International Consul International Consultant for Independent Evaluation (Mid Term Evaluation for four years agreement)1970-01-01 2014-12-12
WHO Geneva Switzerland D2 Fixed-Term Appointment Director2015-06-06 2015-05-02
WHO Geneva Switzerland P2 Temporary appointment Governance Officer2015-07-30 2015-07-10
WIPO Please Check (Geneva) Gen WIPO INTERNSHIP ROSTER2015-07-31 2014-11-13
WIPO Please Check (Geneva) P4 LEGAL COUNSELLOR2015-07-31 2015-06-16
WHO Geneva Switzerland P5 Temporary appointment Senior Governance Manager2015-07-31 2015-07-11
WIPO Please Check (Geneva) P3 Program Officer2015-07-31 2015-07-25
WHO Geneva Switzerland P5 Temporary appointment Adviser (Public Health)2015-08-03 2015-07-14
UNOPS Geneva, Switzerland P5 Procurement Team Leader2015-08-03 2015-07-21
WHO Geneva Switzerland P4 Fixed-term Appointment Finance Officer2015-08-04 2015-07-15
WHO Geneva Switzerland P5 Temporary appointment Medical Officer (Reproductive Health and Research)2015-08-04 2015-07-15
WHO Geneva Switzerland P4 Fixed-term Appointment Monitoring & Evaluation Officer2015-08-04 2015-07-15
WIPO Please Check (Geneva) N/A Madrid Registry External Consultant in China (two positions)2015-08-05 2015-07-23
WHO Geneva Switzerland P4 Fixed-term Appointment HR Manager2015-08-06 2015-07-17
WHO Geneva Switzerland P4 Temporary appointment Medical Officer (Traditional and Complementary Medicine)2015-08-06 2015-07-17
WHO Geneva Switzerland P3 Temporary appointment Medical Officer (Traditional and Complementary Medicine)2015-08-06 2015-07-17
WIPO Please Check (Geneva) N/A Madrid External Consultant in the US2015-08-06 2015-07-24
UNISDR Geneva Director, United Nations Office for Disaster Risk Reduction, Geneva, D22015-08-09 2015-06-12
UNOPS Geneva, Switzerland P4 Senior Programme Officer, Equality and Non-Discrimination2015-08-09 2015-07-04
WIPO Please Check (Geneva) N/A Expert2015-08-09 2015-07-22
WHO Geneva Switzerland P5 Fixed-term Appointment Scientist2015-08-11 2015-07-22
WHO Geneva Switzerland P3 Temporary appointment Technical Officer2015-08-11 2015-07-22
WHO Geneva Switzerland G5 Fixed-term Appointment Assistant To Team2015-08-13 2015-07-24
UNICEF Geneva, Switzerland P-4 Long-term Staff (FT) Fundraising Manager (Pledge), P-4, Geneva, Switzerland2015-08-14 2015-07-25
UNOPS Geneva, Switzerland P3 Information Quality Officer2015-08-16 2015-07-31
WHO Geneva Switzerland P5 Temporary appointment Team Lead2015-08-19 2015-07-30
WHO Geneva Switzerland P5 Temporary appointment Medical Officer2015-08-20 2015-07-24
WHO Geneva Switzerland D2 Fixed-term Appointment Legal Counsel2015-08-25 2015-07-22
UNOPS Geneva, Switzerland IICA-2 Evaluation Support Officer2015-08-30 2015-07-29
WIPO Please Check (Geneva) P2 DIGITAL CONTENT WRITER2015-08-31 2015-07-16
WIPO Please Check (Geneva) P2 ASSOCIATE APPLICATION SOFTWARE IMPLEMENTOR (two posts)2015-08-31 2015-07-21
WIPO Please Check (Geneva) P3 APPLICATION SOFTWARE IMPLEMENTOR2015-08-31 2015-07-21
WIPO Please Check (Geneva) P3 APPLICATION SOFTWARE IMPLEMENTOR2015-08-31 2015-07-29
WIPO Please Check (Geneva) P3 CUSTOMER APPLICATIONS OFFICER2015-08-31 2015-07-30
WIPO Please Check (Geneva) D1 DIRECTOR2015-09-11 2015-07-30
WIPO Please Check (Geneva) P5 CHEF2015-09-15 2015-07-31
WIPO Please Check (Geneva) D2 SENIOR DIRECTOR2015-09-30 2015-07-30
WIPO Please Check (Geneva) D2 SENIOR DIRECTOR2015-09-30 2015-07-30

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