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INTRACEN P-4, Senior Business P-4, Senior Business Development Officer, DBIS/EC (Temporary)2015-02-06 2015-01-31
WHO Manila Philippines G6 Fixed-Term Appointment Administrative Assistant2015-02-20 2015-01-31
WHO Harare Zimbabwe P4 Temporary Appointment under Staff Rule 420.4 Medical Officer child and adolescent HealthI, ST/ESA2015-02-13 2015-01-31
WHO Washington, D.C. United States of America P2 Temporary appointment Legal Specialist2015-02-16 2015-01-31
WHO Geneva Switzerland P5 Fixed-Term Appointment Development Cooperation Specialist2015-02-20 2015-01-31
WHO Geneva Switzerland P5 Temporary appointment Adviser2015-02-21 2015-01-31
World Bank Washington, DC Local Hire Procurement Analyst2015-02-06 2015-01-31
World Bank Islamabad, Pakistan International Hire Senior Economist2015-02-22 2015-01-31
UNICEF Kiev, Ukraine  Temp/Short-term Staff TA Child Protection Sub-Cluster Coordinator, P-4, Kiev Ukraine (11 months)2015-02-15 2015-01-31
UNICEF Juba, South Sudan  Temp/Short-term Staff TA Nutrition Specialist, P3, Juba (364 days)2015-02-08 2015-01-31
UNICEF Geneva, Switzerland P-3 Long-term Staff (FT) Education Specialist, P-3,Geneva, Switzerland2015-02-06 2015-01-31
UNICEF Copenhagen, Denmark P-2 Temp/Short-term Staff Contracts Officer, P-2, Copenhagen2015-02-13 2015-01-31
UNICEF Kiev, Ukraine  Temp/Short-term Staff TA Education Cluster Coordinator, P-4, Kiev Ukraine (11 months)2015-02-15 2015-01-31
UNICEF Kiev, Ukraine  Temp/Short-term Staff TA WASH Cluster Coordinator, P-4, Kiev Ukraine (11 months)2015-02-15 2015-01-31
UNICEF Addis Ababa, Ethiopia P-4 Long-term Staff (FT) Policy Advocacy Specialist, P-4, Nairobi, Kenya2015-02-20 2015-01-31
UNICEF Freetown, Sierra Leone P-3 Long-term Staff (FT) Monitoring & Evaluation Specialist, P-3, Freetown, Sierra Leone2015-02-15 2015-01-31
UNICEF Geneva, Switzerland P-3 Long-term Staff (FT) Fundraising Specialist (Telemarketing), P-3, Geneva, Switzerland2015-02-13 2015-01-31
UNICEF Nairobi, Kenya P-4 Long-term Staff (FT) Partnership Manager (Public Sector), P-4, Nairobi, Kenya2015-02-20 2015-01-31
UNOPS Copenhagen, Denmark LICA-5 Administrative/Finance Assistant2015-02-06 2015-01-31
UNOPS Copenhagen, Denmark IICA-2 Agresso HR Functional Specialist2015-02-07 2015-01-31
UNOPS Accra, Ghana LICA-5 Programme Assistant2015-02-08 2015-01-31
UNOPS Addis Ababa, Ethiopia LICA-5 Programme Assistant2015-02-08 2015-01-31
UNOPS Copenhagen , Denmark P5 Team Manager, Strategic Planning, Analysis and Reporting (SPAR)2015-02-12 2015-01-31
UNOPS Beledweyne, Somalia LICA-6 Local Security Assistant2015-02-12 2015-01-31
UNOPS Chin State, Kayah State, Shan State, Magway Division, Ayeyarwady Division and Sagaing Division), Mya LICA-6 Construction Supervisor2015-02-13 2015-01-31
UNOPS Addis Ababa, Ethiopia IICA-3 Head of Programme2015-02-15 2015-01-31
UNOPS Addis Ababa, Ethiopia LICA Specialist-8 Finance Officer2015-02-15 2015-01-31
INTRACEN P-1, Associate Progr P-1, Associate Programme Adviser, DMD/SC (Temporary)2015-02-05 2015-01-30
WIPO Please Check (Geneva) P2 ASSOCIATE LEGAL OFFICER2015-02-26 2015-01-30
WHO Manila Philippines G4 Fixed-Term Appointment Administrative Clerk2015-02-19 2015-01-30
WHO Cairo Egypt G6 Fixed-Term Appointment Administrative Assistant (Compliance) position no.3619182015-02-19 2015-01-30
WHO Geneva Switzerland P4 Fixed-Term Appointment Technical Officer (SDH)2015-02-19 2015-01-30
WHO Geneva Switzerland P3 Temporary appointment Technical Officer (Health Care Delivery)2015-02-19 2015-01-30
WHO Kuala Lumpur Malaysia NO-B Fixed-Term Appointment National Professional Officer, HR (several positions)2015-02-19 2015-01-30
WHO  P4 Temporary appointment Coordinator, Health Cluster (PD 361344)2015-02-12 2015-01-30
WHO Washington, D.C. United States of America P4 Fixed-Term Appointment Advisor, Quality in Health Systems and Services2015-02-26 2015-01-30
WHO Washington, D.C. United States of America P4 Fixed-Term Appointment Advisor, Integrated Health Service Delivery2015-02-26 2015-01-30
WHO Washington, D.C. United States of America P4 Fixed-Term Appointment Advisor, Health Governance, Leadership, Policy, and Planning2015-02-26 2015-01-30
ILO ICS-10 Market Development Officer, Road to Jobs2015-02-12 2015-01-30
ILO ICS-11 Chief Technical Adviser, Road to Jobs2015-02-12 2015-01-30
FAO Dhaka, Bangladesh P4 Chief Technical Advisor2015-02-12 2015-01-30
UNICEF Lilongwe, Malawi P-4 Long-term Staff (FT) Chief Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation, P-4, Lilongwe2015-02-13 2015-01-30
UNICEF Geneva, Switzerland P-3 Long-term Staff (FT) Budget Manager, P-3, Geneva2015-02-05 2015-01-30
UNICEF Beirut, Lebanon P-2 Temp/Short-term Staff TA Reports Officer, P-2, Beirut, Lebanon (364 Days)2015-02-12 2015-01-30
UNICEF New York, USA  Long-term Staff (FT) Security Specialist (Emergency), P-4, New York2015-02-12 2015-01-30
UNICEF Gaza, Palestine P-4 Long-term Staff (FT) Education Specialist, P-4, Gaza2015-02-12 2015-01-30
UNOPS Buenos Aires, Argentina LICA-2 Recepcionista2015-02-04 2015-01-30
UNOPS Lima, Peru LICA Specialist-8 Consultor Experto en Equipos de Audios2015-02-05 2015-01-30
UNOPS San Salvador, El Salvador IICA-2 Gerente de Proyecto2015-02-08 2015-01-30
UNOPS Geneva, Switzerland LICA-6 Portfolio Associate2015-02-08 2015-01-30

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