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FAO Food and Agriculture Organization Country: World  World: Information Manager for Food Security Cluster (Consultant) (via Reliefweb)1970-01-01 2014-08-20
FAO Food and Agriculture Organization  Logistics Officer (Consultant) (via Reliefweb)1970-01-01 2014-08-20
UNHCR UN High Commissioner for Refugees Country: Switzerland  Switzerland: Grant Management Assistant (via Reliefweb)1970-01-01 2014-08-20
UNHCR UN High Commissioner for Refugees Country: Philippines  Philippines: Information Management Associate (via Reliefweb)1970-01-01 2014-08-20
IMF Full-time 104820 1048201970-01-01 2014-08-20
OPCW Level Post Title (Division)2009-01-01 2009-11-12
OPCW Level Post Title (Division)2009-01-01 2009-11-12
UNECA ADDIS ABABA D-2 Deputy Executive Secretary for Knowledge Delivery - Management and Operations Support, Administration2014-06-02 2014-04-04
UN ICTY THE HAGUE I-1 INTERN - Communication Section -  , Internship2014-06-03 2014-04-18
IAEA Austria, Vienna G-4 Fixed Term Appointment Team Assistant2014-07-03 2014-06-05
WHO Copenhagen Denmark G4 Temporary Appointment under Staff Rule 420.4 Technician (Audio/Video)2014-07-08 2014-06-26
FAO Rome, Italy P5 Senior Fishery Industry Officer (Vessels/Fishing Operations) (FI)2014-07-09 2014-06-12
OPCW Administration Divis Programme and Budget Officer (P-2) (01/09/2014)2014-07-19 2014-07-19
UNOPS Brussels , Belgium IICA-2 Urban Environmental Specialist2014-07-21 2014-07-16
OPCW Verification Divisio Verification Data Analyst (P-3) (20/09/2014)2014-07-22 2014-07-22
OPCW Verification Divisio Information Systems Officer (P-3) (22/09/2014)2014-07-24 2014-07-24
OPCW Inspectorate Divisio Head, Operations and Planning (P-5) (28/09/2014)2014-07-30 2014-07-30
OPCW Verification Divisio Technical Support Officer (P-3) (28/08/2014)2014-07-30 2014-07-30
OPCW Verification Divisio Senior Chemical Demilitarisation Officer (P-4) (29/09/2014)2014-07-31 2014-07-31
UNOPS Yangon, Myanmar IICA-2 Health Systems Strengthening (HSS) Specialist2014-08-04 2014-07-09
UNOPS Yangon, Myanmar LICA Specialist-7 Senior Public Health Officer (MNCH)2014-08-06 2014-07-18
UN DPKO Field Locations D-1 PRINCIPAL CIVIL AFFAIRS OFFICER - Political, Peace and Security, Civil Affairs2014-08-09 2014-07-10
UNCHS GOMA P-5 Chief Technical Adviser (Project) - Economic and Social Development, Programme Management2014-08-09 2014-07-11
OPCW Administration Divis Head, Human Resources Services (P-3)- re-advertised (06/09/2014)2014-08-09 2014-08-09
UNOPS New York, United States of America P3 Technical Specialist: REDD+ Safeguards and Grievance Mechanisms2014-08-11 2014-08-05
IAEA Austria, Vienna P-5 Fixed Term Appointment Section Head2014-08-12 2014-07-03
WHO Geneva Switzerland P5 Fixed-Term Appointment Scientist2014-08-13 2014-07-24
OPCW Office of the Deputy Staff Welfare Officer - Special-Services Agreement (01/09/2014)2014-08-13 2014-08-13
UNOPS Gaza, with occasional travel to Jerusalem, Palestine (State of) LICA-3 Local Access and Liaison Assistant (Gaza)2014-08-14 2014-08-08
UNCHS NAIROBI P-4 Human Settlements Officer (Rural Land & Natural Resources) - Economic and Social Development, Programme Management2014-08-17 2014-07-19
UNOPS Lima, Peru LICA-4 Oficial de Recursos Humanos y Servicios2014-08-17 2014-08-09
IAEA Austria, Vienna Consultancy Consultant2014-08-18 2014-08-07
UNOPS Tirin Kot, Afghanistan LICA Specialist-8 Road Construction Engineer2014-08-18 2014-08-12
UNOPS Tirin Kot, Afghanistan LICA Specialist-6 Materials Testing Engineer2014-08-18 2014-08-12
UN DPI NEW YORK P-3 Information Officer - Public Information and External Relations, Public Information2014-08-19 2014-06-21
UN DPA VIENNA P-4 Administrative Officer - Management and Operations Support, Administration2014-08-19 2014-06-21
UN CS NEW YORK P-3 INFORMATION SYSTEMS OFFICER - Information Systems and Communication Technology, Information System and Technology2014-08-19 2014-06-21
WHO Geneva Switzerland P5 Fixed-Term Appointment Scientist2014-08-19 2014-07-25
WHO Geneva Switzerland P5 Fixed-Term Appointment Senior Legal Officer2014-08-19 2014-07-30
WHO Manila Philippines P4 Fixed-Term Appointment Technical Officer (Risk Communication)2014-08-19 2014-07-30
WHO Geneva Switzerland G4 Fixed-Term Appointment Word Processing Operator (2 positions - Arabic and French WP Centres)2014-08-19 2014-07-30
UN Ombudsman NEW YORK I-1 INTERN-OFFICE OF THE OMBUDSMAN -  , Internship2014-08-20 2014-05-21
UN SG NEW YORK I-1 INTERN - Post 2015 Development Planning Team, EOSG -  , Internship2014-08-20 2014-05-22
UN DAM MULTIPLE DUTY STATIONS P-2 2014 YPP examination - ECONOMIC AFFAIRS (External applicants) - Economic and Social Development, Economic Affairs2014-08-20 2014-06-22
UN DAM MULTIPLE DUTY STATIONS P-2 2014 YPP examination - RADIO PRODUCTION (For external applicants) - Public Information and External Relations, Public Information2014-08-20 2014-06-22
WIPO Please Check (Geneva) P4 SENIOR PATENT CLASSIFICATION OFFICER2014-08-20 2014-07-17
WHO Lyons France P2 Fixed-Term Appointment Scientist2014-08-20 2014-07-22
UNOV TURIN D-2 Director, United Nations Interregional Crime and Justice Research Institute - Economic and Social Development, Programme Management2014-08-20 2014-07-22
INTRACEN G-5, Senior Secretar G-5, Senior Secretary, OA/DCP2014-08-20 2014-07-23
ICC The Hague G-4 Administrative Assistant2014-08-20 2014-07-30

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