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Please note: The UNDP vacancy website hosts also vacancies for UNIFEM, UNV and UNCDF. Therefore vacancies for UNIFEM, UNV and UNCDF are listed on the UN Job List as UNDP vacancies.


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Posting Retrieved

UNDP Aden, YEMEN GS-6 Local Security Assistant - UNDSS - (Open to Yemeni Nationals only)1970-01-01 2014-05-22
UNDP Lilongwe, MALAWI International Consul Consultant Services for Organizational Performance Assessment1970-01-01 2014-06-10
UNDP Occupied Palestinian territory (Jerusalem and Ramallah, with travel to other locations in the West B National Consultant National Consultant Monitoring and Reporting Consultant/ Women-Run-School-Canteen Programme - Phase III1970-01-01 2014-06-17
UNDP EL SALVADOR SB-4 Finance Coordinator1970-01-01 2014-07-02
UNDP Dhaka, BANGLADESH International Consul International Lead Consultant - Mid-Term of Judicial Strengthening Project1970-01-01 2014-07-04
UNDP Kabul, AFGHANISTAN P-5 Senior Technical Advisor (ELECT Project Pillar 3)1970-01-01 2014-07-04
UNDP New York, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA International Consul Consultant: Extractives Industries1970-01-01 2014-07-15
UNDP New York, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA Intern Internship: Constitutional & Access to Justice1970-01-01 2014-08-01
UNDP Amman, JORDAN National Consultant Senior Monitoring and Evaluation Project Assistant1970-01-01 2014-08-08
UNDP Vientiane, LAO PDR National Consultant National Consultant -Team Member for GPAR Assessment and Concept Development Assignment (Specialized in Public Administration and Local Governance in Lao PDR)1970-01-01 2014-08-13
UNDP Tbilisi, GEORGIA International Consul Consultant in Refrigerating/Air Conditioning (RAC) Field for Conducting the Training of Trainers (ToT)1970-01-01 2014-08-13
UNDP Manila, PHILIPPINES SC-7 Executive Assistant - (Open to Filipino Nationals Only)1970-01-01 2014-08-19
UNDP Bamako, MALI National Consultant Consultant National en Modélisation des Risques avec Expérience en Cartographie (GIS)1970-01-01 2014-08-21
UNDP New York, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA International Consul Humanitarian Affairs Officer - WHS Thematic Coordination Officer1970-01-01 2014-08-22
UNDP Bangkok, THAILAND Intern Communications Intern - (Open to Thai Nationals Only)1970-01-01 2014-08-23
UNDP Suva, FIJI NO-C Democratic Governance Specialist1970-01-01 2014-08-26
UNDP New York, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA International Consul Programme Specialist Consultant1970-01-01 2014-08-28
UNDP Dar-es-Salaam, Tanzania, United Republic of P2 * Governance Officer (Junior Professional Officer)1970-01-01 2014-08-29
UNDP Rangamati, Bangladesh P2 * Programme Officer - Community Forestry and Livelihoods1970-01-01 2014-08-29
UNDP Beijing, China P2 * Policy Analyst (Junior Professional Officer)1970-01-01 2014-08-29
UNDP VENEZUELA, VENEZUELA GS-4 ICT Support Clerk1970-01-01 2014-08-29
UNDP Home Based International Consul Videographer1970-01-01 2014-08-30
UNDP Home Based International Consul Gender Statistician: Mapping of Existing and Potential Indicators to Facilitate Assessment and Tracking of Women’s Access to Justice1970-01-01 2014-08-30
UNDP Home Based (with possible travel to designated PEI Africa countries) International Consul Consultancy Roster on Budget Processes, Economic Assessments and Poverty/Gender Analysis for the Poverty-Environment Initiative1970-01-01 2014-08-30
UNDP UNDP Country Office, MALAYSIA National Consultant Development of the Mitigation Chapter of the Biennial Update Report (BUR)1970-01-01 2014-08-30
UNDP Maputo, MOZAMBIQUE SB-3 Programme Associate (Open to Nationals of Mozambique Only)1970-01-01 2014-08-30
UNDP COTONOU, BENIN SB-5 Expert en Mobilisation de la Diaspora1970-01-01 2014-08-30
UNDP Cotonou, BENIN SC-5 Expert en Communication1970-01-01 2014-08-30
UNDP Cotonou, BENIN SB-5 Expert en Moblisation de Ressorces1970-01-01 2014-08-30
UNDP Home-based International Consul Re-advertisement: Consultant – Job Design and Evaluation/Long Terms Agreement/ Office of Human Resources1970-01-01 2014-08-30
UNDP Dubai, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES P-3 Logistics Operations Officer (United Nations Department of Safety and Security)1970-01-01 2014-08-30
UNDP Maputo, MOZAMBIQUE SB-5 Programme Officer (Open to Mozambican Nationals Only)1970-01-01 2014-08-30
UNDP Apia, SAMOA International Consul Final Evaluation of the Pacific Adaptation to Climate Change (PACC) Project1970-01-01 2014-09-01
UNDP Variable, entre bureau personnel, le siège de l’organisation ou les bureaux nationaux ou régiona International Consul Consultant International: Constitution d’une Liste Agréée d’Experts pour la Position de Coordinateur de l’écosystème Financier Numérique1970-01-01 2014-09-01
UNDP Varía entre oficina personal, sede principal y oficinas locales o regionales International Consul Lista de Expertos aprobados para la Posición de Coordinador de Ecosistemas Financieros Digitales1970-01-01 2014-09-01
UNDP Home-based to Assignments in Headquarters/ Regional Centres or Country Office International Consul International Consultant: Vetted Roster for Digital Financial Ecosystem Coordinators1970-01-01 2014-09-01
UNDP Ciudad de Panamá, PANAMA SB-4 Especialista en Derecho y VIH1970-01-01 2014-09-02
UNDP Port Louis, MAURITIUS International Consul Consultancy to Professionalise Standards in Social Work Field in Mauritius1970-01-01 2014-09-03
UNDP Funafuti, TUVALU International Consul International Consultant1970-01-01 2014-09-03
UNDP Cotonou, BENIN SB-5 Expert en Suivi et Evaluation1970-01-01 2014-09-03
UNDP Cotonou, BENIN SB-5 Expert Macro-Economiste1970-01-01 2014-09-03
UNDP Tbilisi, GEORGIA Intern Project Support Intern1970-01-01 2014-09-04
UNDP Kabul, AFGHANISTAN P-3 Reporting, Monitoring and Evaluation Specialist - UNDP/ICSPA Project1970-01-01 2014-09-04
UNDP Suva, FIJI GS-6 PRRP Programme Associate - (Open to Fiji Nationals Only)1970-01-01 2014-09-04
UNDP Suva, FIJI GS-7 PRRP Communication Associate - (Open to Fiji Nationals Only)1970-01-01 2014-09-04
UNDP Suva, FIJI GS-5 Programme Assistant1970-01-01 2014-09-04
UNDP Beirut, LEBANON International Consul Individual Consultancy Services for the Preparation of the Mitigations Options and Actions for the Energy Sector in Lebanon1970-01-01 2014-09-04
UNDP VENEZUELA, VENEZUELA NO-A Communications Analyst1970-01-01 2014-09-04
UNDP Nicosia, CYPRUS Intern Graphic Design/Communications Intern1970-01-01 2014-09-04
UNDP Bangkok, THAILAND P-4 UN Women: Human Rights Specialist (Regional Programme on Improving Women’s Human Rights in Southeast Asia)1970-01-01 2014-09-04

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