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WHO Brazzaville Congo  Internship AFRO Internship1970-01-01 2015-07-02
WHO Dubai United Arab Emirates G2 Fixed-term Appointment Manual Worker (positions # 367488 and 367489)2015-07-27 2015-07-14
WHO Multiple duty stations  Internship Internships - WHO the Western Pacific Region (2016)2015-12-04 2015-11-07
WHO New Delhi India P6 Fixed-term Appointment Director, Asia Pacific Observatory on Health Systems and Policies2016-01-26 2016-01-07
WHO Brazzaville Congo P5 Fixed-term Appointment Senior Writer2016-02-02 2016-01-20
WHO Geneva Switzerland P6 Fixed-term Appointment Principal Legal Officer2016-02-05 2016-01-16
WHO Geneva Switzerland P4 Temporary appointment Epidemiologist2016-02-11 2016-01-22
WHO Geneva Switzerland P4 Temporary appointment Technical Officer (Advocacy and Communications)2016-02-11 2016-01-22
WHO Geneva Switzerland P4 Temporary appointment Technical Officer (Risk Assessment)2016-02-11 2016-01-22
WHO New Delhi India G5 Fixed-term Appointment Executive Assistant2016-02-12 2016-01-23
WHO Dushanbe Tajikistan NO-B Fixed-term Appointment Public Health Officer (Tajikistan)2016-02-13 2016-01-23
WHO Copenhagen Denmark G6 Fixed-term Appointment Recruitment Assistant2016-02-13 2016-01-23
WHO Nairobi Kenya P3 Temporary appointment Technical Officer, Health Systems Analysis Team (373983)2016-02-14 2016-01-25
WHO Cotonou Benin NO-C Fixed-term Appointment : National Professional Officer - Essential Medicines and Drugs (EDM)2016-02-15 2016-01-15
WHO Bamako Mali NO-C Fixed-term Appointment Administrateur National - Child & Adolescent Health (CAH)2016-02-15 2016-01-15
WHO Lome Togo NO-C Temporary Appointment under Staff Rule 420.4 Administrateur National - Portail pour les Partenariats Stratégiques & Gestion des données (EVD)2016-02-15 2016-01-26
WHO Islamabad Pakistan NO-C Fixed-term Appointment National Professional Officer (MNCAH) position # 3442672016-02-15 2016-01-26
WHO Cairo Egypt P3 Fixed-term Appointment Programme Management Officer P#3590402016-02-15 2016-01-26
WHO Cairo Egypt P5 Fixed-term Appointment Regional Adviser, Emergency Coordination and Partnerships (ECP) - P#3755152016-02-15 2016-01-26
WHO Geneva Switzerland P1 Temporary appointment Technical Officer2016-02-15 2016-01-26
WHO Manila Philippines P4 Fixed-term Appointment Technical Officer (Risk Communication)2016-02-15 2016-01-26
WHO Geneva Switzerland G3 Fixed-term Appointment Clerk (50%)2016-02-15 2016-01-26
WHO Geneva Switzerland G4 Temporary appointment Secretary2016-02-15 2016-01-26
WHO Kuala Lumpur Malaysia G6 Fixed-term Appointment Senior Finance Assistant (several positions)2016-02-15 2016-01-26
WHO Abuja Nigeria NO-C Fixed-term Appointment National Professional Officer( MALARIA)2016-02-15 2016-01-27
WHO Cairo Egypt P5 Fixed-term Appointment Regional Advisor, Emergency Response and Operations2016-02-15 2016-02-03
WHO Abuja Nigeria P3 Fixed-term Appointment Field Security Officer2016-02-16 2016-01-27
WHO Multiple duty stations NO-C Fixed-term Appointment National Professional Officer (EPI) position # 373172, 373149, 373152, 373156, 3731582016-02-16 2016-01-27
WHO Geneva Switzerland P2 Temporary appointment Technical Officer (50%)2016-02-16 2016-01-27
WHO New York United States of America G5 Fixed-term Appointment Assistant (Team)2016-02-16 2016-01-27
WHO New York United States of America G5 Fixed-term Appointment Assistant to the Executive Director2016-02-16 2016-01-27
WHO Geneva Switzerland G3 Temporary appointment Clerk2016-02-16 2016-01-27
WHO Copenhagen Denmark G6 Fixed-term Appointment Recruitment Assistant2016-02-16 2016-01-27
WHO Manila Philippines G4 Fixed-term Appointment Secretary2016-02-16 2016-01-27
WHO Washington, D.C. United States of America P2 Fixed-term Appointment Finance Specialist, Letters of Agreement2016-02-17 2016-01-21
WHO Washington, D.C. United States of America P3 Fixed-term Appointment Health and Well-being Specialist2016-02-17 2016-01-21
WHO Lima Peru P5 Fixed-term Appointment Subregional Program Coordinator, South America2016-02-17 2016-01-21
WHO San Salvador El Salvador P5 Fixed-term Appointment Subregional Program Coordinator, Central America2016-02-18 2016-01-22
WHO Multiple duty stations NO-C Fixed-term Appointment National Professional Officer (4 positions)2016-02-18 2016-01-28
WHO Geneva Switzerland P5 Fixed-term Appointment Team Lead (Strategy)2016-02-18 2016-01-29
WHO Almaty Kazakhstan G6 Fixed-term Appointment Administrative Assistant (ALMATY)2016-02-18 2016-02-06
WHO Almaty Kazakhstan G5 Fixed-term Appointment Finance Assistant (ALMATY)2016-02-18 2016-02-06
WHO Athens Greece G5 Temporary Appointment under Staff Rule 420.4 Finance Assistant (GRC)2016-02-18 2016-02-06
WHO Athens Greece G5 Temporary Appointment under Staff Rule 420.4 Programme Assistant (GRC)2016-02-18 2016-02-06
WHO Abuja Nigeria P4 Temporary appointment Data Manager-Monitoring and Evaluation2016-02-19 2016-01-30
WHO Abuja Nigeria P4 Temporary appointment Medical Officer-Monitoring & Evaluation Coordinator (M&E)2016-02-19 2016-01-30
WHO Geneva Switzerland P3 Temporary appointment Technical Officer (in vitro diagnostics quality control)2016-02-19 2016-01-30
WHO Islamabad Pakistan NO-C Fixed-term Appointment National Professional Officer (Global Health Initiatives - GHI) - 3790162016-02-21 2016-02-01
WHO Cairo Egypt P3 Fixed-term Appointment Editor (P# 359145) - Re-advertisement of VN EMRO/15/FT6202016-02-21 2016-02-08
WHO Geneva Switzerland P4 Temporary appointment Technical Officer2016-02-22 2016-02-02

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