Application for P4 position

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Application for P4 position

Post by occkuul » 13 Apr 2020, 17:09

Hey Guys! I have applied for a P4 position at the UNSDG in Budapest, Hungary in March 2020. I have bachelors in civil law and currently doing my masters in banking law. My education is from foreign universities not from the host country. I speak perfect English and Hungarian. I have received a request to fill out the personal history form on April 1, a week, on the 8th, I received an online interview doc with 26 questions in it. I submitted it on Thursday and the next day I have been sent the reference verification form. They needed at least one reference from my referees. I assumed it includes my previous employers and addition referees mentioned in my personal history form. I have asked one of my previous employers only and he sent it Friday night.

What should I expect? Is one reference letter enough since they only asked for one?

Thank you for the answers!

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Re: Application for P4 position

Post by unwannabe » 04 May 2020, 20:01

just curious. how many years of experience do you have?

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