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Expression of interest (EOI)

Posted: 20 May 2020, 21:44
by glennm
Thanks so much S├ębastien and everyone for your priceless insights on the UN recruitment process. I have a question regarding an EOI which was sent to me.

Sometime in March, I was e-mailed an EOI asking for my availability for a 6 months consultancy with WFP. I was asked to send my availability which I quickly did (same day). I was informed that they are putting together information and "aim to get back to me shortly". It's been two months since the EOI was sent. I'm nervous and I keep checking my e-mails for any information. I wrote to them about a month ago and no response. I wanted to find out if anyone had received an EOI and what to expect. I've tried to get information on EOI nothing. Is this type of delay (2 months) normal?

NB: I didn't apply to any EOI, they said they got my profile from a roster to which I applied and was included.