Waiting time

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Re: Waiting time

Post by simkas » 30 Sep 2020, 18:14

Hey guys,

So I heard back from one position yesterday, I got rostered!

My timeline was:
Job closed in mid-March
1st Interview end July
Reference check 2 weeks after the 1st interview.
2nd interview mid-August
Outcome- End of September.

Good luck to everyone!!

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Re: Waiting time

Post by Grace » 19 Nov 2020, 09:49

Hi. Anyone know if there's a hiring freeze at UNHCR? Maybe because of the coronavirus or travel restriction.

I applied for multiple positions (P2) earlier this year in February/March 2020. And in almost all of them the application status is "In Progress".

Previous year I would have heard something by now, or the status update would have changed to "job closed" or even "job cancelled." For international positions (P2 and above) it normally takes up to 6 months.

This year it seems UNHCR are keeping their jobs open for longer period than before.

Anyone else who has similar experience?

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Re: Waiting time

Post by starryhindsight » 27 Nov 2020, 16:44

I don't think there's necessary a hiring freeze, but I think it's taking longer than normal. They just recently released the results from September 2019 compendium, so I imagine that the March 2020 one is still underway.

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Re: Waiting time

Post by Julien » 08 Dec 2020, 10:06

Good morning all,
still no news. I understand and can admit the COVID has an impact on the recruitment procedure but it is not really respectful for the candidates. At least something should be published or send to people still in the loop.
I am involved in recruitment procedures in my current organisation and we informed the candidates during the all process.
Have a nice day and take care.

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Re: Waiting time

Post by lubeto » 09 Dec 2020, 10:07


You`ll get used to it :( unfortunately, that`s how the UN recruitment process works...

With my first assignment, I had to wait for almost 5-6 months to hear back from the UN office and after my last round of interview.

Then it took another 5 months to be deployed. Sadly, the whole process took almost a year.

You need to be patient as much as you can as it might take a lot of time to hear back from them.

the UN recruitment process is quite different then the rest of organizations or in the private sector.

Fingers crossed!

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Re: Waiting time

Post by John_Doe » 28 Dec 2020, 20:05

Hi there, anyone any news for the OIOS P3/P4 2020 procedure? I did the test earlier this year as well, once again (I think I did also in 2018), but have heard nothing. I found it quite challenging, by the way, but normally I score "good enough" in these... Very frustrating! Thank you to everyone who shares their OIOS recruitment experience!

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