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Written assessment

Posted: 13 Jan 2021, 17:27
by Amber
Hi everyone,

I had a written assessment today.
I was supposed to send the transcript at 1pm but The email was marked as sent 11 minutes after the deadline. (I am currently in a remote place and my internet connection is unreliable).

The recruitment team sent me an email at 1:05pm to ask me to send the transcript immediately... Upon receiving the transcript, they acknowledged receipt of it but noted that it was received after the deadline.

I emailed back asking if I was disqualified but I didn’t received any answer.

Experience anyone?
Do you think I am disqualified?

Re: Written assessment

Posted: 31 Jan 2021, 20:29
by Vostok61
I had the same issue, I had a ton of tabs opened in another browser as I was working on an article about this golden visa in Spain program before the assessment, and it was sent 2 minutes later as my computer lagged out a little. Fortunately enough, I wasn't disqualified, were you?

Re: Written assessment

Posted: 19 Feb 2021, 14:59
by bmoi

I had a written test today. It went well as i understood most of the questions asked. I submitted before time. Although this early submission was pdf and they required the test to be sumbitted in word format. I resent a correct word document 30 minutes after deadline and briefly explained that it was an oversight. (Answers were not changed).

Now my questions are:
1. Was it a good idea to resend?
2. Would initially sending the wrong format affect my chances of going to the next round?

I any would appreciate any assistance on this matter.

Kind Regards