Applying to multiple jobs

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Applying to multiple jobs

Post by Imagine3 » 25 Jul 2019, 19:07

Dear Sebastian and Community,

Thanks for this great website, which I have just discovered!

I am senior in my field and am applying to about seven jobs. I am not sure if this has been answered before, but won't each agency see my other applications and wonder if I am serious about their job? It is difficult enough for me to tailor each application, this is taking me some time. I just wonder if I would be rejected for that reason. Also in the preliminary questions I may have 4 out of 5 "yes" answers. Does this automatically disqualify me?

I am a bit intimidated by everyone who has applied for multiple jobs, like 100. I think I will become disheartened after a small number of rejections.I am going to be honest in saying that I probably won't keep applying if I am not successful in any of the 7 applications. Is this the wrong attitude? lol

Thanks for your feedback everyone!

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Re: Applying to multiple jobs

Post by jane27 » 15 Feb 2020, 16:56


I'd always say to just apply :) But please don't get intimated if other people apply for like hundreds of jobs. then in my experience, I've seen applicants that are applying for positions even it's an obvious fact that they are not qualified from the initial screening. So it'll also be good to pay attention those stated as "required" in the job vacancy, otherwise, don't apply and save yourself from heartache. For example, Master's degree is required, but the applicant does not have, so you know the result.

Normally for the screening questions especially in Inspira, they're there for a purpose - to do initial screening and not get hundreds of applications where most of it are not qualified in the main 3 criteria: education, experience and language.

Customizing each application is a must per job vacancy. Hiring managers are looking for the best from the pool of candidates and do not really compare notes due to confidentiality. It's also required to explain why a candidate is selected, and there should be adequate proof from your profile, exam and interview to show you're the best fit.

What I'd suggest to save time in customizing job applications is to save them all in Word document. Then later you could make "templates" per job position/family, including how the experience to highlight is there upfront, as well as your motivation letter.

I know it's a very tedious and boring process. But your profile is your first step to getting that job offer. Your profile will show how you should be the one to be selected as compared to other people.

Look at the "required", "desirable" and "preferred" details in the job vacancy, and highlight your professional experience along those requirements. I myself got tired of looking at my PHP over and over again, but that's the only key for you to advance in the next stages of recruitment.

Recruitment takes time, so be equally patient and continue sowing seeds. Your dream job is just an application away, and it'll all be worth it.

All the best!
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