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Post by UnitedCandidates » 27 Aug 2019, 11:49

Hi @Sebastian and folks!

I created this topic to concentrate the subject for written tests in general.

I'd like to start talking about one test I made this previous weekend. Just a heads up:

-Application closed in early May
- Invitation for written test in middle August

It was a Written test for a P4 (fixed term, non-UNV) position at the WHO. Four questions (open answers) to be answered in 150 minutes.

My questions are:

1) How many candidates are probably in this phase? I mean, considering that one has to correct 4 open questions for each candidate, read through all of it, etc.

2) This tests are corrected by an ATS or by real people?

3) Considering that I took the test in middle august, what would be the most common date to be invited for the interview(s) (If I'm in, of course)?

Please let me hear your thoughts and experience!

Kindest Regards,

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Post by jane27 » 12 Dec 2019, 18:45

Hi! I'm not much familiar with WHO, but generally in my experience:
1) job vacancies would have received at least 100 applications. They normally be smaller after the long list and/or short list, depending on the job needs (if very specific requirements). The number of people taking exams vary. Could be as little as around 20 or even less.
2) if it's an essay exam, it's going to be marked by real people. If there are a lot of exam papers, it'll be distributed to specific staff (who have higher posts) to (blind) check and grade the exams.
3) It depends on where the recruitment is going to take place - if in the field mission or HQ. If in the field mission, it might take longer considering the availability and leave cycles of the recruitment team members.
Anyway, have you heard from them yet?
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