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Re: UN Volunteering

Post by lubeto » 09 Dec 2019, 11:59

starryhindsight wrote:
07 Dec 2019, 09:29
If it's a Skype interview I very much doubt it's a written one. It should be again another competency based interview. Good luck with the process!

I extended my UNV contract also based on feedback of former UNVs that say there is no guarantee you get reselected after a service, you go through the process as usual and there's always a chance not to get selected. I decided to chase after my dream of going to hardship locations in another way (aka I made my interest be known that I wanted to join the Emergency Roster we have).
I`m glad to hear that and good luck! How can i apply to the Emergency Roster as well, is there a chance? or it`s an internal procedure?

Since i got back in June, i had been shortlisted for 3 positions, but still i`m waiting for a positive feedback... I wanted to extend too, but i already had 3 extension and due to lack of funding for my positions i was not able to!

I like hardship locations too, pakistan was considered as one till January this year, and now it`s a family location :)

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