Questions about temporary appointment

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Questions about temporary appointment

Post by UNnewbie » 11 Feb 2019, 15:47

I'm about to take up a temporary appointment, but there's so much information (I was sent over a dozen attachments), it's a little overwhelming. Perhaps some kind folk could clarify a few things for me.
  • I have to get medical clearance, and the rules state:
    Certificates of good health shall be issued by the physician of the candidate selected for appointment.
    My physician is in the public sector, but they don't do fit for work certificates, so I have to go private. Does it have to be issued by my doctor, as suggested by the UN's wording, or can I use a private doctor?

    I must secure health insurance that is
    generally equivalent to UN coverage during the period of your temporary appointment, and provide a copy of the insurance card.
    I assume the European health card wouldn't be equivalent to the UN coverage? Would you recommend signing up to the UN's Vanbreda short-term plan for temporary staff? Or should I look at other options?

    Any thoughts on whether to join CPIT pension scheme for translators?

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Re: Questions about temporary appointment

Post by ichtus » 16 Feb 2019, 14:27

Certificate of good health: usually they will give you a template, no? You just need to get it filled up and signed by a medical professional.

Insurance: what UN wants to make sure is that, in case of emergency, you/your insurance can cover you (eg. emergency medical evacuation). Depending on your actual needs, your European health coverage might be sufficient. If you are not sure, you can always seek further information from the HR who's in touch with you.

Pension: my opinion is that pension is generally only useful for long term career. That also depends on if you would like/how long/what's the possibility of working there for long term. Otherwise you can also take it as a monthly mandatory saving, anyhow you can have it back someday...

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