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Posted: 10 Apr 2019, 22:13
by Elijah Mwenda Kaluma
Please Sir am sorry for being stubborn but please it's because I can't get any help here before discussing the issue with you. I earlier told you that from last year August, I did my interview and signed a contract letter with unep, but to get an appointment letter, I have been for money by some of the senior people there ie: Gigiri offices Nairobi of which they even called my mom and requested money, even after my dad passed away on 19/10/2018 they were still demanding. But now, I have the contract letter and the appointment letter of which I was supposed to report on 25/02/2019 but I was later told to wait untill receive a call, but whenever I ask I gets excuses that the HR is not around, am always being told to be patient, but now again am being asked for money!!!! Am confused here please, what do I do ?!!? Am just an orphan !?!! I have all the the supporting documents and records and the numbers of this people please Sir. !!!! Give me your advice please


Posted: 17 Apr 2019, 08:52
by Sebastian
NEVER(!) pay any money. The UN does NOT charge money. Ever.

I'm not the UN, so I can't help you with the local issues. But if you have a corruption problem with UNEP, I recommend you work through their official reporting mechanisms: ... wrongdoing