Inquiry about application status update

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Inquiry about application status update

Post by giselle2175 » 11 Jun 2019, 16:37

Hi Sebastian,

Thank for creating this platform - very informative to all of us inquiring about UN.

I had applied for a P4 opportunity located in Geneva back in February 2019. I took the written assessement test (30 multiple questions in 30 minutes) on May 2019 and I hae yet to hear from them. These are my questions:

1) As I have to way to follow up, is this a standard waiting time?
2) Should I assume that i have not been selected since it's been a month
3) What are the probabilities of getting when one is external candidate for a P4 post? I came from the private sector (KPMG) in Canada?

Many thanks again,

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Re: Inquiry about application status update

Post by Lisa » 28 Jun 2019, 12:17

Hey Meron,
I hope this is helpful.
I applied for a P2 in Geneva on 16th December 2018. I was contacted for a written test online in February, which I did on 10th March.
Towards the end of April I was contacted for a Skype competence-based interview, which I did in 30th April.
( count that the deadline for the online test was on 15th March and I was contacted via email on 23rd April informing me that I had passed the test and inviting me to the Skype interview on 30th April)
I can understand how it feels to wait for a response! I advice you to be patient and wait...or you could just send a kind email asking if there is feedback.
For me, it's now almost 2 months after the competence based interview and I still haven't heard anything. I sent an email 2 weeks ago asking for feedback and I was told that they are in the process of finalising the recruitment and that they would let me know soonest. I'm still waiting!
In the meantime I'm going ahead with my job and with other applications. The waiting can be stressful.

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Re: Inquiry about application status update

Post by giselle2175 » 28 Jun 2019, 12:27

Thank you so much! I just don't have a way to follow up because they have not left an e-mail address when they sent the written test. I will wait but like I have already started looking for other opportunities!
Good luck and hoepfully one of us or both of us will get positive outcome!


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Re: Inquiry about application status update

Post by karen Paul » 15 Aug 2019, 22:30

Hello i applied for a job with unhcr in April and since then no response.Does the recruitment usually take this long? Also is there anyway of following up on ny application process.Thanks.

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Re: Inquiry about application status update

Post by jane27 » 21 Feb 2020, 16:49

Hi, everyone.

Just to share... I actually got to facilitate recruitment activities in our Division, such as exams and interviews. It also pains me to receive candidates' emails who have been following up on their applications.

The reasons: 1) I'm not the right person and I'm not authorized to announce the progress of recruitment, hence, I cannot be quoted for making such statements, 2) official emails should come from HR and not the office who has the vacancy, 3) there are other factors that are beyond the HR's control (such as decisions of UN Member States or donors, concerned government's actions, level of security, etc.).

I know waiting can be long and such a drag, but there are a lot of factors to this. Recruitment process may go through a lot of layers, from the field office to the headquarters, and then if there's a review body that's scheduled to meet and decide/approve, the availability of the checkers of exams and signing of documents by the interview panel, levels of approvers, etc.

Then, a vacancy can be put on hold for who knows how long. It depends on the fund availability, renewal of mandate, and sometimes duration of a given project - these will determine if the position is needed or could be supported or not.

In other places, there are external factors involved, such as interference by state authorities in the country of assignment, non-issuance of visas, at times they don't really like a particular line of work or job contract that they block people from coming to their soil (yes, it happens)...

But nevertheless, please be patient and keep your hopes up!

And yes, don't put your life on hold because you're waiting for feedback on your applications. The best way is to move on, keep on enriching your profile by getting courses, moving to jobs and functions that will solidify more your experience and expertise, and of course keep an eye and apply for jobs periodically (I'd say weekly).

About the probability of an external candidate to get hired - yes, it's not impossible at all. It depends if you're the best fit for very specific requirements of the available job vacancy. I could say there are cases that getting someone from the private sector is an advantage, but again, it depends on the needs of the job, the office and duty station.
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