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Reference check

Post by feischi » 14 Jan 2019, 13:04

Dear friends,

I have interviewed for a P4 position at IAEA before Christmas and now I got a message requesting me to share the contacts of 3 past and current supervisors.

I understand this is part of the standard process and it doesn't imply any decision on my application.

The problem is, disclosing my job hunting activity to my current employer could potentially put my career at considerable risk.

Is there anyway I can negotiate this? e.g. can I suggest sharing the names of some peers but not the current supervisor?

Thanks! Looking forward to your advice.

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Re: Reference check

Post by jhosua » 17 Apr 2019, 05:21

Hi Feischi,

I had this experience exactly like you but for a lower-level position. Could you share how you made it? It'd be appreciated if you could also give a bit of update about your process with this position. Many thanks!

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