GGTS and specific interview for G6 position

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GGTS and specific interview for G6 position

Post by Claudiat » 03 Feb 2019, 21:08

DEar all,

I am quite unfamiliar with the UN's recruiting policies, hence I gladly come back to that marvelous forum for the following reason:

I applied for a G6 position, and was informed that I need to sit the GGST, and the day after I am supposedly to write a specific exam for that particular position.
I investigated a bit about the ggts, and it does not seem too hard (or am I completely wrong? I read the exam samples, which seemed really doable). Is the ggts a standardized entrance exam, or is it adjusted to the level of the post you applied for??
And what am I to expect from the specific exam the day after the ggts test?? Is that very much related to the specific job announcement? Or what should I expect?

THanks a million for your input!!


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Re: GGTS and specific interview for G6 position

Post by hhc » 26 Feb 2019, 10:09

Hi Claudia,

I’m also being invited to sit the GGST exam. I did some research online, found very minimal information about it. It will be greatly appreciated if you can share your experience on that. Did you get your result yet? Wish you the best and I hope you get the job!!!!!!!!!!!

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