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Re: rental subsidy

Post by unwannabe » 25 Feb 2019, 21:36

mdr wrote:
24 Feb 2019, 18:17
unwannabe wrote:
23 Feb 2019, 12:51

what do you mean? they didnt specify max rental subsidy in the contract? are you in new york? sounds like a nightmare....
It's not in my contract although it was stated in my offer letter. And even though the handbook (from the intranet) of my organization reference the UNDP rental calculator, I (and all the other international staff) still need to sit down with HR and let her do the calculations. I'll update here once I find out. I was told to prioritize the apartment search first then worry about the subsidy later. And no, I'm not in New York but I will say I'm somewhere in Africa. And yes, nightmare is exactly what the apartment hunting feels like. Finding a place in my duty station is not as easy as Bangkok (Thailand) for example where you can just go on Facebook or walk around the city and much, much cheaper. Many of my colleagues have taken between 1-3 months to find a place.
Ok. Good luck!!!

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