Lica-5 / Open - ended Contract

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Lica-5 / Open - ended Contract

Post by i_dimitar » 12 Feb 2019, 00:43

Hello everyone!

I am newbie here and very curious about a job opportunity i have at the UNOPS in my country.

Apparently, it is a LICA-5 position, where open - ended contract is being offered for this position. However, because I already hold a stable and reputable job in a successful company, but it is my dream and real challenge to work for the UN, I am hesitant if I should consider the UNOPS job.

My questions are the following:
- How do you determine the LICA position in the salary range system? Is it a GS or NOA position?
- What does 5 mean, is it maybe the step in determining the salary range?
- What does an open ended contract means in this case? Is it fixed term? Actually, the project that is run by the UNOPS in my country is funded for 2 years, so it is unclear if it will continue after these 2 years, and I am unsure of what future does this engagement offers...
- How hard/easy is to make transition and get hired afterwards for different positions within the UN System, even on other locations and countries, after being part of the UNOPS? Does working for the UNOPS helps in some ways in getting a job in the UN or other of their agencies?

Thank you for your answers and help in advance, I would really appreciate it!


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