UNSOM - What to expect in Mog'

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UNSOM - What to expect in Mog'

Post by eoubebe » 13 Mar 2019, 21:44


Does anyone have an idea what it's like working within the UNSOM camp, or in Mogadishu generally - safety, interaction with colleagues/sister agencies and counterparts, communication flow, cultural adjustments and learning opportunities?
Especially for IUNVs.

I would also appreciate any insight on the ROLSIG organisational culture at UNSOM - team dynamics, approach to results delivery...

Thank you.

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Re: UNSOM - What to expect in Mog'

Post by cherrygirl » 04 Apr 2019, 13:04

I actually heard good things about UNSOM camps.
They have a large pool, shops, restos, and almost everything that five start hotels can have.
I even heard they have one or two pets inside the camps.

However not sure about IUNVs.

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Re: UNSOM - What to expect in Mog'

Post by Sebastian » 17 Apr 2019, 13:51

I didn't stay very long in Somalia but from my perspective I really liked the facilities and there is decent space for running / recreational sports etc. The climate is great I think and the connection to NBO is decent, too.

Things became a bit more cumbersome after the incident in January though (I hear - treat this last bit as a rumour).
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