Offer of appointment and then reference check

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Offer of appointment and then reference check

Post by suresnes » 18 Apr 2019, 05:28

Hey guys i’ve applied for a g level position in UN DESA and was given the email with congratulations and the ‘offer of appointment’. It had the approximate salary in it but no date for starting the duty..(is this normal? first curiosity and question)

I signed this letter and also the release letter which came with it, that enables the organization to talk to my previous employers.

The release letter also asked me to contact my employers and get them to send the HR the original employment verification form. Which i did. My employers said they sent it. But i havent heard from them for over a week now.

Would i have to just wait..? Is there a possibility that something might go wrong at this stage and the job offer be withdrawn? (Second question)
Im kind of nervous please share ur thoughts and experiences

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Re: Offer of appointment and then reference check

Post by est-est » 04 May 2019, 02:10

Hi suresnes,

I can't offer any insight into the first question but I may be able to assist with your second question.

By way of a quick background, I'm an attorney and whether the offer may be withdrawn will depend on the drafting of the letters that you signed with UN.

If you want, feel free to PM the relevant provisions of the letter(s) (obviously, redact any personal information that you don't feel comfortable sharing - I only need the legal provisions) and I will be able offer more definitive advice as to whether the agreement you signed is binding at law or made contingent on the outcome of your reference checks.

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