UNOPS-WSSCC Internship

Everything about application processes, test, interviews, offers etc. Also share your success stories in this forum!
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UNOPS-WSSCC Internship

Post by lee-xy » 19 Apr 2019, 20:12

Hi All,

I'm wondering if anyone here also applied to the 2019 WSSCC internship positions/ posting from back in February. If you have heard back/ was shortlisted or offered a position, please let me know! I want to manage my expectations, and while this is my top choice, I might have to accept some other good opportunities soon. Right now, my application status says I was "Longlisted," and they are still "Shortlisting," but I wonder if the system was just not updated? Thanks to everyone on the forum :)

-->Please, even if it is bad news for me, I want to hear it! I will be happy for you and pursue other placements for myself.

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Re: UNOPS-WSSCC Internship

Post by DL555 » 30 May 2019, 16:15

Hi Lee,
As of 8th May 2019, I was called up for an interview and still awaiting a response from them. Does this answer your question to some extent?


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