World Health Organisation - my experience and questions for others

Everything about application processes, test, interviews, offers etc. Also share your success stories in this forum!
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World Health Organisation - my experience and questions for others

Post by FingersCrossed » 31 Jul 2019, 14:15


I was wondering whether anyone here has any experience of applying to the WHO? They use their own online application management system (not inspira) so the status information and so on are very different, though equally hard to decipher! There doesn't seem to be a way to see the status of your application in any meaningful way, since they don't update it to state shortlisting/longlisting/etc, so we really are in the dark until we hear from them directly.

I have applied for a few positions there, and ended up getting rostered for one. That was communicated to me by email and is not visible to me in the application system. Has anyone else been rostered for positions at WHO? Has your experience been the same? The email I received said that my inclusion on the roster would be for 1 year, which seems shorter than what is used by other parts of the UN.

In terms of timelines, I have been tracking milestones in the application process in detail so have shared these below in case they're useful to anyone else. You will see that they are very very long, so I would be interested to know whether others have had the same experience.
(note the days are all calendar day, not business days)

P4 Application (PAHO, in DC)
- 415 days between application and first contact from them (which was a rejection)
P4 Application (WHO, in Geneva)
- 143 days between application and first contact from them - request for interview 35 days later
- 130 days after interview, reference request and earliest start date request (which I responded to the same day)
- 20 days later, email from hr general mailbox to say they have moved ahead with another candidate but that I have been rostered

Thanks, and good luck!

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