What UN Job Grade Should I Aim For?

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What UN Job Grade Should I Aim For?

Post by fahyje » 23 Aug 2019, 05:25

Hi everyone,

My question is what UN job grade should I be aiming for?

I began working for the UN in January this year, having come from academia.I am currently on an SC contract in an RCO office, which I'm told will keep rolling, but in the meantime no prospect of a full-time post. While I'm happy to take this opportunity to learn as much as I can about the UN system and so on, I am looking for something more secure.

I am 34, I have a PhD and plenty of experience (in both management and research), only 6 months of which, however, is in international development. In my job searches I have been looking at P3 roles, and at a stretch P4, although I technically don't have the minimum required experience for either if we're sticking strictly to 'experience in international development'.

I am wondering if anyone has any insight as to how the UN values non-UN or non-development experience, and where I should be aiming for my next step in the system?

Thanks so much in advance,

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