What Does a UN Job Offer Tell A Candidate About Their Compensation?

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What Does a UN Job Offer Tell A Candidate About Their Compensation?

Post by rickyaciii » 11 Jan 2020, 21:53

So, for the second time I've gotten past the exams and selected for an interview! P-4 role with UNGC in New York.

Getting ahead of myself, I admit I have been trying to figure out the compensation, but, it's dizzying. So I sort of feel like throwing up my hands and just waiting for an offer letter if I get one to tell me these things.

So... if one is finally offered a role, how is compensation made clear? Or is it never really clear?

I have multiplied the base pay times the post-adjustment, and I understand that as a US citizen I'll be paid back for my taxes (since my country is one of two that taxes UN salaries - jerks). But that is as far as I can get. In the job offer stage does someone tell you how much of the "UN taxes" one pays? What one contributes to pension? How much rental subsidy one gets?

Certainly, but just multiplying the base salary for a P4 by the post-multiplier the salary looks fine (if that truly is "net" after the UN repays me my US taxes). But I am guessing I do not just walk home with this amount of money every month.

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