About the UN System

If you are interested in working for the UN, make sure you understand the basics about the UN system. The following resource posts from Sebastian's Blog help you understand what kinds of jobs are on the UN Job List and how the UN system works.

Resource Post: The UN Job List is about UN System job vacancies

The ambition of the UN Job List is to cover the UN system vacancies as much as possible. To get an overview over the organisations which are part of the UN system, have a look at the UN organizational chart. The UN Job List features vacancies you find on the official job websites of the […] Read more on Sebastian's Blog...

UN contracts

If you found a job advert that interests you, make sure that you understand what contract type and what grade the job will have. Get the knowledge from the resource posts of Sebastian's Blog below:

Resource Post: What is the age bracket for jobs in the UN?

I got the following question the other day: “Do you know the age bracket for jobs in the UN?” Here is my take: To my knowledge (and keep in mind I’m not the UN, nor do I speak on their behalf) the following applies: You have to be an adult to work for the UN […] Read more on Sebastian's Blog...

Resource Post: Contract Types and Job Grades in the UN System

This post is an update to an older post on UN Contract Types that I did before the UN implemented the contractual reform so with the contractual reform almost completed it is time for an update. As usual, please note my disclaimer: I can’t speak for the UN and if you would like to know […] Read more on Sebastian's Blog...

Job hunting for a UN job

Hunting for a UN job is challenging and can be tedious and exhausting. Also, before you apply, make sure that you learn about what working in the UN is like. Both helpful tips on how to apply and what's it like to work for the UN is in the resource posts below:

Resource Post: Watch out for fake UN Democracy Fund vacancies

Before we start, just a quick reminder: I’m NOT the UN and I’m NOT speaking on behalf of them. I make it a point of the UN Job List, NOT to actually host any job advertisement but to ALWAYS link back to the ORIGINAL vacancy announcement. I advise you to be very suspicious of any […] Read more on Sebastian's Blog...

Resource Post: If it sounds too good to be true… Beware the scammers

This world is a great place with a lot of people who are trying to help out. Many people try to improve things for their friends, families and even complete strangers. However, there are also a few people out there trying to take advantage of you. And I want to make sure you’re not a […] Read more on Sebastian's Blog...

Resource Post: How to find that UN job you always wanted…

Over the past weeks, I have written a number of posts on the Peace and Collaborative Development Network. So far, the following posts exist: 1) What you need to know about the UN system 2) UN contract types and job levels 3) Which jobs should you go for? There will be more posts over the […] Read more on Sebastian's Blog...

Resource Post: UN recruitment – what steps take how long in the process?

When you are considering a career in the UN make sure you bring some patience for the process because applying will take you effort and time. But before we start, let’s clarify, that this post is neither trying to criticise nor defend the UN’s recruitment policies but merely outlining some of the elements of the […] Read more on Sebastian's Blog...

Resource Post: Update from “the List”: Interest indicator for vacancies beta test

One of the most frequent questions I receive from job hunters is about the competitiveness of different vacancies. Applying to a job is very time consuming if done properly and of course we all want to know what we are up against when applying to a job. Since I have no insight into the data […] Read more on Sebastian's Blog...

The UN Job List

The UN Job List is a project of Sebastian Rottmair. It exists out of the belief that good people are needed for a great UN system and the list strives to help good people to find their spot in the UN system by providing UN job info to as many people as possible using a multitude of technologies.

Read more about the motivation to create the UN Job List, the why, the how and the what on Sebastian's Blog.

Have more questions? Get them answered in the Forum!

I setup a forum to allow for users to help each other answer questions about the UN recruitment process. Share your knowledge, your experiences and what worked for you. Ask your question and get answers that help you succeed!

Forum Post: Jobs hunting, applications, tests and interviews in the UN • Duration of reference checks

Hi everybody.

After many years of trying, I have received a letter of offer for a temporary job at the UNHCR, subject to reference checks and medical checks.

"Please note that should you accept this offer, we invite you to complete all recruitment formalities within a period of two weeks as failure to comply with this timeframe may lead to this offer being rescinded."

However, I have seen in a 2013 document about reference verification that UNHCR reference checks can last from 60 until 90 days so it is unlikely that I can complete these formalities in a period of two weeks. In fact, UNHCR is famous because of its recruitment process being lengthy. I have contacted UNHCR but they have not answered (yet?).

The uncertainty is making me nervous. Is there something with experience with the UNHCR recruitment process who can shed some light about this process? Any information will be appreciated.

Thank you,

Finsals Collons

Statistics: Posted by finsalscollons — 26 Aug 2021, 16:22 — Replies 2 — Views 499

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Forum Post: Jobs hunting, applications, tests and interviews in the UN • Written assessment

Hi everyone,

I had a written assessment today.
I was supposed to send the transcript at 1pm but The email was marked as sent 11 minutes after the deadline. (I am currently in a remote place and my internet connection is unreliable).

The recruitment team sent me an email at 1:05pm to ask me to send the transcript immediately... Upon receiving the transcript, they acknowledged receipt of it but noted that it was received after the deadline.

I emailed back asking if I was disqualified but I didn’t received any answer.

Experience anyone?
Do you think I am disqualified?

Statistics: Posted by Amber — 13 Jan 2021, 17:27 — Replies 4 — Views 6769

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Forum Post: Jobs hunting, applications, tests and interviews in the UN • Contract Overlap

I'm wondering if I've accumulated enough annual leave days to give termination notice (1 month), I can use it to end my contract early and start a new contract (same UN agency, different operations).

So essentially my question is, can a UN personnel have two overlapping UN contracts at the same time?

Statistics: Posted by starryhindsight — 29 Sep 2020, 16:07 — Replies 2 — Views 5475

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Forum Post: Working at the UN, Conditions, Benefits, Entitlements • UNFCU Unsecured Local Staff Loan and my contract is not renewed or expires

If I get a UNFCU Unsecured Local Staff Loan and my contract is not renewed or expires when I have just repaid half of it or less, what happens? Would my pension be safe or it’s what UN FCU will attach?

Statistics: Posted by kadingo — 25 Sep 2020, 19:48 — Replies 2 — Views 6705

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Forum Post: Working at the UN, Conditions, Benefits, Entitlements • Language rules for the UN

Does anyone know the rules for languages to be eligible for international posts? From what I hear P1-P3 postings are quite lenient on the rule but you need to know a second UN language to be eligible for P4 onwards...

Statistics: Posted by starryhindsight — 13 Sep 2020, 13:14 — Replies 2 — Views 5843

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