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WHO Multiple locations P3 Multiple contractual arrangements External Emergency Roster - Human Resources Officer2018-11-25 2018-10-26
UNDP New York, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA Intern UNCDF Intern: Web and Graphic Design Internship with the Partnerships, Policy and Communications (PPC) Team2021-05-31 2021-05-05
UNDP Home-based with possibility of travels International Consul Experts for a Roster of Technical Assistance (TA) Consultants within LDCIP - Long-Term Agreement - Home-based with possibility of travels2021-11-15 2021-10-31
UNDP UNCDF International Consul Sélection dexperts individuels pour une liste de Consultants en assistance technique (AT) au sein de l’UNCDF - Accord à long terme (LTA)2021-11-15 2021-11-02
UNDP Home-based, PHILIPPINES National Consultant User Interface (UI) / User Experience (UX) design and Web Development Consultant for the Development of a Knowledge Management Platform2021-11-24 2021-11-12
UNDP New York, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA NPSA-6 NPSA6 - Project Assistant2021-11-25 2021-11-12
UNDP Homebased International Consul Home based Consultant, UN Women strategy on CBIs across the HDP nexus2021-11-25 2021-11-19
WHO Multiple locations  External consultant Consultants Roster for the European Observatory on Health Systems and Policies (OBS)2021-11-26 2021-10-27
UNDP Home based, TURKEY International Consul Resource Mobilization Advisor2021-11-26 2021-11-13
UNDP Home-based IPSA-10 Procurement and Supply Chain Management Specialist2021-11-30 2021-11-17
UNDP Home-based IPSA-8 Conscious Food Systems Alliance (CoFSA ) Program Coordination and Support Officer2021-11-30 2021-11-23
UNDP New York, United States G6 * Treasury Associate2021-11-30 2021-11-24
UN Gl. Compact NEW YORK P-4 Public Information Officer - Public Information and Conference Management, Public Information2021-12-01 2021-10-20
UN DGACM NEW YORK P-4 INFORMATION SYSTEMS OFFICER - Information and Telecommunication Technology, Information Management Systems and Technology2021-12-03 2021-10-21
UNDP Multiple International Consul Re-Advertisement GPN ROSTER – SUBPROFILE ON INFORMAL ECONOMY2021-12-03 2021-11-10
UNDP New York, United States G6 ** Digital Operations Associate2021-12-03 2021-11-13
UNDP New York International Consul UN Women Training Center Strategy and Business Plan Development Consultant2021-12-03 2021-11-18
UNDP New York, United States P4 ** Rule of Law, Security and Human Rights Specialist2021-12-03 2021-11-19
UNDP Home-based Intern IATI Connect - Community Platform Internship2021-12-03 2021-11-23
UNDP Home-based Intern IATI Communications Internship2021-12-03 2021-11-23
UNDP home-based International Consul International Consultant to support BMOs in establishing voluntary industry and business conduct standards2021-12-03 2021-11-26
UN OHCHR NEW YORK P-5 SENIOR HUMAN RIGHTS OFFICER - Political, Peace and Humanitarian, Human Rights Affairs2021-12-04 2021-11-06
WHO Anywhere  External consultant Consultant - To provide strategic guidance and expertise to Assistant Director-General (Division of Data, Analytics and Delivery for Impact)2021-12-04 2021-11-20
UN SG NEW YORK P-3 PROGRAMME MANAGEMENT OFFICER [Temporary] - Economic, Social and Development, Programme Management2021-12-04 2021-11-26
UN DMSPC NEW YORK I-1 INTERN - Public Information and Communication [Temporary] -  , Internship2021-12-05 2021-10-23
UN DPI NEW YORK P-3 PRESS OFFICER (French) - Public Information and Conference Management, Public Information2021-12-05 2021-10-24
UN DGACM NEW YORK P-3 INFORMATION SYSTEMS OFFICER - Information and Telecommunication Technology, Information Management Systems and Technology2021-12-05 2021-10-24
WHO United States-Washington, D.C. P5 Fixed-term appointment Unit Chief, Climate Change and Environmental Determinants of Health2021-12-05 2021-11-13
UNDP Home-based IPSA-9 Programme Coordination Analyst2021-12-05 2021-11-20
UNDP Home-based IPSA-10 Digital Capacity Development Specialist2021-12-05 2021-11-20
UNOPS Multiple LICA-5 Assistante principale des services dassistance (Multiple duty stations) Administration | Programme Management2021-12-05 2021-11-21
WHO Multiple locations P4 Fixed-term appointment Responzável Técnico, Nutrição e Segurança Sanitária dos Alimentos, MCAT (Várias Localidades: Moçambique, Burkina Faso, Gana, Costa do Marfim, Senegal, Gabão, Madagáscar, Uganda, Quênia, Zimbábue, Áfri2021-12-05 2021-11-22
UNOPS New York , United States of America IICA-2 Project Management Support - Specialist Project Management2021-12-05 2021-11-23
UN DPI NEW YORK P-2 ASSOCIATE ADMINISTRATIVE OFFICER [Temporary] - Management and Administration, Administration2021-12-05 2021-11-23
WHO Multiple locations P4 Fixed-term appointment Responsável Médico, Serviços Integrados para as DNT (Várias Localidades: Moçambique, Gana, Costa do Marfim, Senegal, Gabão, Madagáscar, Uganda, Quênia, África do Sul / WHO Roster)2021-12-06 2021-11-22
WHO Multiple locations P4 Fixed-term appointment Médico especializado em doenças tropicais e de transmissão vectorial (Várias Localidades: Moçambique, Burkina Faso, Gabão, Madagáscar, Uganda, Zimbábue, África do Sul / WHO Roster)2021-12-06 2021-11-22
UNDP Home-based, RWANDA National Consultant Software Development and Support National Consultant2021-12-06 2021-11-23
UNDP Home Based, INDONESIA National Consultant IC/UNDP/RESTORE-IFL/163/2021 - Public Finance Management and Disaster Risk Management (Indonesian nationality only)2021-12-06 2021-11-23
UNDP Home-based International Consul Long Term Agreement (Individual Contract) for Procurement Consultant, Quality Assurance and Oversight Support2021-12-06 2021-11-23
UNDP Home-based IPSA-10 Procurement and Finance Specialist (50% part-time)2021-12-06 2021-11-23
UNDP Home-based, PHILIPPINES National Consultant Consultant for the Development of Database for the Informal Sector workers in BARMM2021-12-06 2021-11-24
UNDP New York, United States P5 ** Team Leader – Climate Security2021-12-06 2021-11-24
UN OIOS NEW YORK P-2 Associate Evaluation Officer (2 Posts) [Temporary] - Management and Administration, Management and Analysis2021-12-06 2021-11-24
UNDP Home-based, Myanmar, MYANMAR National Consultant Local Consultant To develop a comprehensive report of desk reviews with recommendations on methodologies, survey contents for Perception Survey that is gender sensitive, PSEA and AAP inclusive2021-12-06 2021-11-30
UNDP Home-based IPSA-8 Junior Communications and Support Consultant2021-12-06 2021-11-30
UNDP New York, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA IPSA-8 Programme Analyst, Japan SDGs Innovation Challenge2021-12-06 2021-11-30
UN DMSPC NEW YORK I-1 INTERN - Management and Programme Analysis [Temporary] -  , Internship2021-12-07 2021-10-23
WHO Anywhere  External consultant Consultant - Development of the Global Status Report on Road Safety2021-12-07 2021-11-16
WHO Anywhere  External consultant Consultant - Media engagement and technical guidance for road safety2021-12-07 2021-11-16
WHO Multiple locations P4 Fixed-term appointment Responsavel Técnico, Financiamento da Saude (Várias localidades: Moçambique, Burkina Faso, Gana, Costa do Marfim, Gabão, Madagáscar, Uganda, Quênia, África do Sul / WHO Roster)2021-12-07 2021-11-23

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