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WHO Multiple locations P4 Fixed-term appointment Médico responsavel pelo VIH, pela tuberculose, pelas hepatites e infecçoes sexualmente transmissiveis (IST) ( Várias localidades: Moçambique, Gana, Senegal, Uganda, Quênia, Zimbábue / WHO Roster)2021-12-07 2021-11-23
WHO Multiple locations P4 Fixed-term appointment Responsável Médico, Saúde Reprodutiva, Materna, Neonatal, Infantil e do Adolescente (SRMNIA) e Envelhecimento Saudável (Várias localidades : Burkina Faso, África do Sul / WHO Roster)2021-12-07 2021-11-23
UNDP Home-based IPSA-8 Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning Officer2021-12-07 2021-11-24
UNDP New York, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA IPSA-8 Statistics Consultant2021-12-07 2021-11-24
UNDP Home-based IPSA-10 Economist2021-12-07 2021-11-24
UNDP Home-based IPSA-9 Pipeline Process and Impact Assurance Analyst, Dual Key2021-12-07 2021-11-24
UNDP Home based International Consul IC/019/21 - [Reannouncement] International Consultant on Passive House criteria incorporation into the building codes in Uzbekistan2021-12-07 2021-11-24
UNDP Home-based, TURKMENISTAN International Consul International Consultant for development of draft regulatory legal acts (2nd stage, 5 pcs.) of Turkmenistan2021-12-07 2021-11-25
UNDP Home Based International Consul Human Rights Due Diligence Policy Risk Assessment Consultant - Armed Forces of Ukraine2021-12-07 2021-12-01
MINUSMA GAO P-3 CIVIL AFFAIRS OFFICER [Temporary] - Political, Peace and Humanitarian, Civil Affairs2021-12-07 2021-12-02
WHO Multiple locations  External consultant Consultant roster on Core Capacity Assessment, Monitoring, Evaluation & International Health Regulations2021-12-08 2021-10-09
MINUSMA MULTIPLE DUTY STATIONS P-3 PROTECTION OF CIVILIANS OFFICER - Political, Peace and Humanitarian, Human Rights Affairs2021-12-08 2021-11-10
WHO Anywhere  External consultant Consultant - Senior Scientific Editor2021-12-08 2021-11-17
UNDP New York, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA IPSA-11 Global Consultation Lead - Stockholm+502021-12-08 2021-11-25
UNDP Home -based, SUDAN Intern Communications Assistant - Intern2021-12-08 2021-11-26
UNDP Home Based International Consul International Consultant to conduct a mapping and assessment of Civil Society Organizations working on Women Peace and Security and Humanitarian Action in Southeast Asia2021-12-08 2021-11-27
UNDP New York, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA Intern UNDP SDG Finance Sector Hub (FSH) Research Intern2021-12-08 2021-11-30
UNOPS New York, United States of America IICA-2 Communications Specialist Communications2021-12-09 2021-11-13
GAVI Washington DC  Intern, Innovative Finance2021-12-09 2021-11-19
UNDP Home based International Consul International Consultant to support Monitoring and Evaluation and Learning activities related to the Youth Co:Lab initiative (Junior Consultant)2021-12-09 2021-11-25
WHO Anywhere  External consultant Consultant - Implementation and scale-up of the health emergency and disaster risk management (Health EDRM) framework2021-12-09 2021-11-25
WHO Anywhere  External consultant Consultant - Safe health facilities2021-12-09 2021-11-25
UN SG NEW YORK P-4 Financial Analyst/Finance and Budget Officer [Temporary] - Management and Administration, Finance2021-12-09 2021-11-26
WHO Multiple locations No grade Special Services Agreement (SSA) Assistant Public Health Officer (Cluster Consultant, Surveillance/Immunization) - NOB/SSA Roster2021-12-09 2021-12-03
WHO Multiple locations No grade Special Services Agreement (SSA) Public Health Officer (Polio/Immunization & Surveillance) - NOC/SSA Roster2021-12-09 2021-12-03
WHO Multiple locations P4 Fixed-term appointment Fonctionnaire chargé de la nutrition et la sécurité sanitaire des aliments dans les équipes multipays (Multiple Locations: Mozambique, Burkina Faso, Ghana, Côte Divoire, Senegal, Gabon, Madagascar, Ou2021-12-10 2021-11-26
WHO Anywhere  External consultant Consultant - Research4Life Country Connectors Network2021-12-10 2021-11-26
UNDP Home-based International Consul Spotlight Knowledge Management Consultant2021-12-10 2021-12-02
UN SG NEW YORK P-3 PROGRAMME MANAGEMENT OFFICER [Temporary] - Economic, Social and Development, Programme Management2021-12-10 2021-12-03
UNEP NEW YORK P-5 SENIOR PROGRAMME MANAGEMENT OFFICER - Economic, Social and Development, Programme Management2021-12-11 2021-10-29
UN OCHA NEW YORK P-3 Humanitarian Affairs Officer - Political, Peace and Humanitarian, Humanitarian Affairs2021-12-11 2021-10-29
UN DSS NEW YORK P-3 Security Training Officer - Multiple Positions - Management and Administration, Human Resources2021-12-11 2021-10-30
WHO Anywhere  External consultant Consultant - To monitor the implementation of activities and deliverables of the Demonstration Project for the end-to-end integration of influenza and SARS-CoV-2 sentinel surveillance2021-12-11 2021-11-27
UN DGACM NEW YORK P-4 REVISER/VERBATIM REPORTER, RUSSIAN - Public Information and Conference Management, Language2021-12-12 2021-10-31
UNDP Home-based IPSA-10 Community Engagement Specialist2021-12-12 2021-11-20
UNDP Home-based IPSA-9 Gender Consultant - climate change national NDC implementation2021-12-12 2021-11-30
UNDP Home-based Intern Internship - Web Editor and Social Media (French)2021-12-12 2021-11-30
UNISDR KOBE P-2 Associate Programme Management Officer (For Sendai Framework Voluntary Commitments) [Temporary] - Economic, Social and Development, Programme Management2021-12-13 2021-11-24
UNDP home-based, UKRAINE International Consul Technical Advisor on ESCO in Public Buildings2021-12-13 2021-11-30
UNDP home-based, UKRAINE International Consul Technical Advisor on Energy Management and Energy Monitoring in Public Buildings2021-12-13 2021-11-30
UNDP Home-based IPSA-8 Digital Platform and Project Analyst2021-12-13 2021-12-04
WHO Anywhere  External consultant Consultant - Global Action Plan on prevention and management of Anaemia2021-12-14 2021-11-23
WHO Anywhere  External consultant Consultant - WHO Biorisk Working Group (BRWG) Secretariat2021-12-14 2021-11-30
UNOPS Home based IICA-4 Consultant for NCD Marketplace Assessment (retainer) Health2021-12-14 2021-12-01
UNDP Home based International Consul Strategic Communications Consultant2021-12-14 2021-12-01
UNDP Home-Based National Consultant IC/UNDP/UN-PAGE/164/2021 - National Consultant for Green and Low Carbon Development (G-20 Development Working Group)2021-12-14 2021-12-01
UNDP Home-based IPSA-11 Senior Policy Specialist2021-12-14 2021-12-01
UNOPS Home based IICA-2 Programme Management Specialist (Legal) Legal | Programme Management2021-12-15 2021-12-01
WHO Anywhere  External consultant Consultant - Antimicrobial Resistance – WHO Academy Course2021-12-15 2021-12-01
WHO Anywhere  External consultant Consultant - To contribute to One Health and risk assessment activities of influenza2021-12-15 2021-12-01

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