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Duty Station

Level / Grade

Contract Type

Post Title

Closing Date

Posting Retrieved

UNOV VIENNA G-5 Accounting Assistant (5 positions) - Temporary [Temporary] - Management and Administration, Finance2019-04-15 2019-04-10
UNODC VIENNA P-4 Research Officer (Cocaine) - Economic, Social and Development, Social Affairs2019-04-19 2019-03-22
UNOV VIENNA G-6 Security Lieutenant - Internal Security and Safety, Security2019-04-19 2019-03-22
IAEA Austria, Vienna   Senior System Security Specialist(P4)2019-04-23 2019-03-28
UN DGACM VIENNA P-5 Senior Reviser (Russian) - Public Information and Conference Management, Language2019-04-24 2019-03-12
IAEA Austria, Vienna   Unit Head (Accounts Payable)(P3)2019-04-25 2019-03-30
UNODC VIENNA P-3 Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice Officer - Economic, Social and Development, Drug Control and Crime Prevention2019-04-26 2019-03-14
IAEA Austria, Vienna   Programme Assistant(G6)2019-04-29 2019-04-04
IAEA Austria, Vienna   Nuclear Safeguards Inspector(P4)2019-04-30 2019-04-04
IAEA Austria, Vienna   Standards Specialist (SSDS)(P4)2019-05-01 2019-03-21
IAEA Austria, Vienna   IT Project Management Associate(P2)2019-05-01 2019-03-22
IAEA Austria, Vienna   Support Programme Financial Officer(P2)2019-05-02 2019-03-23
IAEA Austria, Vienna   Section Head (SG-Operations)(P5)2019-05-03 2019-03-24
IAEA Austria, Vienna   Senior Inspector for Coordination(P5)2019-05-03 2019-03-24
IAEA Austria, Vienna   Senior Procurement Officer (Team Leader)(P4)2019-05-03 2019-03-24
UNOV VIENNA G-7 Programme Assistant - Economic, Social and Development, Programme Management2019-05-03 2019-04-05
IAEA Austria, Seibersdorf   Internship Data Science2019-05-03 2019-04-07
IAEA Austria, Vienna   Safeguards Technology Expert (Open Source)(P3)2019-05-06 2019-03-27
IAEA Austria, Vienna   Support Programme Financial Officer(P2)2019-05-06 2019-03-27
IAEA Austria, Seibersdorf   Research Entomologist (Livestock Pests)(P4)2019-05-08 2019-03-29
IAEA Austria, Vienna   Section Head (AIPS Management Section (ERP))(P5)2019-05-09 2019-03-30
IAEA Austria, Vienna   Senior Evaluation Officer(P5)2019-05-10 2019-03-30
IAEA Austria, Seibersdorf   Director (SGAS)(D1)2019-05-10 2019-03-31
IAEA Austria, Vienna   Section Head (External Events)(P5)2019-05-15 2019-04-04
IAEA Austria, Vienna   Procurement Officer(P3)2019-05-15 2019-04-05
IAEA Austria, Vienna   Pipeline - Administrative Support - General Service (Temporary Assignments)2019-05-17 2019-04-07
UN DGACM VIENNA P-4 Reviser/Self-revising Translator (Arabic) - Public Information and Conference Management, Language2019-05-23 2019-04-10
UN OIOS VIENNA P-3 INVESTIGATOR - Management and Administration, Investigation2019-05-25 2019-04-13
UNODC VIENNA P-5 Chief - Economic, Social and Development, Drug Control and Crime Prevention2019-06-01 2019-04-19
UN DGACM VIENNA P-4 Reviser/Self-revising Translator (Spanish) - Public Information and Conference Management, Language2019-06-01 2019-04-19

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