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UNOPS Belgrade, Serbia IICA-3 Head of Programme Programme Management2017-08-20 2017-07-24
UNOPS Mogadishu, Somalia LICA Specialist-8 HR Analyst Human Resources2017-08-16 2017-07-24
UNOPS Mogadishu, Somalia LICA Specialist-8 Logistics and Asset Management Analyst Administration2017-08-16 2017-07-24
UNOPS Mogadishu, Somalia LICA Specialist-8 Budget Analyst Finance2017-08-16 2017-07-24
UNOPS Mogadishu, Somalia LICA Specialist-8 Procurement Analyst Finance2017-08-16 2017-07-24
UNOPS Bangkok, Thailand LICA-3 Finance Assistant (Multiple Positions) Finance2017-08-13 2017-07-24
UNOPS Duty stations outside of Copenhagen would be considered if they meet with our business needs IICA-2 Procurement Advisory Services Specialist -- Training Procurement | Partnerships2017-08-11 2017-07-24
UNOPS Yangon, Myanmar LICA Specialist-9 Health Analyst (Prison and Harm Reduction) Health2017-08-10 2017-07-24
UNOPS New York, United States of America D1 Service Cluster Manager Project Management | Leadership | Programme Management2017-08-09 2017-07-24
UNOPS New York, United States of America P3 Political analyst and Public Information Officer Project Management2017-08-08 2017-07-24
UNOPS Lashio, Mandalay, Monywa ,Sittwe, Taunggyi,Yangon, Myanmar LICA-5 Field Finance Assistant Finance2017-08-06 2017-07-24
UNOPS Hakha , Myanmar LICA Specialist-10 Senior Roads & Bridges Engineer (Re-advertisement) Engineering2017-08-06 2017-07-24
UNOPS Juba, South Sudan IICA-2 Field Security Advisor Security2017-08-03 2017-07-24
UNOPS Brindisi, Italy P2 Associate Geospatial Information Systems Officer IT2017-08-03 2017-07-24
UNOPS Valencia, Spain LICA-6 Technology Development Assistant IT2017-08-03 2017-07-24
UNOPS Kathmandu, Nepal IICA-2 Technical Specialist - Geo-hazard Assessment Engineering | Project Management2017-08-02 2017-07-24
UNOPS Amman, Jordan P4 Management and Oversight Advisor Leadership2017-08-02 2017-07-24
UNOPS Valencia, Spain LICA-5 Technical Assistant IT2017-08-02 2017-07-24
UNOPS Bissau, Guinea-Bissau IICA-3 Project Manager Project Management2017-08-02 2017-07-24
UNOPS KINSHASA, Democratic Republic of the Congo IICA-1 Logistic Analyst Administration | Procurement2017-08-01 2017-07-24
UNOPS Geneva, Switzerland LICA-5 Administrative Assistant Administration | Health2017-08-01 2017-07-24
UNOPS Copenhagen, Denmark IICA-1 ERP Developer IT2017-08-01 2017-07-24
UNOPS Mogadishu, Somalia IICA-1 Special Assistant Administration2017-08-01 2017-07-24
UNOPS San José, Costa Rica LICA Specialist-8 Project Support Officer Finance2017-07-31 2017-07-24
UNOPS Nairobi, Kenya LICA Specialist-8 Liaison Officer Project Management2017-07-31 2017-07-24
UNOPS Vienna, Austria Other Administration and Management Associate Administration2017-07-31 2017-07-24
UNOPS Bamako, Mali P3 Human Resources Officer Human Resources2017-07-30 2017-07-24
UNOPS San Salvador, El Salvador LICA-6 Asociado/a en la especialidad de Electromecánica Engineering2017-07-30 2017-07-24
UNOPS Nay Pyi Taw, Myanmar IICA-3 Senior Advisor on Microfinance Examination Programme Management2017-07-30 2017-07-24
UNOPS Syrian Refugees Camps, Jordan LICA-5 Project Field Assistant Project Management2017-07-30 2017-07-24
UNOPS Amman, Jordan, with frequent travel to the Syrian Refugee Camps in Jordan , Jordan LICA-5 Project Assistant Project Management2017-07-30 2017-07-24
UNOPS Mafraq and Azraq (Zaatari and Azraq refugee camps), Jordan LICA-4 Cash-for-Work Assistant Administration2017-07-30 2017-07-24
UNOPS Kiev , Ukraine LICA Specialist-8 Finance Analyst Finance2017-07-30 2017-07-24
UNOPS Kiev, Ukraine LICA-4 Старший Водій / Адміністративний Клерк (Senior Driver/Administrative Clerk) Administration2017-07-30 2017-07-24
UNOPS Limón, Costa Rica LICA-6 Consultor Proyectos de Desarrollo de la Zona Atlántica-Contrato por producto Lumpsum (Personal externo a UNOPS) Administration2017-07-30 2017-07-24
UNOPS Kaga-Bandoro, Central African Republic IICA-1 Project Support Officer Project Management2017-07-28 2017-07-24
UNOPS Mogadishu, Somalia LICA Specialist-8 Human Resource Officer Human Resources2017-07-28 2017-07-24
UNOPS Dhaka, Bangladesh IICA-3 Country Manager Administration | Project Management | Partnerships | Programme Management2017-07-28 2017-07-24
UNOPS Za’atari and Azraq Rufugee Camps, Jordan LICA-5 Construction Engineer Engineering2017-07-28 2017-07-24
UNOPS Ciudad de Guatemala, Guatemala IICA-2 Especialista en Logística de Medicamentos e Insumos Médicos Procurement2017-07-28 2017-07-24
UNOPS Ciudad de Guatemala, Guatemala IICA-2 Especialista en Compra de Medicamentos Procurement2017-07-28 2017-07-24
UNOPS Ramallah IICA-3 Organizational Development Lead Programme Management2017-07-28 2017-07-24
UNOPS Ciudad de Guatemala, Guatemala IICA-2 Especialista en Gestión de Cambio Organizacional Project Management2017-07-28 2017-07-24
UNOPS Ciudad de Guatemala, Guatemala IICA-2 Especialista en Gestión de Salud Administration | Health | Programme Management2017-07-28 2017-07-24
UNOPS Ciudad de Guatemala, Guatemala IICA-2 Especialista en Monitoreo y Evaluación Engineering | Procurement2017-07-28 2017-07-24
UNOPS Ciudad de Panamá, Panama LICA-2 Conductor Administration2017-07-28 2017-07-24
UNOPS Nairobi, Kenya LICA-5 IM Assistant IT2017-07-27 2017-07-24
UNOPS Baghdad, Iraq LICA Specialist-9 Senior Design and Supervision Engineer (Retainer) Engineering2017-07-27 2017-07-24
UNOPS Ciudad de Guatemala, Guatemala LICA Specialist-9 Oficial de Logística Procurement2017-07-27 2017-07-24
UNOPS Bangui, Central African Republic IICA-2 Procurement and Contract Specialist Procurement2017-07-27 2017-07-24

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