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UNOPS New York , United States of America IICA-2 VA/2020/B5011/20068 - ICT Specialist - Software Development [Front-end Software Developer] IT2020-08-11 2020-07-15
UNOPS Bangui ( Non-Family Duty Station ), Central African Republic IICA-2 Field Security Adviser (Re-advertisement) Security | Health, Safety and Environment2020-08-04 2020-07-15
UNOPS Nay Pyi Taw, Myanmar LICA Specialist-9 Finance Senior Officer Finance2020-07-31 2020-07-15
UNOPS Nairobi, Kenya LICA-6 Procurement Associate (Retainer) Procurement2020-07-31 2020-07-15
UNOPS Nairobi, Kenya LICA-4 Procurement Assistant (Retainer) Procurement2020-07-31 2020-07-15
UNOPS Nay Pyi Taw, Myanmar LICA Specialist-9 Social Environmental Senior Officer (Safeguard) Project Management | Environment2020-07-31 2020-07-15
UNOPS Nay Pyi Taw, Myanmar LICA Specialist-9 Agricultural Engineer (Conservation) Project Management | Environment2020-07-31 2020-07-15
UNOPS Geneva, Switzerland IICA-3 Strategy Advisor Leadership | Programme Management2020-07-27 2020-07-15
UNICEF Nicaragua   Consultoría Nacional: Sistematización de la estrategia Familia Canguro en Nicaragua.2020-07-28 2020-07-15
UNICEF Greece   Local individual contractor: Technical Assistance to Strengthen Monitoring of the Situation of UAC and the Progress on Relocation – Special Secretary for Unaccompanied Minors, Athens, Greece (4 months2020-07-21 2020-07-15
UNICEF United States   Consultancy: Copy Editor (Sanitation and Hygiene Publications - PD / WASH / Remote- REQ#5329772020-07-21 2020-07-15
UNICEF United States   Solar Leasing Consultant - To Draft and Manage Tender Process2020-07-28 2020-07-15
UNICEF Ghana   Individual National Consultant - Social Development Expert (open to Ghanaian nationals only)2020-07-28 2020-07-15
UNICEF Macedonia, TFYR ICS-05  Executive Assistant, Fixed Term Appointment, GS5, open for Nationals of North Macedonia only2020-07-27 2020-07-15
UNICEF Djibouti   Consultation internationale pour la coordination du programme de lutte contre les Mutilations Génitales Féminines, Djibouti2020-07-27 2020-07-15
UNICEF Djibouti   Consultation internationale pour lélaboration de la Politique Nationale de lEnfant, Djibouti2020-07-27 2020-07-15
UNICEF Gabon   Consultant individuel expert en contrôle des travaux base a Koulamoutou dans l’Ogooue Lolo au Gabon2020-07-28 2020-07-15
UNICEF Switzerland   Internship (18 weeks): Market Knowledge Unit, Communication and Marketing Section, Division of Private Fundraising and Partnerships (PFP)2020-07-21 2020-07-15
UNICEF Serbia   Sexual Exploitation and Abuse Risk Mitigation Consultant2020-07-28 2020-07-15
UNICEF Benin   Recrutement dun/une consultant/e national/e pour appuyer le Programme Protection dans la coordination et la planification, la mise en œuvre et le suivi de l’ensemble des interventions d’élimination ME2020-07-23 2020-07-15
UNICEF Viet Nam   International Individual Consultancy on Review of Green Growth Strategy from a Child Lens, Viet Nam.2020-07-26 2020-07-15
UNICEF Panama ICS-13  Consultancy to develop a regional protocol, a toolkit and training package to implement GBV (Gender-based violence) remote support services to girls and adolescent girls, particularly in the migratory2020-07-26 2020-07-15
UNICEF Panama   WASH Information Management Consultant, LACRO, Panama City2020-07-19 2020-07-15
UNICEF Senegal   International Consultancy-Development of Proposal for the programme (Access to Justice for Children on the Move) in WCAR2020-07-20 2020-07-15
UNDP Abuja, NIGERIA National Consultant National Consultant for Lake Chad Regional Stabilization Strategy2020-07-21 2020-07-15
UNDP New Delhi, INDIA National Consultant Programme Support Consultant2020-07-22 2020-07-15
UNDP Dakar, SENEGAL National Consultant Consultant national pour des services dappui en informatique2020-07-22 2020-07-15
UNDP Accra, GHANA International Consul International Expert in remittance services and financial inclusion2020-07-28 2020-07-15
UNDP Jakarta, INDONESIA International Consul Asia Digital Payments Consultant2020-07-28 2020-07-15
UNDP home based International Consul Senior Technical Experts2020-07-28 2020-07-15
UNDP New Delhi (Home based), INDIA National Consultant Individual Consultant - (Chemicals and waste database)2020-07-20 2020-07-15
UNDP Home based and then New York once Covid-19 restrictions are, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA International Consul Consultancy – Surge Academy Project Manager, CB/UNDP2020-07-28 2020-07-15
UNDP Addis Ababa, ETHIOPIA International Consul International Consultant-to develop a Policy Brief on Best Practices of Malawi and Zambia IBSA Program on Ending Child Marriage and the Linkages to the AU’s Strategic Plan on Ending Child Marriage2020-07-20 2020-07-15
UNDP Homebased International Consul UN Women – Learning and Training Consultant2020-07-20 2020-07-15
UNDP New York, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA P-3 UN Women: Policy Specialist - Gender and Peacebuilding2020-07-21 2020-07-15
UNDP Harare, ZIMBABWE National Consultant National Consultant to support the Review of Gender Budgeting Guidelines and Gender Budgeting Monitoring and Tracking Tools2020-07-21 2020-07-15
UNDP Bangkok, Thailand, THAILAND National Consultant National Programme Coordinating Consultant – Social Protection in Thailand Re-advertisement (Thai National Only)2020-07-21 2020-07-15
UNDP Ciudad de Guatemala, GUATEMALA National Consultant Consultoria SSA Nacional - Sistematización de los avances y los desafíos para el fortalecimiento de la institucionalidad del Mecanismo Nacional de las Mujeres2020-07-21 2020-07-15
UNDP Home-based International Consul International Consultant to Support the mid-term review (Phase 2) of the progress on the implementation of the ASEAN Regional Plan of Action on the Elimination of Violence against Women2020-07-28 2020-07-15
UNDP Amman, JORDAN P-4 Deputy Country Representative2020-07-28 2020-07-15
UNDP Bangladesh, BANGLADESH Other CFP-support adaptation of NGO-run GBV Shelters to safely operate in the context of COVID to continue to provide GBV services to survivors and other vulnerable women for UN WOMEN2020-07-30 2020-07-15
UNDP Virtual working arrangements International Consul Programme Support Consultant for Regional Programme “Making Every Woman and Girl Count"2020-07-30 2020-07-15
UNDP Tbilisi, GEORGIA National Consultant National Consultants/ Trainers on Gender Equality and Women’s Empowerment Issues2020-07-30 2020-07-15
UNDP Harare, ZIMBABWE SB-5 Programme Specialist –Strengthening national institutions2020-07-31 2020-07-15
UNDP Maputo, Mozambique G5 * Administrative Assistant2020-07-24 2020-07-15
UNDP Maputo, Mozambique P5 * Chief Technical Advisor2020-07-24 2020-07-15
UNDP Home-Based, INDONESIA National Consultant IC/UNDP/UNODC/052/2020 - National Consultant for Maritime Domain Awareness (MDA) Information Collection and Dissemination Tools and System for Indonesian Aerospace Agency (LAPAN)2020-07-28 2020-07-15
UNDP Khartoum, Sudan NOB * Human Rights Analyst (Multiple Duty Stations)2020-07-28 2020-07-15
UNDP Virtual (Home-Based) Intern Intern - Leadership Development, Talent Development Unit2020-07-31 2020-07-15

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