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Posting Retrieved

UNOPS Panama City, Panama LICA Specialist-9 Arquitecto (a) - Retainer (Home Based) Engineering2019-04-26 2019-04-13
UNOPS Multiple (Taunggyi, Shan State and Hpa-An, Kayin State), Myanmar LICA Specialist-9 Project Analyst Project Management2019-04-26 2019-04-13
UNOPS Panama City, Panama LICA Specialist-9 HR Senior Officer Human Resources2019-04-26 2019-04-13
UNOPS Kampala, Uganda IICA-2 Project Manager Project Management2019-04-26 2019-04-13
UNICEF Ukraine ICS-11  Construction Manager, P4, TA, Kramatorsk, Ukraine2019-04-26 2019-04-13
UNICEF Moldova, Rep of   Individual Consultancy_Secondary data analysis of youth-related data from the national representative survey that supported the definition of the Social Cohesion and Reconciliation (SCORE) Youth Index2019-04-26 2019-04-13
UNICEF Georgia   Individual National Consultancy for the Evaluation of UNICEF’s Contribution to Georgia’s E-Health Information Management System (E-HIMS)2019-04-26 2019-04-13
UNICEF Pakistan ICS-05  Programme Assistant - Polio, GS-5/FT, Karachi, IMIS # 95021, Req. # 521333 (For Pakistan Nationals Only)2019-04-26 2019-04-13
UNICEF Pakistan   Programme Specialist (Monitoring and Reporting), NOC, TA Islamabad IMIS 00110056, Req 521360 (For Pakistan Nationals Only)2019-04-26 2019-04-13
UNICEF India   Chief, Child Protection, New Delhi, India, Post Number 104602019-04-26 2019-04-13
UNICEF United States   Consultancy: Senior Digital Project Manager, Digital Strategy Section, Division of Communication, NYHQ (11.5 months)2019-04-26 2019-04-13
UNDP Bangkok-based with no travel, THAILAND National Consultant Junior Consultant - Operations and Event Management2019-04-26 2019-04-13
UNDP Suva, Fiji P3 * Programme Specialist2019-04-26 2019-04-13
UNDP Niamey, NIGER Intern Stagiaire en Technologies de lInformation et de la Communication2019-04-26 2019-04-13
UNIFIL NAQOURA P-3 TV/VIDEO PRODUCER - Public Information and Conference Management, Public Information2019-04-26 2019-04-13
MINUSMA BAMAKO D-1 PRINCIPAL POLITICAL AFFAIRS OFFICER - Political, Peace and Humanitarian, Political Affairs2019-04-26 2019-04-13
UNU South Africa  Personnel Service Agreement (PSA) Datalab Assistant2019-04-26 2019-04-13
WHO Nigeria-Enugu,Nigeria-Kaduna NO-C Individual service contractor National Professional Officer (TUB)2019-04-26 2019-04-13
WHO South Sudan-Juba P4 External consultant International Consultant (Measles Supplementary Immunization Activities)2019-04-26 2019-04-13
WHO South Sudan-Juba NO-B External consultant National Consultant (Measles Supplementary Immunization Activities)2019-04-26 2019-04-13
WIPO Switzerland-CH-Geneva P2 Temporary Appointment Associate Application Software Implementer, Operations and Support Section, PCT Information Systems Division, PCT Services Department, Patents and Technology Sector2019-04-26 2019-04-13
UN JSPF NEW YORK P-3 Information Systems Officer (Business Analyst) [Temporary] - Information and Telecommunication Technology, Information Management Systems and Technology2019-04-26 2019-04-14
UNDP Beirut, LEBANON International Consul International Project Start Up Consultancy service.2019-04-26 2019-04-16
UNICEF Burundi ICS-11  Chief Adolescent Development (C4D) (P-4), Bujumbura, Burundi #1092162019-04-26 2019-04-17
UNDP Maputo, Mozambique SB3 * Finance Assistant2019-04-26 2019-04-17
UNICEF Comoros   REPUBLICATION ADMINISTRATEUR CHARGE DU SUIVI ET EVALUATION (CONTRAT TEMPORAIRE), Moroni, Comores # 109492 (Poste réservé aux candidats de nationalité comorienne)2019-04-26 2019-04-18
UNICEF Guinea-Bissau   National Consultancy - To conduct a Baseline study of the project on Adolescent Girls in the regions of Bafatá and Gabu in Guinea-Bissau2019-04-26 2019-04-18
UNICEF Congo, Dem. Rep   Consultant (e) national (e): Appui dans la formation C4D, SSA, Kinshasa, NO-22019-04-26 2019-04-19
UNICEF Congo, Dem. Rep ICS-11  Consultant Internationale pour le Développement d’une Conception Méthodologique pour suivi et évaluation de l’approche de la Convergence adoptée par l’UNICEF , P-4, SSA, Homebased2019-04-26 2019-04-19
UNICEF Congo, Dem. Rep ICS-10  Consultant International: Formation des acteurs du circuit de la C4D sur la méthodologie de la recherche quantitative et qualitative, SSA, P-3, Kinshasa2019-04-26 2019-04-19
UNICEF South Sudan   Consultancy C4D ICMN UNICEF South Sudan2019-04-26 2019-04-19
UNDP Copenhagen, Denmark P1 * Talent Management Analyst - Capability Development2019-04-26 2019-04-19
UNDP Copenhagen, Denmark P1 * Talent Management Analyst - Employee Experience2019-04-26 2019-04-19
UN OHCHR GENEVA P-4 Human Rights Officer - Political, Peace and Humanitarian, Human Rights Affairs2019-04-27 2019-03-15
UN OHCHR GENEVA P-3 Human Rights Officer - Political, Peace and Humanitarian, Human Rights Affairs2019-04-27 2019-03-15
UN OHCHR GENEVA P-3 Human Rights Officer - Political, Peace and Humanitarian, Human Rights Affairs2019-04-27 2019-03-15
UNOPS Bouar et Bambari, Central African Republic LICA-3 Chauffeur/ Assistant Logisticien Administration2019-04-27 2019-04-10
UNOPS Bouar et Bambari, Central African Republic LICA-5 Assistant (e) aux Opérations et a la Gestion dArmes et Munitions Demining2019-04-27 2019-04-10
UNOPS Bangui, Bouar et Bambari, Central African Republic LICA-6 Associé (e) aux Opérations et a la Gestion dArmes et Munitions Demining2019-04-27 2019-04-10
UNOPS Freetown, Sierra Leone IICA-2 Energy Portfolio Specialist Energy2019-04-27 2019-04-12
UNOPS Erbil, Iraq LICA-5 Information Management Assistant Administration2019-04-27 2019-04-13
UNDP New York, United States P4 * Partnerships Development Specialist, UNCDF2019-04-27 2019-04-13
UNICEF Egypt ICS-06  Programme Associate,GS6,Cairo,Egypt,post #00109991- Temporary Appointment(Nationals Only).2019-04-27 2019-04-15
UNICEF Egypt   Education Officer,NOB,Cairo,Egypt,Post #00110050 - Temporary appointment(Nationals Only).2019-04-27 2019-04-15
UNICEF Egypt ICS-06  Administrative Associate,GS6,Cairo,Egypt,Post #0051856 - Fixed Term (Nationals Only).2019-04-27 2019-04-15
UNICEF Afghanistan   Internship Opportunity - UNICEF Finance Section (Initial Three Months up to a Maximum of Six Months) - for Afghan Nationals Only, based in Kabul - Afghanistan2019-04-27 2019-04-15
UNDP Istanbul, TURKEY International Consul International Communications Consultant2019-04-27 2019-04-17
UNDP Based in Istanbul, with 2 travels to Geneva, TURKEY International Consul International Intergovernmental Coordination Consultant2019-04-27 2019-04-17
UNICEF Central Afr.Rep   Évaluation systémique et opérationnelle de lapproche communautaire intégrée en matière de santé et de nutrition pour les enfants de moins de 5 ans en RCA (SSA-INDIVIDUEL)2019-04-27 2019-04-18

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