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UNDP Tirana, ALBANIA Other National Consultant on End of Violence Against Women2018-08-29 2018-08-18
UNICEF Bahrain   Programme Consultant in Bahrain for 3 months2018-08-29 2018-08-20
UNICEF Kuwait   Programme Consultant in Kuwait for 3 months2018-08-29 2018-08-20
UNDP Sanaa, Yemen SB4 * National Programme Officer with UN Habitat (Sanaa)2018-08-29 2018-08-20
UNDP Aden, Yemen SB4 * National Programme Officer with UN Habitat (Aden)2018-08-29 2018-08-20
UNICEF South Korea,Rep   Internship, PPD Seoul, Republic of South Korea2018-08-29 2018-08-21
UNDP Beirut, LEBANON International Consul International/National External Evaluator.2018-08-29 2018-08-21
UN SG NEW YORK I-1 INTERN - Sustainable Development Unit [Temporary] -  , Internship2018-08-30 2018-05-19
UN Ethics Office NEW YORK P-4 Legal Officer - Legal, Legal Affairs2018-08-30 2018-07-18
UN DGACM NEW YORK P-4 REVISER, SPANISH (9 posts) - Public Information and Conference Management, Language2018-08-30 2018-07-19
UNFPA New York, USA ICS-06  Editorial Associate, Media and Communications Branch, Division for Communications and Strategic Partnerships2018-08-30 2018-08-01
UNFPA Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso ICS-12  UNFPA Representative2018-08-30 2018-08-02
UNICEF Thailand ICS-11  Chief of Communication, P-4, Bangkok, Thailand2018-08-30 2018-08-02
WFP Ghana Long term opportunities Programme Policy Officer NOC (for Ghanaian Nationals Only)2018-08-30 2018-08-02
WFP Ghana Long term opportunities Nutritionist, NOB Tamale (for Ghanaian Nationals Only)2018-08-30 2018-08-02
UN DPKO Field Locations D-1 CHIEF, OPERATIONS AND RESOURCE MANAGEMENT - Management and Administration, Administration2018-08-30 2018-08-03
UN DPKO Field Locations P-5 CHIEF, OPERATIONS AND RESOURCE MANAGEMENT - Management and Administration, Administration2018-08-30 2018-08-03
UNOPS Bangui, Central African Republic IICA-3 Chef de Projet Project Management2018-08-30 2018-08-10
FAO Italy, Rome P3 Project Social Protection Officer (Child Labour In Agriculture)2018-08-30 2018-08-10
UNICEF Turkmenistan   International Individual Consultancy to support operationalization of the inclusiveness component of the child-friendly school concept of Turkmenistan2018-08-30 2018-08-11
UNDP New York, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA Intern Intern on Gender Equality2018-08-30 2018-08-11
UN OLA NEW YORK P-4 Legal Officer (Temporary Job Opening) [Temporary] - Legal, Legal Affairs2018-08-30 2018-08-12
WFP Lebanon Short term opportunities Business Support Assistant (Admin) SC 4 - Beirut Sub-Office2018-08-30 2018-08-15
UNICEF Belarus   Institutional National Consultancy to conduct a National contest on cyberviolence in Belarus2018-08-30 2018-08-16
UNDP Sittway (Sittwe), Myanmar G5 * Administrative Assistant (Net salary per annum (minimum USD 14,290 ~ maximum 16,734)2018-08-30 2018-08-16
WFP Democratic Republic of the Congo Long term opportunities Assistant aux Finance-G5-KINSHASA2018-08-30 2018-08-16
UNOPS Brasília, Brazil LICA-5 Assistente Administrativo (Retainer) Administration2018-08-30 2018-08-17
UNICEF Cameroon ICS-05  Supply & Procurement Assistant , GS 5, FT, Yaounde, Cameroon2018-08-30 2018-08-17
UNICEF Haiti   Elaboration du guide d’Application de l’approche C4D au niveau communautaire (Reserve aux candidats de nationalite Haitienne)2018-08-30 2018-08-17
UNICEF Benin ICS-10  WASH Specialist, L-3; IMIS # 81570. Cotonou, BENIN2018-08-30 2018-08-17
UNICEF Panama   International Consultancy for the Development and Update of Technical Seminars on the Care for Child Development (CCD) Approach2018-08-30 2018-08-17
UNICEF Senegal   Consultancy: SharePoint Developer2018-08-30 2018-08-17
UNICEF Ukraine ICS-11  Chief Health and Nutrition, P-4, FTA, Kyiv, Ukraine2018-08-30 2018-08-17
UNICEF Denmark   Consultancy Title: Communication Consultant, Supply Chain Data, Monitoring, and Evidence2018-08-30 2018-08-17
UNICEF Denmark   Consultant Title: Sanitation Market Shaping Project Manager2018-08-30 2018-08-17
UNICEF Burundi ICS-10  Emergency Specialist, ( P-3), Bujumbura, Burundi #517082018-08-30 2018-08-17
UNICEF Zimbabwe   UNICEF Zimbabwe is inviting proposals from individual qualified national consultants for the Provision of technical assistance in routine Expanded Program for Immunisation (EPI)2018-08-30 2018-08-17
UNICEF Zimbabwe   UNICEF Zimbabwe is inviting proposals from individual qualified national consultants for the Provision of Technical Assistance in Expanded Program for Immunisation Logistics (EPI Logistics)2018-08-30 2018-08-17
UNICEF Kazakhstan   National web-editor (Consultant)2018-08-30 2018-08-17
UNDP Home-based with 2 missions to Uzbekistan International Consul Lead Expert on Low-Carbon Rural Housing Project Design2018-08-30 2018-08-17
UNDP home-based, BOSNIA AND HERZEGOVINA International Consul International consultant to conduct a Final Evaluation of the programme “Standards and Engagement for Ending Violence against Women and Domestic Violence in Bosnia and Herzegovina”2018-08-30 2018-08-17
UNDP Port-au-Prince, Haiti G5 * Assistant (e) Administratif (ve)2018-08-30 2018-08-17
WFP Afghanistan Short term opportunities Business Support Assistant (IT)2018-08-30 2018-08-17
UNOPS New York, United States of America P2 ERP Project Analyst Project Management2018-08-30 2018-08-18
UNOPS New York, United States of America P4 ERP/SAP Project Manager Project Management2018-08-30 2018-08-18
UNOPS New York, United States of America P3 Business Development Specialist IT | Project Management2018-08-30 2018-08-18
UNICEF Nigeria   Communication for Development CONSULTANT- Kebbi States (NOB)2018-08-30 2018-08-18
UNICEF Azerbaijan   National Consultancy on Capacity building of the staff of state child institutions on Development, implementation and monitoring of Individual Development Plans (IDP) for children2018-08-30 2018-08-18
UNICEF Tajikistan   National Monitoring & Evaluation Specialist, Child Rights Monitoring at National Professional NOC level, on Fixed Term, Dushanbe, Tajikistan( (For Tajik nationals only)2018-08-30 2018-08-18
UNICEF Tajikistan   National Social Policy Specialist, Public Finance Management (PFM), at National Professional level NOC on Fixed Term, Dushanbe, Tajikistan( (for Tajik Nationals only)2018-08-30 2018-08-18

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