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WHO Copenhagen Denmark G6 Fixed-term Appointment Audio/Visual Assistant2017-02-03 2017-01-14
WHO Kuala Lumpur Malaysia G5 Temporary Appointment under Staff Rule 420.4 HR Assistant2017-02-03 2017-01-14
WHO Managua Nicaragua G6 Fixed-term Appointment Human Resources Technician I2017-02-03 2017-01-14
WHO Managua Nicaragua G5 Fixed-term Appointment Procurement Assistant II2017-02-03 2017-01-14
WHO Lyons France G4 Fixed-term Appointment Project Assistant - Local recruitment2017-02-03 2017-01-14
WHO Kuala Lumpur Malaysia G6 Fixed-term Appointment Senior Procurement Assistant (several positions)2017-02-03 2017-01-14
WHO Lyons France G5 Fixed-term Appointment Senior Research Assistant (Data Management & Analysis) - Local recruitment2017-02-03 2017-01-14
WHO Copenhagen Denmark G4 Temporary Appointment under Staff Rule 420.4 Technician (Audio/Video Technician)2017-02-03 2017-01-14
UN DPI NEW YORK P-3 Multimedia Television Features Producer, P3 - Public Information and Conference Management, Public Information2017-02-04 2016-12-08
UN DPKO NEW YORK P-3 Human Resources Officer - Management and Administration, Human Resources2017-02-04 2016-12-08
UN ESCWA BEIRUT P-3 Social Affairs Officer - Economic, Social and Development, Social Affairs2017-02-04 2016-12-08
UN CS NEW YORK P-4 Procurement Officer (P4) - Management and Administration, Procurement2017-02-04 2016-12-09
UN DPI NEW YORK P-3 PRESS OFFICER - Public Information and Conference Management, Public Information2017-02-04 2016-12-09
UN ICT NEW YORK P-3 Information Systems Officer - Information and Telecommunication Technology, Information and Telecommunication Technology2017-02-04 2016-12-09
UNCTAD LUANDA P-4 PROJECT MANAGER - Economic, Social and Development, Programme Management2017-02-04 2017-01-07
UN Int. Residual System THE HAGUE P-3 Head, Judicial Records Unit - Legal, Legal Affairs2017-02-04 2017-01-07
WHO  P level Rosters Consultant, Migration Health for roster purposes (multiple duty stations)2017-02-04 2017-01-14
WHO Tashkent Uzbekistan G4 Temporary Appointment under Staff Rule 420.4 Secretary2017-02-04 2017-01-14
WHO Abuja Nigeria P4 Temporary Appointment under Staff Rule 420.4 Medical Officer - Surveillance2017-02-04 2017-01-15
WHO Manila Philippines P3 Fixed-term Appointment Technical Officer (Stop TB & Leprosy Elimination)2017-02-04 2017-01-15
WHO Cairo Egypt P5 Fixed-term Appointment Team Lead, High Threat Pathogen2017-02-04 2017-01-16
UN OPBA NEW YORK P-4 Finance and Budget Officer - Management and Administration, Finance2017-02-05 2016-12-10
WHO Washington, D.C. United States of America P4 Fixed-term Appointment Advisor, Partnerships2017-02-05 2017-01-10
WHO Bishkek Kyrgyzstan P4 Fixed-term Appointment Policy Adviser - Kyrgyzstan2017-02-05 2017-01-10
WHO Brasilia Brazil P4 Fixed-term Appointment Advisor, Health Systems and Services2017-02-05 2017-01-11
IAEA Austria, Vienna   Warehouse Worker(G2)2017-02-05 2017-01-11
WHO Brasilia Brazil P4 Fixed-term Appointment Advisor, Noncommunicable Diseases & Determinants of Health2017-02-05 2017-01-14
WHO Copenhagen Denmark P2 Temporary Appointment under Staff Rule 420.4 Editor2017-02-05 2017-01-14
WHO Tashkent Uzbekistan NO-A Temporary Appointment under Staff Rule 420.4 National Professional Officer, Communicable Diseases - Clinician (Uzbekistan)2017-02-05 2017-01-14
WHO Tashkent Uzbekistan NO-A Temporary Appointment under Staff Rule 420.4 National Professional Officer, Communicable Diseases - Health statistics (Uzbekistan)2017-02-05 2017-01-14
WHO Copenhagen Denmark P2 Fixed-term Appointment News and Information Officer2017-02-05 2017-01-14
WHO Ouagadougou Burkina Faso G7 Fixed-term Appointment Assistant Programme, Finances, Budget2017-02-05 2017-01-14
WHO Ouagadougou Burkina Faso G2 Fixed-term Appointment Chauffeur-Messager (Trois (03) positions)2017-02-05 2017-01-14
UNDP New York, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA Intern Intern-International Financial Institutions - Partnerships and Resource Mobilization2017-02-05 2017-01-18
UNDP Dhaka, BANGLADESH P-5 UN Women: Country Representative2017-02-05 2017-01-18
UNDP New York, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA P-3 UN Women: Policy Specialist, Conflict Resolution2017-02-05 2017-01-18
UN ICTY THE HAGUE I-1 INTERN - Internship Office Coordinator - , Internship2017-02-06 2016-02-09
World Bank Washington, DC International Hire Lead Education Specialist - Quality Assurance & Results & Performance2017-02-06 2016-11-30
UNOG GENEVA P-4 Chief of Unit (Information Systems Officer) - Information and Telecommunication Technology, Information and Telecommunication Technology2017-02-06 2016-12-10
UN Int. Residual System THE HAGUE P-3 PUBLIC INFORMATION OFFICER (Digital Communications) - Public Information and Conference Management, Public Information2017-02-06 2016-12-10
UN DGACM NEW YORK P-4 Reviser / Verbatim Reporter, Russian (2 Posts) - Public Information and Conference Management, Language2017-02-06 2016-12-11
World Bank Washington, DC International Hire Senior Education Specialist – Quality Assurance2017-02-06 2016-12-23
FAO Santiago, Chile &nb General Service GLOBAL CALL FOR EXPRESSION OF INTEREST – RLC2017-02-06 2017-01-07
World Bank Sydney, Australia Local Hire Senior Environmental Engineer2017-02-06 2017-01-07
World Bank Beijing, China Local Hire Environmental Engineer2017-02-06 2017-01-07
UNDP Locations within sub-Saharan Africa Region and possibly other regional and global centers of UNDP International Consul Roster For Individual Consultants: Climate Change and Resilience2017-02-06 2017-01-10
World Bank Sydney, Australia Local Hire Social Development Specialist -Soc Safeguards and Sustainability Stand2017-02-06 2017-01-10
UN DPKO BANGUI D-1 CHIEF OF SERVICE, CONDUCT AND DISCIPLINE - Management and Administration, Administration2017-02-06 2017-01-10
UNDP Home based or Regional Service Centre for Africa (RSCA) International Consul Roster For Individual Consultants: Independent Evaluation2017-02-06 2017-01-11
UNDP Within Sub-Saharan Africa International Consul Roster For Individual Consultants: Communication2017-02-06 2017-01-11

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