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UNDP New York, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA Intern Internship with the Central Procurement Unit UNDP2019-05-02 2019-04-03
UNECE GENEVA P-4 ENVIRONMENTAL AFFAIRS OFFICER [Temporary] - Economic, Social and Development, Environmental Affairs2019-05-02 2019-04-05
WIPO Switzerland-CH-Geneva P4 Fixed Term Appointment Translator-Reviser, French Translation Section, Language Division, Administration and Management Sector2019-05-02 2019-04-06
WIPO Switzerland-CH-Geneva P4 Fixed Term Appointment Head, PCT eServices Unit, External Systems Development Section, PCT Information Systems Division, PCT Services Department, Patents and Technology Sector2019-05-02 2019-04-06
UNMC BOGOTA F-6 HUMAN RESOURCES OFFICER - Management and Administration, Human Resources2019-05-02 2019-04-08
UNICEF Senegal   Child Survival & Development Specialist NO-3, Kolda Field Office, Fixed Term (open for National of Senegal)2019-05-02 2019-04-12
UNDP Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea P4 * Chief Technical Specialist SF2019-05-02 2019-04-12
WHO Denmark-Copenhagen P2 Fixed-term appointment Technical Officer EIP2019-05-02 2019-04-12
WHO Egypt-Cairo P5 Fixed-term appointment Regional Adviser2019-05-02 2019-04-12
WHO Multiple locations Various grade levels External consultant Consultant - Health Systems Development, Service Delivery Systems, Human Resources for Health2019-05-02 2019-04-12
WHO Switzerland-Geneva P3 Temporary appointment under Staff Rule 420.4 Results Officer2019-05-02 2019-04-12
WHO China-Beijing NO-C Fixed-term appointment National Programme Officer2019-05-02 2019-04-12
WHO France-Lyons G4 Fixed-term appointment Project Assistant2019-05-02 2019-04-13
WHO India-New Delhi P5 Fixed-term appointment Technical Officer (Country Support and Coordination)2019-05-02 2019-04-13
UNDP Hanoi, Viet Nam SB4 * Communications Analyst - Governance and Participation Unit2019-05-02 2019-04-17
UNDP Home based with limited mission travel International Consul Framework Agreement for Global Programme Support Consultant2019-05-02 2019-04-17
UNICEF South Sudan ICS-11  Emergency Specialist, (P-4), Fixed-Term, Juba, South Sudan, #100619 (521528)2019-05-02 2019-04-18
UNDP Chisinau, MOLDOVA International Consul International consultant to conduct the review of the draft Methodological guidelines on the evaluation and mitigation of corruption and fraud risks within public entities of the Republic of Moldova2019-05-02 2019-04-18
UNDP Home-based International Consul Junior Consultant to provide Global Policy and Capacity Building Support (IRH)2019-05-02 2019-04-18
UNOPS Bamako, Mali IICA-3 Project Manager Project Management2019-05-02 2019-04-19
UNOPS Valencia, Spain G5 Information Systems Assistant – Drupal Developer IT2019-05-02 2019-04-19
UNICEF Senegal   Consultant International individuel :Analyse de la Situation sur les Soins Attentifs pour le Développement de la petite Enfance (Care for Child Development (CCD)) au Sénégal (avec un focus sur les 1002019-05-02 2019-04-19
UNICEF Lesotho ICS-09  Planning Officer, P-2 Temporary Appointment, Maseru - Lesotho2019-05-02 2019-04-19
UNICEF Kenya   Research Intern for UNICEF Eastern and Southern Africa Regional Office-Technical Assistance to Conducting Regional Qualitative assessment on Complementary Feeding Practices in Eastern & Southern Afric2019-05-02 2019-04-19
UNICEF Syrian Arab Rep   Role of Private Sector in Skills Development and Employment of Young people in Syria – National Consultant2019-05-02 2019-04-19
UNICEF India   Early Childhood Development Specialist, NO-C (Temporary Appointment), New Delhi - For Indian Nationals Only2019-05-02 2019-04-19
UNDP Baku, Azerbaijan SB3 * Project Manager2019-05-02 2019-04-19
UNDP Home based with missions to Kazakhstan International Consul Ref.2019-011_“International expert in the field of forest carbon projects”2019-05-02 2019-04-19
UNDP Maan, Karak, Tafileh, JORDAN Other Field Assistant2019-05-02 2019-04-19
UNDP Bujumbura, BURUNDI SB-3 Finance Assistant-SB3-Readvertizment2019-05-02 2019-04-19
UNDP Mukalla, Yemen SB2 * Radio Operations Assistant with UNDSS, Mukalla2019-05-02 2019-04-19
UNDP Copenhagen, Denmark G6 * Talent Management Associate, Employee Experience2019-05-02 2019-04-19
UNDP Copenhagen, Denmark G6 * Learning Associate, Leadership and People Management Development2019-05-02 2019-04-19
UNDP New York, United States P4 * Africa Accelerator Lab Network Specialist2019-05-02 2019-04-19
UNDP New York, United States P3 * Human Resources Specialist2019-05-02 2019-04-19
UNDP New York, United States P2 * Accelerator Lab Project Analyst2019-05-02 2019-04-19
UNAMI BAGHDAD P-5 SENIOR MISSION PLANNING OFFICER - Political, Peace and Humanitarian, Political Affairs2019-05-02 2019-04-19
UNDP Djibouti, Djibouti NOC * Fonctionnaire chargé de la coordination du développement, partenariats et financement du développement - administrateur recruté sur le plan national, classe C2019-05-02 2019-04-19
UNDP Baku, Azerbaijan SB3 * Monitoring Officer2019-05-02 2019-04-19
UNDP New York, United States P4 * Learning and Experience Designer (Network Results Systems Specialist)2019-05-02 2019-04-19
MINUSCA BANGUI P-3 AIR OPERATIONS OFFICER - Logistics, Transportation and Supply Chain, Transportation2019-05-02 2019-04-19
WHO Congo-Brazzaville G6 Fixed-term appointment ASSISTANT AUX FINANCES ET BUDGET2019-05-02 2019-04-19
UNOPS Geneva, Switzerland LICA-5 Travel Assistant - READVERTISED Administration2019-05-02 2019-04-20
UNICEF Egypt   Child Protection Specialist,NOC,Cairo,Egypt,post#00018133 - Fixed Term (Nationals only).2019-05-02 2019-04-20
UNICEF Burundi ICS-10  Quality Assurance Specialist, (P-3), Bujumbura, Burundi #1093262019-05-02 2019-04-20
UNICEF Pakistan   Data and Evidence Consultant to Support ADAP Technical Working Group Req. # 521532, (Only For Pakistan Nationals)2019-05-02 2019-04-20
UNWOMEN HQ-United States-New York G5 FTA-Local Administrative Assistant2019-05-03 2019-02-13
IAEA Austria, Vienna   Section Head (SG-Operations)(P5)2019-05-03 2019-03-24
IAEA Austria, Vienna   Senior Inspector for Coordination(P5)2019-05-03 2019-03-24

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