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UNICEF Niger   Spécialiste en Plaidoyer Politique, NOC, Niamey, Niger #112899 (Temporaire)2020-02-20 2020-02-07
UNICEF China   Consultancy - Infant and Young Child Feeding (IYCF), China, Beijing2020-03-01 2020-02-18
UNICEF Djibouti   Recrutement dun consultant international - Appui à lélaboration de la politique Nationale pour le Développement intégré du Jeune Enfant et son plan strategique de mise en oeuvre à Djibouti - Djibouti2020-03-01 2020-02-22
UNICEF Switzerland   Individual Contractor (home-based with travel): GNC Helpdesk on Coordination (11.5 months)2020-03-03 2020-02-19
UNDP Bangkok, Thailand P5 * Regional Digital Hub Manager, P-5 Asia, UNCDF2020-03-03 2020-02-19
UNICEF South Africa   TOR - Consultant - Analysing financing trends in the national and provincial health budgets 2020/21 (For South African Nationals ONLY)2020-03-06 2020-02-22
WHO Switzerland-Geneva P6 Fixed-term appointment Unit Head, Standards & Scientific Advice on Food Nutrition2020-03-12 2020-02-20
WIPO Switzerland-CH-Geneva P5 Fixed Term Appointment Head, Asian Languages Section 2, PCT Translation Division, PCT Services Department, Patents and Technology Sector2020-03-14 2020-02-18
UNOPS Panama City, Panama LICA-5 Human Resources Senior Assistant Human Resources2020-03-14 2020-02-29
UNDP Chisinau, Moldova, Republic of SB2 * Driver/Administrative Clerk - Sustainable and Resilient Communities through Women Empowerment Project - UNDP Moldova2020-03-15 2020-03-06
UNICEF Iraq   WASH Specialist, NO-3, Dohuk, Iraq, #112362 (open to Iraqi nationals only)2020-03-16 2020-03-04
UNICEF Sudan ICS-12  Chief Child Protection, P-5, Fixed Term, Khartoum Sudan.2020-03-18 2020-03-05
UNECE GENEVA G-4 Programme Management Assistant [Temporary] - Economic, Social and Development, Programme Management2020-03-19 2020-03-11
UNICEF South Africa   TOR – Consultant for analysing financing trends in the national and provincial education budgets 2020/21 (For South African Nationals ONLY)2020-03-20 2020-03-05
UNOPS Bangui ( Non Family Duty Station ), Central African Republic IICA-1 Programme Management Office (PRMO) - Senior Analyst Engineering | Partnerships2020-03-22 2020-03-03
UNICEF Paraguay   Social Policy Officer (Social Protection), (NO-1), Asuncion, Paraguay #001125592020-03-22 2020-03-10
UNICEF Paraguay   Social Policy Officer (Inclusion), (NO-2), Asunción, Paraguay #001125582020-03-22 2020-03-10
UNICEF Senegal   International Consultancy - C4D Knowledge mangement consultant, WCARO, Dakar Senegal2020-03-22 2020-03-13
UNOPS Djibouti, Djibouti LICA-3 Driver Administration2020-03-23 2020-03-10
UNICEF Suriname   National Consultancy: Development of amended or new laws on foster care, Paramaribo, Suriname2020-03-23 2020-03-10
UNICEF Somalia ICS-10  Health Specialist (Immunization), P3,Mogadishu, Somalia#1131342020-03-23 2020-03-10
UNICEF Zimbabwe   UNICEF Zimbabwe is inviting applications for an individual consultant to undertake a Comprehensive Assessment of Zimbabwe’s Civil Registration and Vital Statistics (CRVS) system and the development of2020-03-24 2020-03-12
UNDP Home-based International Consul Legal consultant - EVAW2020-03-25 2020-03-05
UNMISS JUBA P-3 TRAINING OFFICER - Management and Administration, Human Resources2020-03-25 2020-03-13
UNICEF United States   Consultancy - Fund Technical Specialist on Prevention and Response to Child Online Sexual Exploitation and Abuse (Child Online Safety Portfolio) , Global Partnership to End Violence Against Children, 2020-03-26 2020-02-26
UNICEF Rwanda   Individual Consultancy for Capacity Development for Learning Through Play - Supplies, 2 months, Kigali, Rwanda2020-03-26 2020-03-13
UNICEF Rwanda   Individual Consultancy to Support the Education Sector Working Group and Sector Coordination, Kigali, Rwanda, 7 months.2020-03-26 2020-03-13
UNICEF Rwanda   Technical assistance to the Rwanda Education Board to Support Teacher Data Visualization, Analysis and Usage , Kigali, Rwanda, 80 Working Days2020-03-26 2020-03-13
UNICEF South Sudan   Consultancy for Review and Documentation of UNICEF South Sudan Nutrition Programme on Analysis on Vitamin A Supplementation in South Sudan: Successes, Challenges and Opportunities2020-03-26 2020-03-13
UNICEF South Sudan   Consultancy for Review and Documentation of UNICEF South Sudan Nutrition Programme on Analysis of Trends of Child Nutrition Status (Stunting and Wasting) in South Sudan2020-03-26 2020-03-13
UNICEF South Sudan   Consultancy for Review and Documentation of UNICEF South Sudan Nutrition Programme on Trends of Infant and Young Child Feeding (IYCF) Practices in South Sudan2020-03-26 2020-03-13
UNMISS JUBA P-4 Gender Affairs Officer - Political, Peace and Humanitarian, Political Affairs2020-03-26 2020-03-13
UNDP Dakar, Senegal P4 * Programme Specialist, P4 BTCA (Corporate Payments Digitization)2020-03-27 2020-03-18
UN DOHUK P-4 Investigator [Temporary] - Management and Administration, Investigation2020-03-29 2020-03-16
UNICEF Fiji   International Technical Support to Design Communication Package for Early Childhood Development (ECD) in Kiribati, Solomon Islands and Vanuatu2020-03-29 2020-03-17
UNDP Home-based with travel to Vanuatu, Solomon Islands and Fiji International Consul Senior Advocacy Consultant – Electronic Know Your Client (eKYC) and Digital Credit History2020-03-29 2020-03-17
UNICEF Switzerland ICS-10:enbegin:ICS-1  Batch Recruitment: Communications Specialist (Coordinator of Global Cause Campaigns), P-3,(2 Posts)- # 87240 and # 20007, Private Fundraising and Partnerships, Geneva, Switzerland2020-03-30 2020-03-17
UNICEF South Sudan   Consultancy for Review and Documentation of UNICEF South Sudan Nutrition Programme on Management of Severe Acute Malnutrition in South Sudan: Successes; Challenges and Wayforward2020-03-30 2020-03-17
UN BAGHDAD P-3 Legal Officer [Temporary] - Legal, Legal Affairs2020-03-30 2020-03-17
UNDP Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia NOC * Finance Specialist (For Malaysian Nationals only)2020-03-30 2020-03-18
UNDP Ciudad de Panama, PANAMA International Consul Consultoría para asistente de programa y de comunicaciones como apoyo a la implementación de la iniciativa de ONU Mujeres de financiamiento innovador e inversiones con enfoque de género – Win Win2020-03-30 2020-03-20
UN BRINDISI D-1 CHIEF OF SERVICE,, SUPPLY CHAIN MANAGEMENT - Logistics, Transportation and Supply Chain, Logistics and Supply Chain2020-03-31 2020-03-03
UNDP Nouakchott, Mauritania NOD * Economiste National(e) Poste reservé exclusivement aux ressortissant(e)s Mauritaniens(iennes)2020-03-31 2020-03-10
UNOPS Kabul, Afghanistan IICA-3 Programme Manager Project Management | Programme Management2020-03-31 2020-03-12
UNOPS Bangui, Central African Republic LICA-6 Adjoint.e aux achats (réservé aux de la RCA) Procurement2020-03-31 2020-03-13
UNOPS Bangui, Central African Republic LICA Specialist-8 Ingénieur.e Senior en passation des marchés (réservé aux de la RCA) Engineering | Procurement2020-03-31 2020-03-13
UNDP Home-based and oPt, PALESTINIAN TERRITORIES International Consul Expression of Interest for Sawasya II Programme Experts Roster2020-03-31 2020-03-14
UNDP Chisinau, MOLDOVA International Consul International consultant on the application and enforcement of the „Revolving doors” regime by public authorities and the private sector2020-03-31 2020-03-17
UNOPS Valencia, Spain LICA Specialist-10 ICT Manager – ICT Infrastructure IT2020-03-31 2020-03-18
UNICEF United States   CONSULTANCY: Generation Unlimited Partnership Communication Specialist - Youth Engagement, DOC - NYHQ - 8 months assignment2020-03-31 2020-03-18

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