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UNOPS Bangui, Central African Republic IICA-3 Country Manager Leadership | Programme Management2019-03-05 2019-02-13
UNDP New York, United States P2 * JPO - Programme Analyst2019-03-05 2019-02-13
UNDP Dakar, Senegal P2 * JPO - Programme Analyst2019-03-05 2019-02-13
UNDP Addis Ababa, Ethiopia P2 * JPO - Programme Analyst2019-03-05 2019-02-14
UNDP Dakar, Senegal P2 * JPO - Programme Analyst2019-03-05 2019-02-14
UNICEF United States ICS-10  P3 Advocacy Specialist (Partnerships) - Fixed Term, Division of Communication, UNICEF NYHQ2019-03-05 2019-02-16
UNICEF Serbia   Child Protection Specialist, NO-3 (Serbian nationals only)2019-03-05 2019-02-19
UNDP Bangkok, THAILAND Intern Intern - Multimedia Communications2019-03-05 2019-02-19
UNDP Home Based with up to 2 missions ( of 8 days in total) in Albania, ALBANIA International Consul International Consultant to Develop a Resource Mobilization Strategy 2017-2021 for the United Nations in Albania2019-03-05 2019-02-19
UNCHS NAIROBI G-5 Programme Management Assistant - Economic, Social and Development, Programme Management2019-03-05 2019-02-19
UNOPS The Hague, Netherlands IICA-1 Consultant on Business Strategy IT | Programme Management2019-03-05 2019-02-20
UNOPS The Hague, Netherlands IICA-1 Consultant on Statistics IT2019-03-05 2019-02-20
UNOPS Baghdad, Iraq P3 Human Settlements Officer – Housing, Land and Property Rights Project Management2019-03-05 2019-02-20
UNOPS Erbil, Iraq P3 Programme Officer - Management Programme Management2019-03-05 2019-02-20
UNICEF Angola   New Consultancy Recruitment & Non-Staff Workflow2019-03-05 2019-02-20
UNICEF Albania   International consultant to strengthen the capacities of specialized law enforcement officials to combat online sexual exploitation and abuse of chidlren in Albania2019-03-05 2019-02-20
UNICEF Kenya   Health Officer (Immunization), NO-B, Temporary Appointment (364 days), Nairobi, Kenya #0001095832019-03-05 2019-02-20
UNICEF Georgia   Project Officer, NOA in Abkhazia, Georgia2019-03-05 2019-02-20
UNICEF Afghanistan   WASH Officer - NOA level, Temporary Appointment for 6 months (Only for Afghan Nationals) - based in Mazar/Afghanistan2019-03-05 2019-02-20
UNICEF Mongolia   National individual Consultancy for Project Coordinator - 21st Century Ger Initiative, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia2019-03-05 2019-02-20
UNICEF Haiti   Nutrition Specialist NOC, port-au-prince Haiti #51936 (Uniquement ouvert aux candidats de nationalite Haitienne)2019-03-05 2019-02-20
UNDP Brussels, Belgium P2 * Policy Analyst (Digital Finance) - (3 Positions in multiple locations Brussels, Dakar & Kampala)2019-03-05 2019-02-20
UNDP Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia P3 * Finance Specialist (Regional Services)2019-03-05 2019-02-20
UNDP Copenhagen, DENMARK National Consultant eTendering Support Consultant2019-03-05 2019-02-20
UNDP New York, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA P-5 Chief, UN System Affairs2019-03-05 2019-02-20
UNDP Bonn, Germany P3 * Human Resources Specialist (UN/OHR/GSPD/SPD/CCS)2019-03-05 2019-02-20
UNDP Conakry, GUINEA National Consultant Consultant National en Nutrition2019-03-06 2018-02-28
UN JSPF NEW YORK P-5 Senior Information Systems Officer - Information and Telecommunication Technology, Information Management Systems and Technology2019-03-06 2019-01-22
UNEP NAIROBI P-3 ADMINISTRATIVE OFFICER - Management and Administration, Administration2019-03-06 2019-01-22
UN OLA NEW YORK P-3 LEGAL OFFICER - Legal, Legal Affairs2019-03-06 2019-01-23
UNDP Banjul, Gambia NOB * Head of Solution Mapping2019-03-06 2019-02-05
UNDP Khartoum, Sudan NOB * Head of Experimentation2019-03-06 2019-02-05
UNICEF Switzerland   Consultant Roster: Graphic Designers, Private Fundraising & Partnerships Division (PFP), Geneva, Switzerland2019-03-06 2019-02-07
UN OCHA SANAA P-3 Humanitarian Affairs Officer, Pooled Fund Manager (2 posts) - Political, Peace and Humanitarian, Humanitarian Affairs2019-03-06 2019-02-07
WHO Benin-Cotonou NO-C Fixed-term appointment Technical Officer (Maternal & Child Health), NPO2019-03-06 2019-02-13
WHO Congo-Brazzaville P3 Temporary appointment under Staff Rule 420.4 Programme Officer2019-03-06 2019-02-13
WHO Ghana-Accra NO-C Temporary appointment under Staff Rule 420.4 NPO - Surveillance2019-03-06 2019-02-13
UNDP Cairo, EGYPT GS-6 Human Resources Associate - (For Egyptian Nationals Only)2019-03-06 2019-02-14
WHO Switzerland-Geneva P4 Temporary appointment under Staff Rule 420.4 Statistician2019-03-06 2019-02-14
WIPO Switzerland-CH-Geneva G4 Fixed Term Appointment Assistant, Global Challenges Division, Department for Traditional Knowledge and Global Challenges, Global Issues Sector2019-03-06 2019-02-14
UNICEF Uruguay ICS-04  Administrative Assistant, (GS-4), Montevideo, Uruguay (519961)2019-03-06 2019-02-16
UNDP Chisinau, MOLDOVA SB-3 Coordination Associate (Open to Moldova nationals only)2019-03-06 2019-02-20
UNDP Dili, Timor Leste National Consultant Individual National Consultant for Coordination Capacity Support2019-03-06 2019-02-20
UN Int. Residual System ARUSHA I-1 INTERN - Mechanism Archives and Records Section, Arusha [Temporary] -  , Internship2019-03-07 2018-05-07
UN Int. Residual System ARUSHA I-1 INTERN - MICT Library Arusha [Temporary] -  , Internship2019-03-07 2018-05-07
UNODC VIENNA D-1 Chief, Corruption and Economic Crime Branch - Economic, Social and Development, Drug Control and Crime Prevention2019-03-07 2019-01-23
UNECA ADDIS ABABA P-3 TRANSLATOR, FRENCH - Public Information and Conference Management, Language2019-03-07 2019-01-23
UNOG GENEVA P-3 Internal Communications Officer - Public Information and Conference Management, Public Information2019-03-07 2019-01-23
IAEA Austria, Vienna   Associate Coordination Officer(P3)2019-03-07 2019-01-25
UNDP Praia, Cape Verde NOB * Programme Analyst2019-03-07 2019-02-06

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