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UNDP Beirut, LEBANON International Consul International Evaluation Expert.2019-01-01 2018-12-06
WFP Mali Long term opportunities Finance Officer P2/NOB2019-01-01 2018-12-07
WFP Cameroon Long term opportunities Vulnerability Analysis & Mapping Officer (VAM) NOB2019-01-01 2018-12-11
UN OHCHR BANGKOK P-3 Human Rights Officer - Political, Peace and Humanitarian, Human Rights Affairs2019-01-02 2018-11-20
UN OHCHR MULTIPLE DUTY STATIONS P-3 Human Rights Officer (2 Posts) - Political, Peace and Humanitarian, Human Rights Affairs2019-01-02 2018-11-20
UNEP GENEVA P-4 PROGRAMME MANAGEMENT OFFICER - Economic, Social and Development, Programme Management2019-01-02 2018-11-20
UN DESA NEW YORK P-4 Economic Affairs Officer - Economic, Social and Development, Economic Affairs (and Sustainable Development)2019-01-02 2018-11-21
IAEA Austria, Vienna   Isotope Hydrologist(P4)2019-01-02 2018-11-23
UNOPS Kassala , Sudan LICA Specialist-10 Deputy Project Manager-Retainer Project Management2019-01-02 2018-11-27
UNDP Tulcán, ECUADOR National Consultant ONUMUJERES/ECU/PS/18-020 Asistente de monitoreo y sistematización Proyecto CERF “Mejorar el acceso a mecanismos de protección y salvamento para responder y prevenir la VBG, en particular el tráfico y 2019-01-02 2018-12-01
UNICEF Syrian Arab Rep   International Technical Support Consultant for the design and implementation of the Knowledge, Attitudes and Practices survey (KAP) in Syria2019-01-02 2018-12-05
WFP United Arab Emirates Short term opportunities Light Vehicle Fleet Specialist2019-01-02 2018-12-05
UNMC BOGOTA P-4 CHIEF OF UNIT, HUMAN RESOURCES MANAGEMENT - Management and Administration, Human Resources2019-01-02 2018-12-06
UNOG GENEVA P-3 HUMAN RESOURCES OFFICER - Management and Administration, Human Resources2019-01-02 2018-12-06
UN OCHA MOGADISHU P-3 Information Management Officer - Information and Telecommunication Technology, Information Management Systems and Technology2019-01-02 2018-12-06
IAEA Austria, Vienna   Director (OPIC)(D1)2019-01-03 2018-11-17
UN ESCAP BANGKOK P-5 Regional Adviser on Environment Statistics - Economic, Social and Development, Statistics2019-01-03 2018-11-21
UNOG GENEVA D-1 CHIEF, FINANCIAL RESOURCES MANAGEMENT SERVICE - Management and Administration, Finance2019-01-03 2018-11-21
IAEA Austria, Vienna   Medical Officer(P4)2019-01-03 2018-11-21
UN DSS NEW YORK D-1 Executive Officer - Management and Administration, Administration2019-01-03 2018-11-22
UN JSPF NEW YORK P-5 Chief of Payments Section - Management and Administration, Finance2019-01-03 2018-11-22
UN OLA NEW YORK P-4 Legal Officer - Legal, Legal Affairs2019-01-03 2018-11-22
UNOPS Tokyo, Japan IICA-1 Operations Officer Administration | Partnerships2019-01-03 2018-12-01
UNOPS Home based IICA-1 Operations Officer (retainer) Administration | Partnerships2019-01-03 2018-12-01
UNICEF Hungary ICS-05  Temporary Appointment of Human Resources Assistant (HR Operations), GS-5, Global Shared Services Centre, Budapest, Hungary2019-01-03 2018-12-07
IAEA Austria, Vienna   Team Assistant(G4)2019-01-03 2018-12-09
UNDP Geneva, SWITZERLAND Intern Intern - Support to the cross practice human rights policy development2019-01-04 2018-11-17
UNEP MANAMA P-4 Programme Managment Officer - Climate Change Regional Coordinator - Economic, Social and Development, Programme Management2019-01-04 2018-11-22
UNEP NAIROBI P-3 EVALUATION OFFICER - Management and Administration, Management and Analysis2019-01-04 2018-11-22
UNEP GENEVA P-2 Associate Programme Management Officer - Economic, Social and Development, Programme Management2019-01-04 2018-11-22
UNOG GENEVA P-3 ELECTRICAL ENGINEER - Logistics, Transportation and Supply Chain, Engineering2019-01-04 2018-11-22
UN Gl. Compact NEW YORK P-3 Programme Officer, Local Networks, Africa - Economic, Social and Development, Programme Management2019-01-04 2018-11-23
IAEA Austria, Vienna   Associate Project Analyst (NS)(P2)2019-01-04 2018-11-25
MINUSCA BANGUI P-5 SENIOR VICTIMS RIGHTS OFFICER - Political, Peace and Humanitarian, Human Rights Affairs2019-01-04 2018-12-07
UNICEF Hungary ICS-05  Call for interest for Finance Assistants, GS-5, Global Shared Services Centre, Budapest, Hungary2019-01-04 2018-12-08
UN ECLAC MEXICO CITY P-4 PROGRAMME MANAGEMENT OFFICER [Temporary] - Economic, Social and Development, Programme Management2019-01-04 2018-12-08
UNCTAD GENEVA I-1 UNCTAD INTERNSHIP in the Division for Africa, Least Developed Countries and Special Programmes (Office of the Director) [Temporary] -  , Internship2019-01-05 2018-11-10
WHO Multiple locations P3 Fixed-term appointment Human Resources Officer (SDL)2019-01-05 2018-12-08
WHO Switzerland-Geneva P4 Fixed-term appointment Epidemiologist2019-01-05 2018-12-08
WHO Switzerland-Geneva P3 Fixed-term appointment Technical Officer2019-01-05 2018-12-08
UN OHCHR GENEVA P-3 Human Rights Officer - Political, Peace and Humanitarian, Human Rights Affairs2019-01-05 2018-12-08
WFP Italy Long term opportunities Shipping Officer P3 (Operations)2019-01-05 2018-12-08
UNEP MONTREAL P-2 Associate Programme Management Officer - Economic, Social and Development, Programme Management2019-01-06 2018-11-24
UNFCCC Bonn, Germany N/A Intern (Internal Communication, Knowledge Management Unit, Administrative Services programme)2019-01-06 2018-12-06
UNOPS Geneva, Switzerland P4 Policy Dialogue Advisor Health | Programme Management2019-01-06 2018-12-07
UNOPS Bobo Dioulassou, , Burkina Faso IICA-2 Sub Regional Coordination Officer - West and Central Africa Administration | Health | Programme Management2019-01-06 2018-12-07
UNDP Port Louis, MAURITIUS International Consul Energy Economist for the GCF ‘Accelerating the Transformational Shift to a Low-Carbon Economy in the Republic of Mauritius – Component 1’ project2019-01-06 2018-12-07
UNDP Kampala, Uganda P4 * Technical Specialist, Digital Finance & Innovation2019-01-06 2018-12-08
UNOPS Home based IICA-3 Evaluation Specialist Programme Management2019-01-06 2018-12-11

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