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WHO Burundi-Bujumbura NO-B Fixed-term appointment Communication Officer2024-06-06 2024-05-24
WHO Cambodia-Phnom Penh NO-B Fixed-term appointment Technical Officer (Malaria Elimination), NO-B, Fixed-term, Phnom Penh, Cambodia2024-06-06 2024-05-24
WIPO Switzerland-CH-Geneva P3 Temporary Appointment Program Officer, RNDS Projects, Department for Development Cooperation, Regional and National Development Sector2024-06-06 2024-05-24
UNOPS Ciudad de Guatemala, Guatemala IICA-1 Oficial Sénior - Oficina de Gestión de Proyectos (Finanzas y QA) Project Management2024-06-06 2024-05-26
UNOPS New York, United States of America IICA-2 Programme Management Specialist (Strategic Coordination And Planning) Programme Management2024-06-06 2024-05-26
WHO Jordan-Amman  External consultant National consultant to provide technical expertise to integrate the Assistive Technology services in the Primary health care setting2024-06-06 2024-05-28
WHO United States-Washington, D.C. P2 Fixed-term appointment Technical Officer, Communications & Knowledge Management (RRF)2024-06-07 2024-05-18
WHO United States-Washington, D.C. P2 Fixed-term appointment Technical Officer, Revolving Fund for Access to Vaccines2024-06-07 2024-05-18
WHO Congo-Brazzaville P5 Fixed-term appointment Public Health Coordinator2024-06-07 2024-05-18
WHO China-Beijing P5 Fixed-term appointment Coordinator, Non-Communicable Diseases , Fixed-term, P5, Beijing, China2024-06-07 2024-05-18
WHO Bangladesh-Dhaka No grade Special Services Agreement (SSA) Program Officer – Neglected Tropical Diseases (NTDs) (Roster)2024-06-07 2024-05-18
WHO Kenya-Nairobi P5 Fixed-term appointment Deputy Head of WHO Country Office (CPCP)2024-06-07 2024-05-18
WHO Bosnia and Herzegovina-Sarajevo NO-B Fixed-term appointment Communications support Officer (CPCP)2024-06-07 2024-05-18
UNOPS Kathmandu, Nepal LICA Specialist-9 Monitoring and Evaluation Senior Officer Project Management | Programme Management2024-06-07 2024-05-22
WHO Jerusalem G7 Fixed-term appointment Senior Business Operations Associate (Information Technology) - PN 458457 (CPCP)2024-06-07 2024-05-24
WHO Iran, Islamic Republic of-Tehran G7 Fixed-term appointment Senior Business Operations Associate (Information Technology) - PN 458475 (CPCP)2024-06-07 2024-05-24
WHO Afghanistan-Kabul G5 Temporary appointment under Staff Rule 420.4 Finance Assistant2024-06-07 2024-05-24
WHO Sierra Leone-Freetown No grade Special Services Agreement (SSA) SECURITY ASSISTANT2024-06-07 2024-05-25
WHO Benin-Cotonou  Special Services Agreement (SSA) Data Manager - Riposte polio2024-06-07 2024-05-25
WHO Ukraine-Kyiv NO-B Temporary appointment under Staff Rule 420.4 Technical Officer (Immunization)2024-06-07 2024-05-25
WHO Pakistan-Islamabad P3 Fixed-term appointment Human Resources Officer2024-06-08 2024-05-17
WHO Uzbekistan-Tashkent NO-B Fixed-term appointment Health Emergency Support Officer (CPCP)2024-06-08 2024-05-18
UNOPS Tashkent, Uzbekistan IICA-1 Construction Management Engineer Engineering2024-06-08 2024-05-26
WHO Tunisia-Tunis NO-B Fixed-term appointment Public Health Support Officer (Epidemiology) (PN458344) (CPCP)2024-06-08 2024-05-26
WHO Tunisia-Tunis NO-C Fixed-term appointment Public Health Officer (Life Course) (PN458342) (CPCP)2024-06-08 2024-05-26
UNOPS Copenhagen, Denmark IICA-1 Carbon Market Programme Officer Climate | Programme Management2024-06-09 2024-05-16
UNOPS Yangon, Myanmar LICA Specialist-9 Programme Management Office Senior Officer (Grants and Contracts) Programme Management2024-06-09 2024-05-16
WHO Romania-Bucharest G5 Fixed-term appointment Programme Assistant (CPCP)2024-06-09 2024-05-18
WHO Congo-Brazzaville G6 Fixed-term appointment Finance and Administrative assistant2024-06-09 2024-05-19
WHO Gabon-Libreville G5 Fixed-term appointment Administrative Assistant2024-06-09 2024-05-19
WHO Lesotho-Maseru No grade Special Services Agreement (SSA) National Professional Officer/Non-Communicable Disease (SSA)2024-06-09 2024-05-21
WHO Congo-Brazzaville P5 Fixed-term appointment Administrative Services Officer2024-06-09 2024-05-21
UNOPS Multiple IICA-3 Partnerships Development Advisor (Infrastructure) Partnerships2024-06-09 2024-05-24
UNOPS Copenhagen, Denmark P3 Management Specialist Administration2024-06-09 2024-05-26
WHO Fiji-Suva  External consultant Consultant - Climate Change and Health Project in Kiribati and Fiji2024-06-09 2024-05-27
UNOPS Juba, South Sudan LICA-6 Supply Chain Management Associate (National Logistics Associate) - Internal Candidates Only Administration | Procurement2024-06-09 2024-05-28
WHO Afghanistan-Kabul P4 Fixed-term appointment Head, Communications2024-06-09 2024-05-28
WHO Congo, The Democratic Republic of the-Kinshasa P4 Fixed-term appointment Human Resources Officer2024-06-10 2024-05-14
WHO Turkmenistan-Ashgabat NO-C Fixed-term appointment Public Health Officer (Life course) (CPCP)2024-06-10 2024-05-18
UNOPS Tashkent, Uzbekistan P5 Country Manager (Internal Candidates Only) Leadership | Partnerships | Programme Management2024-06-10 2024-05-21
WHO Congo-Brazzaville P2 Fixed-term appointment Management and Coordination Officer2024-06-10 2024-05-21
WHO Timor-Leste-Dili P3 Fixed-term appointment Health Emergency Officer - CPCP2024-06-10 2024-05-22
UNOPS Tashkent, Uzbekistan LICA Specialist-8 Portfolio Officer Project Management | Partnerships2024-06-10 2024-05-26
WHO Pakistan-Islamabad G5 Fixed-term appointment HR Assistant2024-06-10 2024-05-27
UNOPS Kyiv , Ukraine LICA-3 Senior Driver Administration2024-06-10 2024-05-28
UNOPS Yangon, Myanmar LICA-6 Programme Management Associate (Internal Candidates Only) Programme Management2024-06-10 2024-05-28
UNOPS Kabul, Afghanistan LICA Specialist-10 Support Services Manager Administration | Finance | Human Resources | Procurement2024-06-10 2024-05-28
UNOPS Goma, Democratic Republic of the Congo IICA-1 Operation Senior Officer ( Associate Small Arms Senior Officer) Demining2024-06-10 2024-05-28
WHO Ukraine-Kyiv  External consultant National consultant: Evaluation Specialist2024-06-10 2024-05-28
WHO Anywhere  External consultant Consultant - Public Health Intelligence (PHI) Competency Framework and Training2024-06-10 2024-05-28

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