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UNICEF Dominican Rep.   Consultoría Institucional o Individual Diseño de un módulo interactivo para el INAIPI, República Dominicana2019-10-20 2019-10-05
UNDP Home-based International Consul Evaluation Consultant (5 positions) – Evaluation of UNDP’s Development Cooperation in Middle-income Countries2019-10-20 2019-10-05
UNDP Banjul, Gambia NOC * Operations Specialist2019-10-20 2019-10-05
UNOPS Baghdad, Iraq P4 Project Manager Project Management2019-10-20 2019-10-07
UNICEF Sudan   National Construction Engineer (2 positions) based in Khartoum and Kassala for 6 months2019-10-20 2019-10-07
UNICEF Jordan   Consultancy Title: National Migration Data Specialist, Jordan country Office, 4 months2019-10-20 2019-10-07
UNICEF Jordan   Consultancy Title: National consultant for strengthening and institutionalizing Early Detection-Early Intervention services for children with developmental disabilities in Jordan, Jordan Country Offic2019-10-20 2019-10-07
UNDP Damascus, Syrian Arab Republic NOA * Humanitarian Affairs Officer2019-10-20 2019-10-07
UNDP Aleppo, Syrian Arab Republic NOB * Hub Coordinator / Area Urban Planner2019-10-20 2019-10-07
UNDP Homs, Syrian Arab Republic NOB * Hub Coordinator / Area Urban Planner2019-10-20 2019-10-07
UNDP Dayr-az-Zawr, Syrian Arab Republic NOB * Hub Coordinator / Area Urban Planner2019-10-20 2019-10-07
UNDP Damascus, Syrian Arab Republic NOC * Hub Coordinator / Area Urban Planner2019-10-20 2019-10-07
UNOPS Ciudad de Guatemala, Guatemala IICA-1 Analista Senior en Gestión de Proyecto - Biomédico Engineering | Health2019-10-20 2019-10-08
UNICEF Thailand   Consultancy – Strengthening EAPRO and Country Office Knowledge Management Functions in WASH, UNICEF EAPRO, Bangkok, Thailand2019-10-20 2019-10-08
UNICEF Venezuela ICS-05  Administrative Assistant (General Administration), GS-5, Caracas, Venezuela, #1104932019-10-20 2019-10-09
UNICEF Venezuela ICS-05  Administrative Assistant (Ticketing), GS-5, Caracas, Venezuela, #1104922019-10-20 2019-10-09
UNDP Bissau, GUINEA-BISSAU International Consul Final Evaluation of the “Creating Conditions for Governance and Local Economic Development-LED” project in Guinea-Bissau - International Consultant2019-10-20 2019-10-09
UNDP CHINA International Consul International Evaluation Expert2019-10-20 2019-10-09
UN OCHA BANGUI P-3 Finance Officer/ Pooled Fund Manager (TJO) [Temporary] - Political, Peace and Humanitarian, Humanitarian Affairs2019-10-20 2019-10-09
UNICEF Brazil   Child Protection Project Manager, Individual Contract, Brasilia, Brazil2019-10-20 2019-10-11
UNDP Home-based, with 6 missions to Kazakhstan, Nur-Sultan, KAZAKHSTAN International Consul Ref. 2019-031-International Chief Technical Advisor on Renewable Energy2019-10-20 2019-10-11
UNDP Abuja, Nigeria NOC * National Programme Specialist for Strategic Policy and Inclusive Economic Growth (SPIEG)2019-10-20 2019-10-11
UNICEF Senegal   Recrutement dun Consultant pour lAnalyse de la Situation et Développement de Modèles sur les Approches intégrées, multisectorielle sur la Santé Communautaire à Kolda et Dakar, Sénégal et Pistes d’Acti2019-10-20 2019-10-12
UNICEF Lebanon   Programme Coordinator (Individual Contractor), NLG, Tripoli, 4 months2019-10-20 2019-10-12
UNDP Country Office, Putrajaya, MALAYSIA National Consultant Consultancy as Development Economist2019-10-20 2019-10-12
UNAMI KUWAIT F-5 FINANCE ASSISTANT - Management and Administration, Finance2019-10-20 2019-10-12
UNICEF Namibia   International Consultancy - Comprehensive Assessment of Menstrual Health Management (MHM) knowledge and practices in Namibia2019-10-20 2019-10-13
UNDP Baghdad, Iraq NOC * Development Coordination Officer /Economist2019-10-20 2019-10-14
UNICEF Egypt ICS-05  Administrative Assistant, GS5, Cairo, Egypt, Post #104638 (Fixed Term - Nationals only).2019-10-20 2019-10-15
UNICEF Zambia, Zimbabwe   Humanitarian Action Coordination Consultancy, (6 Months) Lusaka Zambia2019-10-20 2019-10-15
UNICEF Congo, Dem. Rep ICS-10  Programme Specialist (Capacity building/M&E), P3, BENI, TA 3 Months- Ebola Response -DRC2019-10-20 2019-10-16
UN CTC NEW YORK P-4 Programme Management Officer (Temporary Job Opening) [Temporary] - Economic, Social and Development, Programme Management2019-10-20 2019-10-16
UN CTC NEW YORK P-4 LEGAL OFFICER (Temporary Job Opening) [Temporary] - Legal, Legal Affairs2019-10-20 2019-10-16
UN CTC NEW YORK P-3 POLITICAL AFFAIRS OFFICER (Temporary Job Opening) [Temporary] - Political, Peace and Humanitarian, Political Affairs2019-10-20 2019-10-16
UN CTC NEW YORK P-3 POLITICAL AFFAIRS OFFICER (Temporary Job Opening) [Temporary] - Political, Peace and Humanitarian, Political Affairs2019-10-20 2019-10-16
UN CTC NEW YORK P-2 Associate Programme Management Officer (Temporary Job Opening) [Temporary] - Economic, Social and Development, Programme Management2019-10-20 2019-10-16
UNDP Nouakchott, Mauritania SB4 * Spécialiste en Paix et Développement2019-10-20 2019-10-17
UNDP 50 days offsite and 20 days onsite in Bonn, GERMANY International Consul Salesforce Expert (Framework Agreement)2019-10-20 2019-10-17
UNOV VIENNA G-5 Human Resources Assistant - Temporary [Temporary] - Management and Administration, Human Resources2019-10-20 2019-10-18
UNDP HQ New York, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA Intern Internship with the Central Procurement Unit UNDP2019-10-21 2019-09-17
UNICEF Switzerland   Consultancy (11.5 months): Fundraising Specialist - Key Markets Support , Individual Giving, Division of Private Fundraising and Partnerships (PFP)2019-10-21 2019-09-24
UNICEF Switzerland ICS-10:enbegin:ICS-1  Temporary Appointment (364 days): Fund Raising Specialist (Individual Giving), P-3, # 109532,PFP,Geneva, Switzerland2019-10-21 2019-09-26
UNDP Homebased International Consul Home based Consultant, SCE Learning Portal2019-10-21 2019-09-27
WHO Egypt-Cairo G6 Fixed-term appointment Assistant (Editorial)2019-10-21 2019-10-01
WHO Malaysia-Kuala Lumpur P4 Fixed-term appointment Global Payroll Manager2019-10-21 2019-10-01
UNDP Homebased with at least 5 (five) missions to Chisinau (Moldova) International Consul International Consultant in Intelligent Transport Systems2019-10-21 2019-10-04
UNOPS San Jose, Costa Rica IICA-2 Gerente de Proyectos Project Management2019-10-21 2019-10-05
UNICEF Pap. New Guinea ICS-10  Communication for Development Specialist (P3) TA, Port Moresby, Pap. New Guinea #1116172019-10-21 2019-10-05
UNDP Libreville, Gabon SB3 * Assistant Administratif et financier de programme2019-10-21 2019-10-05
UNDP Brazzaville, Congo SB4 * Analyste en Paix et Développement2019-10-21 2019-10-07

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