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FAO Rome/Italy &nb Consultant Veterinary Epidemiologist2017-10-20 2017-10-07
FAO Rome/Italy &nb Consultant Veterinary Epidemiologist2017-10-20 2017-10-07
FAO Kabul, Afghanistan &nb Consultant International Consultant (Laboratory Specialist / Technician)2017-10-20 2017-10-07
FAO Rome, Italy &nb Consultant Forced Migration and Protracted Crises Expert2017-10-20 2017-10-07
FAO Kabul, Afghanistan &nb Consultant International Consultant (Team Leader)2017-10-20 2017-10-07
FAO Kabul, Afghanistan &nb Consultant International Consultant (Irrigation Design Engineer)2017-10-20 2017-10-07
FAO Kabul, Afghanistan &nb Consultant International Consultant (Resilience Humanitarian Policy Officer / Expert)2017-10-20 2017-10-07
FAO Cairo, Egypt &nb Consultant International Consultant (GIS / LRIMS) Expert2017-10-20 2017-10-07
UNDP Colombo, SRI LANKA Intern Internship GEF-SGP2017-10-20 2017-10-07
UNDP Asmara, Eritrea G7 * Human Resources Associate2017-10-20 2017-10-07
UNDP Bujumbura, Burundi SB3 * Data Base Assistant - UN OCHA Burundi2017-10-20 2017-10-07
UN OHCHR GENEVA P-4 Programme Management Officer [Temporary] - Economic, Social and Development, Programme Management2017-10-20 2017-10-07
IAEA Austria, Vienna   Internship - Management Solutions Unit (MTIT)2017-10-20 2017-10-08
UNDP Home-based, INDONESIA National Consultant Expert on Facilitation of GHG Emission Profiling in Energy-Intensive Industry Sector2017-10-20 2017-10-10
UNDP Accra, GHANA Intern Intern-Donor Scooping Study2017-10-20 2017-10-11
UNDP New York Intern Private Sector Intern2017-10-20 2017-10-11
FAO Rome, Italy &nb Consultant Digital Communication Specialist2017-10-20 2017-10-11
UNDP Ziguinchor, Senegal GP * Community Develop Off/PRGTE2017-10-20 2017-10-12
UN DPI CAIRO P-4 Public Information Officer (Temporary) [Temporary] - Public Information and Conference Management, Public Information2017-10-20 2017-10-12
UNOPS Addis Ababa, Ethiopia LICA-5 Program Assistant Administration | Project Management2017-10-20 2017-10-13
UNOPS Erbil , Iraq TA - NOB Humanitarian Affairs Officer Administration2017-10-20 2017-10-13
UNOPS New York, United States of America IICA-1 Communications Analyst Communications2017-10-20 2017-10-13
UNDP Manila, PHILIPPINES National Consultant Lead National Assessor2017-10-20 2017-10-13
UNDP Home - Based, INDIA National Consultant Consultant to Conduct a Viability Study of Local Products in Assam - Ending Violence Against Women (Open to Indian Nationals Only)2017-10-20 2017-10-13
UNDP Home - Based, INDIA National Consultant Consultant for Policy Review of Employment Practices - Ending Violence Against Women (Open to Indian Nationals Only)2017-10-20 2017-10-13
UNDP Bonn, GERMANY Intern Internship in the Administration Unit (Operations Section)2017-10-20 2017-10-13
UNDP Libreville et fréquents déplacements dans le pays, GABON SB-4 Expert National en Socio-économie, Loi et Finance environnementales2017-10-20 2017-10-14
UNDP Bamako, MALI National Consultant Spécialiste en développement institutionnel, Chef d’équipe2017-10-20 2017-10-14
UNDP Bamako, MALI National Consultant Spécialiste en management de projets de développement2017-10-20 2017-10-14
UN OHCHR GENEVA P-3 Information Systems Officer [Temporary] - Public Information and Conference Management, Public Information2017-10-20 2017-10-14
UN DPA NEW YORK P-3 POLITICAL AFFAIRS OFFICER [Temporary] - Political, Peace and Humanitarian, Political Affairs2017-10-20 2017-10-15
UN DSS NEW YORK D-2 Director, Division of Regional Operations - Internal Security and Safety, Security2017-10-21 2017-09-09
UN DPI NEW YORK P-3 Public Information Officer (English) - Public Information and Conference Management, Public Information2017-10-21 2017-09-09
UNOPS El Fasher , Sudan LICA Specialist-9 Project Engineer Engineering2017-10-21 2017-09-14
UNDP Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia SB2 * Project Assistant2017-10-21 2017-10-04
UNDP Dhaka, BANGLADESH International Consul International Consultant – Project Coordinator (Financial Inclusion Project in partnership with Bangladesh Private Sector, Innovation Hub)2017-10-21 2017-10-06
UNDP Kinshasa, Congo, The Democratic Republic GP * Animateur Rural2017-10-21 2017-10-07
UNDP Bissau, Guinea-Bissau G7 * Finance Associate2017-10-21 2017-10-07
UNDP Istanbul, TURKEY Intern Internship on Programme Management Support2017-10-21 2017-10-07
UN NEW YORK G-5 Administrative Assistant - Management and Administration, Administration2017-10-21 2017-10-07
IAEA Austria, Vienna   Consultant - Control of radiation Sources Unit2017-10-21 2017-10-08
UNDP Colombo and Homebased, SRI LANKA International Consul International Technical Consultant - Victim and Witness Protection2017-10-21 2017-10-13
UNDP Colombo, SRI LANKA International Consul International Consultant for Terminal Evaluation2017-10-21 2017-10-13
UNDP Manila, PHILIPPINES National Consultant Project Officer (PRIME)2017-10-21 2017-10-14
UNDP Dili, East Timor G6 * Finance Associate2017-10-21 2017-10-14
FAO Antananarivo, Madagascar &nb Consultant Consultant en appui à la formulation de programme2017-10-21 2017-10-15
UN ESCAP BANGKOK D-1 Director, Statistics Division - Economic, Social and Development, Statistics2017-10-22 2017-09-09
UN DPKO NEW YORK P-4 UN Police Planning Officer (Programme Officer ) - Management and Administration, Management and Analysis2017-10-22 2017-09-10
FAO Bamako, Mali &nb Consultant Expert international en appui institutionnel2017-10-22 2017-09-23
UNDP Sarajevo, BOSNIA AND HERZEGOVINA International Consul International consultant to draft and prepare for publication the Gender Brief for Bosnia and Herzegovina2017-10-22 2017-10-06

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