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UNOPS Mutare , Zimbabwe IICA-1 Junior Civil Engineer (Internal advertisement) Engineering2020-04-06 2020-03-21
UNDP Kingston, JAMAICA Intern Internship2020-04-06 2020-03-21
UNDP Kingston, JAMAICA Intern Internship2020-04-06 2020-03-21
UNDP Kingston, JAMAICA Intern Internship2020-04-06 2020-03-21
UNDP New York, United States P4 * ICT Audit Specialist (this post is open to internal applicants only)2020-04-06 2020-03-21
UNICEF Bangladesh   National Consultant - Research Officer, Dhaka, Bangladesh (Only for Bangladeshi)2020-04-06 2020-03-23
UNICEF South Sudan   Consultancy Rapid Response Mechanism (Open to South Sudanese Only)2020-04-06 2020-03-24
UNICEF Uzbekistan   Supply Officer (Health), (NO-2), Tashkent, Uzbekistan, #112219 (Open to Uzbekistan nationals only)2020-04-06 2020-03-24
UNDP Home based with four missions to Tbilisi, GEORGIA International Consul Consultant in Common Assessment Framework (CAF)2020-04-06 2020-03-24
UNDP Beirut, LEBANON National Consultant National Dialogue Facilitator and Strategic Communication Advisor.2020-04-06 2020-03-24
UNU Sri Lanka  Consultant (CTC) Offsite Research Assistant — Migrant Worker Recruitment Project (Sri Lanka)2020-04-06 2020-03-24
UNU Manilla  Consultant (CTC) Offsite Research Assistant — Migrant Worker Recruitment Project (Philippines)2020-04-06 2020-03-24
UNU Kuala Lumpur  Consultant (CTC) Offsite Research Assistant — Migrant Worker Recruitment Project (Malaysia)2020-04-06 2020-03-24
UNU Nepal  Consultant (CTC) Offsite Research Assistant — Migrant Worker Recruitment Project (Nepal)2020-04-06 2020-03-24
UNDP Dayr-az-Zawr, Syrian Arab Republic G6 * UNDSS - Local Security Assistant2020-04-06 2020-03-24
UNDP Banjul, Gambia SB3 * Administration Support2020-04-06 2020-03-24
UNOPS Addis Ababa, Ethiopia LICA Specialist-10 Procurement Specialist Procurement2020-04-06 2020-03-25
UNDP Abuja, NIGERIA National Consultant Consultancy on Legal Drafter (Benue and Nasarawa States)2020-04-06 2020-03-25
UNDP Mukalla, Yemen G5 * Local Security Assistant2020-04-06 2020-03-25
UNDP Bissau, Guinea-Bissau P3 * Project Manager2020-04-06 2020-03-25
UNDP Banjul, Gambia P5 * Transitional Justice Advisor2020-04-06 2020-03-25
UNU Hong Kong  Consultant (CTC) Offsite Research Assistant – Migrant Worker Recruitment Project (Hong Kong)2020-04-06 2020-03-25
UNDP Honiara, SOLOMON ISLANDS National Consultant (Re-Advertisement) National Consultant – To support the facilitation of preparatory sessions and the review of the draft Traditional Governance Bill in the Solomon Islands - Honiara, SOLOMON ISLANDS2020-04-06 2020-03-27
UNDP Dili, Timor Leste International Consul International Consultant – Safe Cities (Dili and Baucau) Implementation2020-04-06 2020-03-27
UNDP Bishkek, KYRGYZSTAN SB-3 Programme Assistant Spotlight Initiative (S5) (Open to Kyrgyzstan Nationals Only)2020-04-06 2020-03-27
UNDP Labé, Guinea P3 * Conseiller(ère) technique principal(e)/ (CTP) du Projet « Gestion intégrée des ressources naturelles dans le paysage du Bafing-Falémé »2020-04-06 2020-03-28
UNICEF Bangladesh   Re-advertisement - National consultant (Early Childhood Development (ECD) and Nurturing Care) Coxs Bazar, Bangladesh (Only for Bangladeshi)2020-04-06 2020-03-30
UNDP Home-based (with expected travel within Nigeria), NIGERIA National Consultant PVE Expert Consultancy2020-04-06 2020-03-31
UNDP New York, United States G6 * Fund Portfolio Associate2020-04-06 2020-03-31
UNICEF Colombia   Consultoría Educación: Apoyo a la implementación de estrategias para el desarrollo de niñas y niños migrantes en primera infancia que transitan por Colombia.2020-04-06 2020-04-01
UNICEF Nepal   Individual Contractor - Gender/GBV Specialist, UNICEF Regional Office for South Asia2020-04-06 2020-04-01
UNDP Home based International Consul Consultant, Ending Violence against Women and Girls, Harmful Practices2020-04-06 2020-04-01
UN DMSPC NEW YORK G-5 Management and Programme Analysis Assistant (Temporary Job Opening) [Temporary] - Management and Administration, Management and Analysis2020-04-06 2020-04-01
UN OCHA MOGADISCIO P-4 Administrative Officer - Management and Administration, Administration2020-04-07 2020-03-10
UNOPS Bamako, Mali IICA-3 Programme Management Advisor [Security Research Analyst] Security2020-04-07 2020-03-11
UNICEF United States   Administration and Events Consultant, Sanitation and Water for All Secretariat - NYHQ, USA2020-04-07 2020-03-18
UNICEF United States   Administration and Events Consultant, Sanitation and Water for All Secretariat - Geneva, UNICEF HQ2020-04-07 2020-03-18
UNDP Amman, Jordan P4 * Rule of Law, Security and Human Rights Specialist2020-04-07 2020-03-18
UNDP Dakar, Senegal P4 * Rule of Law and Human Rights Specialist2020-04-07 2020-03-18
WHO Switzerland-Geneva P5 Fixed-term appointment Executive Officer2020-04-07 2020-03-18
WHO Indonesia-Jakarta NO-A Fixed-term appointment National Professional Officer (Planning)2020-04-07 2020-03-19
WHO Burundi-Bujumbura No grade External consultant Consultant Juridique2020-04-07 2020-03-19
WHO Bangladesh-Dhaka P3 Temporary appointment under Staff Rule 420.4 Public Health Officer2020-04-07 2020-03-19
WHO Cameroon-Yaounde No grade Intern Stagiaire IT2020-04-07 2020-03-19
UN OCHA MULTIPLE DUTY STATIONS D-1 Head of Office, Humanitarian Affairs (Multiple duty stations) [Temporary] - Political, Peace and Humanitarian, Humanitarian Affairs2020-04-07 2020-03-19
UNDP Home-based International Consul Research analyst to support conceptualization of the Sub Regional Human Development Report: Horn of Africa2020-04-07 2020-03-24
UNDP Beirut, LEBANON National Consultant National Data Management Expert.2020-04-07 2020-03-24
UNDP Home-based with travel International Consul International Consultant for the City Experiment Fund (IRH)2020-04-07 2020-03-24
UNDP New York, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA International Consul Digital Transformation Partnerships Manager2020-04-07 2020-03-24
UNOPS Hodeidah, Yemen P3 Field Security Advisor Security2020-04-07 2020-03-25

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