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UNICEF Tanzania,Uni.Re ICS-11  Chief Field Office, P4, Zanzibar, Tanzania #10641 (Regular Recruitment) - Readvertisement2018-08-23 2018-08-10
UNICEF Tajikistan ICS-11  Deputy Representative, (P-4), Dushanbe, Tajikistan2018-08-23 2018-08-10
UNICEF Bangladesh   Health Officer (FT; NO-B; Barisal); Only for Bangladeshi2018-08-23 2018-08-10
UNDP Mogadiscio, Somalia SB4 * Administrative and Finance Officer (Inclusive Politics)2018-08-23 2018-08-10
UNICEF Tanzania,Uni.Re   Logistic Officer, (NOB),Dar es Salaam, Tanzania (Temporary Appointmnet 364 days)2018-08-23 2018-08-10
UNDP Damascus, Syrian Arab Republic NOC * Oversight Specialist2018-08-23 2018-08-10
UNDP Istanbul, TURKEY Intern Programme Intern (3 intern positions)2018-08-23 2018-08-10
UNDP Khartoum, Sudan G7 * Procurement Associate (Re-advertisement)2018-08-23 2018-08-10
UN OCHA KINSHASA D-1 Head of Office, Humanitarian Affairs - Political, Peace and Humanitarian, Humanitarian Affairs2018-08-23 2018-08-10
WFP Kenya Short term opportunities Communications Consultant2018-08-23 2018-08-10
WFP Iraq Long term opportunities National Programme Policy Office- (Cash Based Transfers) - Erbil, Iraq - WFP/IRQ/2018/402018-08-23 2018-08-10
UNOPS Geneva, Switzerland IICA-1 Advocacy and Resource Mobilisation Associate Programme Management2018-08-23 2018-08-11
UNFPA Beijing, China ICS-06  NATIONAL POST, Finance Associate, Beijing, China CO, G62018-08-23 2018-08-11
UNFPA Beijing, China   NATIONAL POST, Programme Specialist, SRHR, Beijing, China CO, NOC2018-08-23 2018-08-11
UNICEF United States   Consultancy - WebXR Technical Adviser, Office of Innovation, New York, 41 days over 6 months (October 2018 - April 2019)2018-08-23 2018-08-11
UNICEF Switzerland   Consultancy - Child Protection Consultant to develop guidance paper on deinstitutionalization of children with disabilities in Europe and Central Asia, Geneva, Switzerland2018-08-23 2018-08-11
UNICEF Sri Lanka   Consultant to conduct a baseline assessment on private sector engagement related to protection of children.2018-08-23 2018-08-11
UNICEF Thailand   Consultancy - Programme Assistant (6 - 11 month assignment), UNICEF EAP Regional Office, Bangkok, Thailand2018-08-23 2018-08-11
FAO Chile, Santiago P2 Professional Policy Officer (Indigenous People And Social Inclusion)2018-08-23 2018-08-11
UNDP Bangkok, THAILAND Intern Intern - Partnership and Resource Mobilization2018-08-23 2018-08-11
UNDP Panama City, PANAMA GS-7 Finance Associate2018-08-23 2018-08-11
UN OIOS NEW YORK P-4 Evaluation Officer [Temporary] - Management and Administration, Management and Analysis2018-08-23 2018-08-11
UN OLA NEW YORK P-4 Legal Officer (Temporary Job Opening) [Temporary] - Legal, Legal Affairs2018-08-23 2018-08-12
UNICEF Rwanda   Finance Specialist, (NO-3), Kigali, Rwanda #10342 (For Rwanda Nationals Only)2018-08-23 2018-08-14
UNDP UN Women Palestine Country Office, PALESTINIAN TERRITORIES National Consultant Re-advertisment Joint Programme Manager,“Haya: Eliminating Violence Against Women in the West Bank and Gaza”2018-08-23 2018-08-15
UNOPS Copenhagen, Denmark LICA-4 Human Resources Assistant Human Resources2018-08-23 2018-08-17
UNICEF Lebanon   NOA, Programme Officer (Operational), Temporary Appointment up to 6 months2018-08-23 2018-08-17
UNDP Bangkok, Thailand SB3 * Information Assistant2018-08-23 2018-08-17
UNICEF Nigeria ICS-10  Re-advertisement: Human Resources Specialist, P-3, Maiduguri, Nigeria2018-08-23 2018-08-18
UNICEF Switzerland   Consultancy: (Part-time) Partnerships & Communications Specialist, Financial Innovation Lab, Global Philanthropy, PFP, Geneva, Switzerland2018-08-23 2018-08-18
UNDP Kampala, UGANDA National Consultant Consultant To Update Capacity Building Program Of Gender Statistics For UBOS/MDAs/CSOs (Ugandan Nationals Only).2018-08-23 2018-08-18
UNDP Kampala, UGANDA National Consultant National Consultant to Update the National Priority Gender Equality Indicators (Uganda Nationals Only).2018-08-23 2018-08-18
UNDP Kampala, UGANDA National Consultant Consultant to Conduct in-depth Gender Analysis and Policy briefs from the Sample Surveys of UBOS (UNPS/UDHS/UNHS)2018-08-23 2018-08-18
UNDP Sanaa, YEMEN SB-3 Administrative Assistant - Yemeni Nationals Only2018-08-23 2018-08-18
UNCTAD NOUAKCHOTT P-3 PROGRAMME MANAGEMENT OFFICER (Customs Expert) TEMPORARY JOB OPENING [Temporary] - Economic, Social and Development, Programme Management2018-08-23 2018-08-18
UNCTAD GENEVA P-2 ASSOCIATE STATISTICIAN (TEMPORARY JOB OPENING) [Temporary] - Economic, Social and Development, Statistics2018-08-23 2018-08-18
UN DFS NEW YORK P-3 ADMINISTRATIVE OFFICER [Temporary] - Management and Administration, Administration2018-08-23 2018-08-19
UNEP MONTREAL P-3 PROGRAMME MANAGEMENT OFFICER - Economic, Social and Development, Programme Management2018-08-24 2018-07-12
UNEP BONN P-2 ASSOCIATE COORDINATION OFFICER - Economic, Social and Development, Programme Management2018-08-24 2018-07-12
UN OHCHR GENEVA P-3 HUMAN RIGHTS OFFICER - Political, Peace and Humanitarian, Human Rights Affairs2018-08-24 2018-07-13
UNU New York  Personal Services Agreement (PSA) Project Manager – Delta 8.72018-08-24 2018-07-14
IAEA Austria, Vienna   Programme Management Officer(P3)2018-08-24 2018-07-15
UNU Tokyo  Personnel Service Agreement (PSA) Communications Assistant2018-08-24 2018-07-18
UNICEF Cambodia   Internaional Intern, Evaluation Section, Phnom Penh, Cambodia2018-08-24 2018-07-26
UNCHS BAGHDAD P-5 Senior Technical Adviser - Economic, Social and Development, Economic Affairs (and Sustainable Development)2018-08-24 2018-07-27
UNU Putrajaya  NO-A Human Resources Officer2018-08-24 2018-07-28
UNFPA Majuro, Republic of Marshall Islands   NATIONAL POST: Programme Specialist, UN Coordination, Majuro, Republic of Marshall Islands, Pacific Sub Regional Office, NOC2018-08-24 2018-08-01
UNDP Dakar, SENEGAL GS-7 Programme Finance Associate (open to Senegalese nationals & residents only)2018-08-24 2018-08-03
UNFPA Suva, Fiji ICS-09  Operations Quality Assurance Analyst, Suva, Fiji, Pacific and Sub-Regional Office, P-22018-08-24 2018-08-04
UNICEF Maldives   International Consultancy to develop Adolescent Health Development Training Package on HIV/AIDS prevention in Maldives2018-08-24 2018-08-09

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