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UNCHS SANAA P-5 Senior Programme Officer, Human Settlements - Logistics, Transportation and Supply Chain, Human Settlements2020-07-07 2020-06-10
WHO India-New Delhi P4 Fixed-term appointment Technical Officer (Medical Products Regulation)2020-07-07 2020-06-17
UNDP Home Based International Consul Consultant for a critical analysis of enabling environments for volunteerism2020-07-07 2020-06-18
WHO India-New Delhi G4 Fixed-term appointment Team Assistant2020-07-07 2020-06-18
UNDP home based International Consul Consultant – Resilience and Climate-related Budget Analysis2020-07-07 2020-06-23
UNDP Dakar, SENEGAL National Consultant Consultant(e) national(e) pour le diagnostic institutionnel et organisationnel sur l’opportunité et la capacité du Ministère de la Femme, de la Famille, du Genre et de la Protection des Enfants de dis2020-07-07 2020-06-23
UNOPS Rabat, Morocco LICA Specialist-10 Spécialiste du développement de capacités - Curricula de formation. Human Resources2020-07-07 2020-06-24
UNICEF Ecuador   Programme Officer NOA, TA, ( 6 months) ,Quito, Ecuador2020-07-07 2020-06-24
UNICEF Mozambique   Temporary Appointment Education Specialist, NO-C, For 364 Days, Beira, Mozambique (Applicable to Mozambican Nationals Only)2020-07-07 2020-06-24
UNICEF Denmark   Consultancy: Corporate Partnerships & Donor Relations Officer, Strategy, Change and Country Support Centre, Supply Division, Cph2020-07-07 2020-06-24
UNICEF Nigeria   National Consultant to support the production of monetary child poverty report in Nigeria2020-07-07 2020-06-24
UNICEF Nigeria   National Individual Contractor Social Protection Specialist2020-07-07 2020-06-24
UNICEF Nigeria   National Consultants to support to 9 States for the Realization of Rights-Based, Equity-Focused and Gender-Sensitive Situation Analysis (SitAn) of Children (one consultant per state)2020-07-07 2020-06-24
UNDP MARSHALL ISLANDS International Consul Structural Engineer2020-07-07 2020-06-24
UNDP Suva, FIJI National Consultant RESPAC Programme Specialist ( Fijian Nationals Only)2020-07-07 2020-06-24
UNDP Bamako, MALI National Consultant Recrutement de deux (2) Consultants Nationaux pour renforcer les capacités des décideurs gouvernementaux y compris les élus à tous les niveaux sur l’intégration de la lutte contre les violences basées2020-07-07 2020-06-24
UNDP Bamako, MALI National Consultant Recrutement d’un(e) consultants (e) national (e) pour renforcer les connaissances et capacités des hauts fonctionnaires et des défenseurs des droits des femmes sur la budgétisation sensible au genre (2020-07-07 2020-06-24
UNDP Tirana, ALBANIA SB-4 Communications Officer2020-07-07 2020-06-24
UNDP Home-Based, Jakarta, INDONESIA National Consultant IC/UNDP/UNODC/046/2020 Consultant to Support upgrade software of database management system for drug treatment provider to version 3.02020-07-07 2020-06-24
UNDP Tunis, Tunisia G5 * Finance Assistant - 2 candidates will be selected - For Tunisian Nationals only2020-07-07 2020-06-24
UNDP Windhoek, Namibia SB3 * Communications Associate2020-07-07 2020-06-24
UNICEF Thailand   Consultancy: Regional Climate Resilience Programme Support, UNICEF EAPRO, Bangkok, Thailand2020-07-07 2020-06-25
UNICEF Timor-Leste   International Consultant to conduct an institutional capacity assessment2020-07-07 2020-06-25
UNICEF United States   Consultancy: Evaluator, Case Study Researcher - Civil Registration and Vital Statistics Systems (CRVS) Summative Evaluation, Evaluation Office, NYHQ, 4.5 months2020-07-07 2020-06-25
UNICEF United States   Consultancy: Senior Evaluator - Civil Registration and Vital Statistics Systems (CRVS) Summative Evaluation, Evaluation Office, NYHQ, 6.5 months2020-07-07 2020-06-25
UNDP Home based assignment, INDIA National Consultant Individual Consultant – NGO & Academia report2020-07-07 2020-06-25
UNDP Home based (during COVID19 telecommuting arrangements) and office based in New York HQ International Consul Community of Practice Facilitator, Gender and Governance, UNDP’s Global Policy Network2020-07-07 2020-06-25
UNICEF Kazakhstan   Consultant for prevention of sexual exploitation and abuse, Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan2020-07-07 2020-06-26
UNICEF Djibouti   Consultation internationale pour l’appui à la coordination du programme-pays, Djibouti2020-07-07 2020-06-26
UNDP Yerevan, Armenia SB3 * Junior Expert /Facilitator of National Determined Contributions Implementation in Armenia2020-07-07 2020-06-26
UNDP New Delhi, INDIA National Consultant Individual Consultant-Research design and tool development2020-07-07 2020-06-27
UNDP Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, United Republic of SB5 * National Project Coordinator2020-07-07 2020-06-27
UNICEF Nigeria   National Consultant to support the elaboration of the social protection policy for Katsina state2020-07-07 2020-06-28
UNICEF Cote d'Ivoire   Administrateur (trice) Education, NO-B, Abidjan, Cote dIvoire (Avis Generique de Vacance)2020-07-07 2020-06-30
UNICEF Cote d'Ivoire   Administrateur (trice) Communication (Génération Illimitée et Engagement des Jeunes), NO-B, Abidjan, Cote dIvoire (Avis Générique de Vacance)2020-07-07 2020-06-30
UNDP University based-New York Intern Intern — Small Island Developing States, Data Analysis and Visualization2020-07-07 2020-06-30
UNDP Homebased National Consultant Senior Constitution and Gender Expert2020-07-07 2020-06-30
UNDP EGYPT International Consul Research Consultant on COVID-19 and its Socio-Economic Impacts on Documented and Undocumented Women Migrants-Home based-International Consultant2020-07-07 2020-06-30
UNDP Homebased National Consultant Lead Senior Constitution and Gender Expert2020-07-07 2020-06-30
UNDP LEBANON National Consultant Monitoring and Evaluation Consultant - National Consultant - Home-based2020-07-07 2020-06-30
UNICEF Mauritania   Batch Recruitment : Trois (3) Chargés de Nutrition, NOB, Temporary-Appointment, Nouakchott (2), Assaba (1)2020-07-07 2020-07-01
UNDP Bangkok, THAILAND International Consul International Junior Consultant – Project Coordination and Monitoring and Evaluation2020-07-07 2020-07-01
UNDP New York, United States P3 * Communications, Outreach, Partnership and Engagement Specialist, IATI2020-07-07 2020-07-01
UNDP Jakarta, INDONESIA National Consultant National Consultant - Project & Administrative Support2020-07-07 2020-07-01
UNDP Bangkok, Thailand, THAILAND National Consultant National Programme Coordinating Consultant – Social Protection in Thailand2020-07-07 2020-07-01
UNDP TUNISIA National Consultant Program Associate-National Consultant2020-07-07 2020-07-01
UNICEF Yemen   Local Consultancy: Technical Audit of Incinerators at Selected Primary Health Care Facilities, Sanaa, Yemen2020-07-07 2020-07-02
UNICEF Turkey   Internal GVA: Programme Officer (Field Monitor for CCTE) NOA level, TA, Ankara, Istanbul, Gaziantep-Turkey (Turkish Nationals Only)2020-07-07 2020-07-02
UN OCHA GENEVA P-3 Humanitarian Affairs Officer [TJO] (two positions) [Temporary] - Political, Peace and Humanitarian, Humanitarian Affairs2020-07-07 2020-07-02

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