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UNDP Various Countries, THAILAND International Consul Integrated National Financing Frameworks (INFF) Consultant, Long Term Agreement2020-01-22 2020-01-03
UNOPS Tindouf, Algeria LICA-5 Project Management Support - Senior Assistant Administration2020-01-22 2020-01-08
UNICEF United States   Internship - Graphic Designer, Administrative Management Services (AMS), DFAM, New York Headquarters (Six months duration with Stipend)2020-01-22 2020-01-08
UNDP Istanbul, TURKEY International Consul Advisor - Strengthening Sustainability in the Health Sector in Developing Countries2020-01-22 2020-01-08
UNDP Istanbul, TURKEY International Consul Communications Consultant for the UN informal Interagency Task Team for Sustainable Procurement in the Health Sector (SPHS)2020-01-22 2020-01-08
UNDP Amman, JORDAN International Consul Speechwriter2020-01-22 2020-01-08
WHO Congo-Brazzaville G2 Fixed-term appointment Guard2020-01-22 2020-01-08
WHO Malaysia-Kuala Lumpur G6 Fixed-term appointment Senior Finance Assistant2020-01-22 2020-01-08
WHO Malaysia-Kuala Lumpur G5 Fixed-term appointment Finance Assistant2020-01-22 2020-01-08
UNDP home based with missions International Consul Individual Contractor for Master Trainer Programme (IRH)2020-01-22 2020-01-08
UNOPS Geneva, Switzerland IICA-1 Map Librarian Administration2020-01-22 2020-01-09
UNOPS Mogadishu, Somalia IICA-3 Project Manager (Infrastructure) Engineering | Project Management2020-01-22 2020-01-09
UNOPS San Jose, Costa Rica LICA-6 Asociado/a de Salud y Seguridad, Gestión Social y Ambiental - Salud y Seguridad en el Trabajo el Trabajo Health, Safety and Environment2020-01-22 2020-01-09
UNICEF Cameroon   Nutrition Officer, (NO-2), Maroua, Cameroon #102352, Temporary Appointment (364 days), only for cameronians2020-01-22 2020-01-09
UNICEF Cameroon   Education Officer, NOB, Fixed Term, Maroua, Cameroon (Only for Cameroonians)2020-01-22 2020-01-09
UNICEF Nigeria   Consultants for Baseline Assessment for Resilience Integrated Education Programming for Children in Northeast Nigeria (x3)2020-01-22 2020-01-09
UNICEF United States ICS-10  Temporary Appointment (9 months) - Public Partnership Specialist (IFI Growth Markets), P-3, New Aid Modalities/Public Partnership Division, NYHQ2020-01-22 2020-01-09
UNICEF Zimbabwe   Nutrition Information Management in Emergency Individual Consultancy (Open only to nationals of Zimbabwe)2020-01-22 2020-01-09
UNICEF Zimbabwe   UNICEF Zimbabwe is inviting applications from qualified individual consultants as Nutrition Cluster Coordinator (Open only to nationals of Zimbabwe)2020-01-22 2020-01-09
UNICEF Zimbabwe   UNICEF Zimbabwe is inviting applications for Consultant - National WASH Recovery Consultant for Tropical Cyclone Idai WASH Recovery Programme - Based in Chipinge (Open only to nationals of Zimbabwe)2020-01-22 2020-01-09
UNICEF Zimbabwe   UNICEF Zimbabwe is inviting applications for WASH Safety and Security Consultant for Tropical Cyclone Idai WASH Recovery Programme - Based in Chipinge (open only to nationals of Zimbabwe)2020-01-22 2020-01-09
UNICEF Zimbabwe   UNICEF Zimbabwe is inviting applications for a Nutrition consultancy to conduct formative research, and develop a C4D - SBCC Strategy with an innovative implementation plan.2020-01-22 2020-01-09
UNICEF South Africa   Consultant - Communication (Advocacy/External Relations) For South African Nationals ONLY2020-01-22 2020-01-09
UNICEF Nepal   International Consultant to undertake a Regional Study of Impacts and Responses of Climate Change on Education Systems in South Asia2020-01-22 2020-01-09
UNICEF Nepal   National/International Creative Graphic Designer - UNICEF South Asia2020-01-22 2020-01-09
UNICEF Philippines   Local Consultant: Development of IYCF Implementation Plan - 10 Months2020-01-22 2020-01-09
UNICEF Philippines   Local Consultant: Technical Support for the Joint WASH and Nutrition and Integrated Nutrition in Bobon and Mapanas - 10 Months2020-01-22 2020-01-09
UNICEF Philippines   Knowledge Management Officer, NO-B, TA, Manila, Post # 112207, (Nationals only)2020-01-22 2020-01-09
UNDP Home-based, INDONESIA National Consultant IC/UNDP/PPG-CBIT/002/2020 – GEF-PPG Stakeholder Engagement and Gender Action Plan Analysis Specialist -NATIONAL CONSULTANT2020-01-22 2020-01-09
UNMISS JUBA P-4 COORDINATION OFFICER - Economic, Social and Development, Programme Management2020-01-22 2020-01-09
UNOPS Jerusalem LICA Specialist-9 Project Management Support - Senior Officer Project Management2020-01-22 2020-01-10
UNOPS Kinshasa (Familly duty station), Democratic Republic of the Congo IICA-1 Special Assistant to the Hub Director Administration2020-01-22 2020-01-10
UNICEF Venezuela ICS-10:enbegin:ICS-1  Emergency Specialist (Accountability for Affected Populations), P-3, #112574, Caracas, Venezuela (529052)2020-01-22 2020-01-10
UNICEF Congo, Dem. Rep ICS-10  Communication Specialist (Corporate Social Responsibility), (P-3), Fixed-Term, Lubumbashi, Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) (528982)2020-01-22 2020-01-10
UNICEF Maldives   Individual Consultant (International) for - Establishing Anti-Bullying and Behaviour Modification Programmes in Schools2020-01-22 2020-01-10
UNICEF Malawi   Child Protection Officer2020-01-22 2020-01-10
UNICEF Nepal   Individual National IM consultant for development of M&E system for ECD programmes (For Nepalese Nationals Only)2020-01-22 2020-01-10
UNDP Kabul, AFGHANISTAN National Consultant National Consultant (Project Support)2020-01-22 2020-01-10
UNDP Cairo, EGYPT National Consultant National Graphic Design Consultant - Home Based (Part Time)2020-01-22 2020-01-10
MINUSCA Bria P-3 ENGINEER - Logistics, Transportation and Supply Chain, Engineering2020-01-22 2020-01-10
UN OHCHR GENEVA P-3 HUMAN RIGHTS OFFICER (Temporary Job Opening) [Temporary] - Political, Peace and Humanitarian, Human Rights Affairs2020-01-22 2020-01-10
UNDP New York, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA International Consul Junior Communications consultant, digital marketing and content management2020-01-22 2020-01-15
UNIFIL NAQOURA F-6 RATIONS OFFICER - Logistics, Transportation and Supply Chain, Logistics and Supply Chain2020-01-22 2020-01-15
UN SG NEW YORK P-2 ASSOCIATE COMMUNICATIONS OFFICER [Temporary] - Public Information and Conference Management, Public Information2020-01-22 2020-01-15
UN OCHA OTHER P-4 Public Information Officer [Temporary] - Public Information and Conference Management, Public Information2020-01-22 2020-01-15
UNICEF Jordan, Yemen ICS-09  Reports Officer, P-2, Yemen Outposted in Amman, Jordan #000724932020-01-22 2020-01-16
UNICEF Italy   Consultancy: Activate Talk Project Coordinator, Rome, Italy (88 days)2020-01-22 2020-01-16
UNDP Juba International Consul Health and Wellness Coordinators2020-01-22 2020-01-16
UNICEF Jordan ICS-06  Generic Vacancy Announcement_Budget Associate, GS-6, Yemen Outpost in Amman, Jordan Post#001128252020-01-22 2020-01-17

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