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UN DSS PRETORIA P-4 FIELD SECURITY COORDINATION OFFICER - Internal Security and Safety, Security2023-06-07 2023-05-25
UN DSS QUITO P-4 Security Adviser - Internal Security and Safety, Security2023-06-07 2023-05-25
UNODC DAKAR P-3 Programme Officer (Planning and Monitoring) [Temporary] - Economic, Social and Development, Drug Control and Crime Prevention2023-06-07 2023-05-25
WIPO Switzerland-CH-Geneva G5 Temporary Appointment Translation Assistant, French Translation Section, Language Division, Administration, Finance and Management Sector2023-06-07 2023-05-25
UNDP Home-based International Consul Individual Consultant, Advisory Services on Groundwater Financing2023-06-07 2023-05-26
UNDP Bangalore, India NPSA-11 * Regional Specialist - Southern India Region2023-06-07 2023-05-26
UNDP Baku, Azerbaijan NPSA-5 * Project Assistant2023-06-07 2023-05-26
UNDP Home based International Consul Individual contractor Graphic Design Services2023-06-07 2023-05-26
UNDP Home-based, INDONESIA National Consultant IC/UNDP/UNODC/032/2023-Senior Specialist for the Development of Social Workers Training Curriculum on Former VEOs Reintegration2023-06-07 2023-05-26
UNDP Kabul, AFGHANISTAN International Consul Mid-Term Evaluation International Consultant2023-06-07 2023-05-26
UNDP Caracas, Venezuela NOB * Operations Analyst - FTA (NOB)2023-06-07 2023-05-26
UNDP Baku, Azerbaijan G2 * Driver2023-06-07 2023-05-26
MINUSCA MULTIPLE DUTY STATIONS P-3 POLITICAL AFFAIRS OFFICER - Political, Peace and Humanitarian, Political Affairs2023-06-07 2023-05-26
WHO India-New Delhi  External consultant International Consultant – Healthy diets and Nutrition2023-06-07 2023-05-26
WHO Tunisia-Tunis  External consultant To provide two Basic Emergency Care training sessions2023-06-07 2023-05-26
UNODC VIENNA P-3 Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice Officer (Anti-Corruption) - Temporary [Temporary] - Economic, Social and Development, Drug Control and Crime Prevention2023-06-07 2023-05-26
UN OCHA CAIRO P-4 Humanitarian Affairs Officer/ Head of OCHA Regional Liaison Office - Political, Peace and Humanitarian, Humanitarian Affairs2023-06-07 2023-05-26
UNDP Vientiane Capital, LAO PDR International Consul International Consultant - Video, Photography and graphic design for the UXO Programme2023-06-07 2023-05-27
UN Ethics Office NEW YORK P-3 ETHICS OFFICER [Temporary] - Management and Administration, Ethics2023-06-07 2023-05-27
UNDP Tashkent, Uzbekistan NPSA-7 * Gender and Civil Society Promotion Associate2023-06-07 2023-05-30
UNOV VIENNA G-6 Accounting Assistant- Temporary (Two positions) [Temporary] - Management and Administration, Finance2023-06-07 2023-05-30
UNOV VIENNA G-4 Customer Support Team Assistant (temporary) [Temporary] - Information and Telecommunication Technology, Information Management Systems and Technology2023-06-07 2023-05-30
UNDP Istanbul, TURKEY Intern Data Science Research Intern - Remote2023-06-07 2023-05-31
UNDP Nairobi, KENYA Intern Intern - Graphic Design - Nairobi, KENYA2023-06-07 2023-05-31
UNDP home-based National Consultant National Consultant (web developer and graphic designer) to design and develop a Regional Virtual Knowledge Platform, and to revamp the existing website “Act for Equal”2023-06-07 2023-05-31
UNDP New Delhi, INDIA Intern Knowledge Management and Communication - Intern2023-06-07 2023-05-31
UNDP New Delhi, India NB5 * Non-Life Actuary Specialist (NPSA10)2023-06-07 2023-05-31
UNDP Cotabato City, Philippines NB4 * Project Analyst (NPSA8)2023-06-07 2023-06-01
UNDP Hanoi, VIET NAM Intern Nature-Based Solutions Intern2023-06-07 2023-06-01
UNDP Mexico NPSA-7 * Asociado(a) de Información sobre biodiversidad en ANP, DGC2023-06-07 2023-06-01
UNDP Mexico NPSA-6 * Asociado(a) encargado(a) en Áreas Destinadas Voluntariamente a la Conservación, DGC2023-06-07 2023-06-01
UNDP La Paz, Mexico NPSA-3 * Asistente técnico(a) en Monitoreo Biológico marino y servicios ecosistémicos, Revillagigedo2023-06-07 2023-06-01
UNDP Mexico NPSA-4 * Administrador(a) en la Estrategia de Conservación del Parque Nacional Barranca del Cupatitzio2023-06-07 2023-06-01
UNDP Cuernavaca, Mexico NPSA-2 * Técnico(a) en fortalecimiento del manejo efectivo, Lagunas de Zempoala2023-06-07 2023-06-01
UNDP Mexico NPSA-4 * Administrador(a) en Gobernanza Local y Conservación, RB Alto Golfo2023-06-07 2023-06-01
UNDP Mexico NPSA-5 * Asesor(a) técnico(a) para la atención de compromisos internacionales en materia de biodiversidad y Áreas Naturales Protegidas, DGFITI2023-06-07 2023-06-01
UNDP Mexico NPSA-4 * Administrador(a) en análisis de Impacto Regulatorio para Decretos y Programas de Manejo de las Áreas Naturales Protegidas Federales, DGC (2 posiciones)2023-06-07 2023-06-01
UNDP Mexico NPSA-4 * Administrador(a) técnico para declaratorias de ANP de carácter federal, DGC2023-06-07 2023-06-01
UNDP Mexico NPSA-2 * Técnico(a) en conservación, protección, manejo de ecosistemas y gobernanza, Metztitlán2023-06-07 2023-06-01
UNDP Mexico NPSA-3 * Asistente técnico(a) en Programas operativos, Cabo Pulmo.2023-06-07 2023-06-01
UNDP Texcoco, Mexico NPSA-4 * Administrador(a) en estrategias de Cultura Ambiental y Participación Social, Texcoco2023-06-07 2023-06-01
UNDP Mexico NPSA-5 * Asistente para el fortalecimiento técnico de los programas de manejo de las áreas naturales protegidas, DGC.2023-06-07 2023-06-01
UNDP Mexico NPSA-5 * Asistente para el fortalecimiento técnico de los programas de manejo, DGC2023-06-07 2023-06-01
UNDP Texcoco, Mexico NPSA-4 * Administrador(a) en estrategias de difusión y comunicación en ANP, Texcoco2023-06-07 2023-06-01
UNDP Mexico NPSA-6 * Asociado(a) en estrategias e iniciativas de cooperación internacional para el fortalecimiento del manejo efectivo de las Áreas Naturales Protegidas, DGFITI2023-06-07 2023-06-01
UNDP New York, United States P3 * Gender Specialist, Gender Equality Seal for Development2023-06-07 2023-06-01
UNDP Bissau, Guinea-Bissau NPSA-6 * Procurement Associate (3 Positions) NPSA62023-06-07 2023-06-01
UNDP New Delhi, India NB4 * Non-Life Actuary Analyst (NPSA9)2023-06-07 2023-06-01
UNDP Amman, Jordan NPSA-4 * Security Emergency Support Assistant (SESA) Assistant - NPSA 4 (six months with a possibility of extension based on performance evaluation and budget availability)2023-06-07 2023-06-01
UNDP Kampala, UGANDA National Consultant National consultant to Review and Update of the Gender Action Plan (GAP)2023-06-07 2023-06-02

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