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UNDP Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia P4 * Communications & Change Management Specialist2020-09-22 2020-09-09
WHO Iran, Islamic Republic of-Tehran G5 Temporary appointment under Staff Rule 420.4 Logistics Assistant2020-09-22 2020-09-09
WHO Egypt-Cairo No grade External consultant Consultant - Synthesize and document key lessons learnt from comprehensive assessments of national health information systems2020-09-22 2020-09-09
WIPO Switzerland-CH-Geneva G4 Temporary Appointment Finance Assistant, Income 2: PCT Receiving Offices (IB, IB/RO) and UPOV, Income Section, Finance Division, Department of Program Planning and Finance, Administration and Management Sector2020-09-22 2020-09-09
UNDP Mogadiscio, Somalia NOA * Information Management Officer (Re-advertisement) - Open to Somali Nationals Only2020-09-22 2020-09-10
UN OCHA NEW YORK P-5 Senior Budget and Finance Officer/Section Chief [Temporary] - Management and Administration, Finance2020-09-22 2020-09-10
UNDP Ha Noi, VIET NAM International Consul An international consultant on enhanced data management for disaster and climate risk management2020-09-22 2020-09-12
UNDP Mendi, SHP, PAPUA NEW GUINEA SB-4 Programme Officer (WPS Highlands Area Base Programme)2020-09-22 2020-09-13
UNDP Kinshasa, Congo, The Democratic Republic G6 * Associé(e) aux achats2020-09-22 2020-09-15
UNCHS MEXICO CITY P-3 Programme Management Officer, Human Settlements [Temporary] - Logistics, Transportation and Supply Chain, Human Settlements2020-09-22 2020-09-17
UN DOHUK P-4 Investigator [Temporary] - Management and Administration, Investigation2020-09-22 2020-09-18
UNECA ADDIS ABABA P-5 Chief, Evaluation Section - Economic, Social and Development, Programme Management2020-09-23 2020-08-11
UN CTC NEW YORK P-3 POLITICAL AFFAIRS OFFICER - Political, Peace and Humanitarian, Political Affairs2020-09-23 2020-08-12
WHO Switzerland-Geneva P5 Fixed-term appointment Unit Head (Process Efficiency)2020-09-23 2020-09-03
WHO Jordan-Amman G6 Fixed-term appointment Finance Assistant2020-09-23 2020-09-03
WHO France-Lyons G4 Temporary appointment under Staff Rule 420.4 Information Assistant (IT, Web & database support)2020-09-23 2020-09-03
GAVI Geneva  Sr. Administrative Assistant, Resource Mobilisation (Parental leave)2020-09-23 2020-09-03
UNOPS Bangkok, Thailand IICA-2 Programme Manager Energy | Project Management | Programme Management2020-09-23 2020-09-04
UNDP Home-based, EGYPT International Consul Gender and Youth International Consultant2020-09-23 2020-09-04
WHO Congo, The Democratic Republic of the-Mbandaka No grade Special Services Agreement (SSA) Assistant Logistic Base (SSA)2020-09-23 2020-09-04
WHO Congo, The Democratic Republic of the-Mbandaka No grade Special Services Agreement (SSA) Data Clerk (SSA)2020-09-23 2020-09-04
UNOPS Damascus , Syrian Arab Republic LICA Specialist-10 National Programme Officer (Programme Management Specialist) Programme Management2020-09-23 2020-09-09
UNOPS Juba, South Sudan IICA-1 Social Management Senior Analyst Project Management2020-09-23 2020-09-09
UNDP Nicosia, CYPRUS National Consultant Project Coordination Assistant – Greek Speaking2020-09-23 2020-09-09
UNDP Niamey, NIGER National Consultant Personne-ressource pour la mise en œuvre des activités du projet à travers la mise en place d’un mécanisme de collecte et de traitement de gestion des données ventilées par sexe et âge (DVSA) pour mie2020-09-23 2020-09-09
UNOPS Geneva, Switzerland IICA-1 Grants Senior Officer Administration | Finance | Project Management2020-09-23 2020-09-10
UNOPS Home based LICA-6 Asociado-a de Recursos Humanos Human Resources2020-09-23 2020-09-10
UNDP Male, MALDIVES International Consul International Consultant to develop a Comprehensive Resource Package for the education sector on Preventing Violent Extremism2020-09-23 2020-09-10
UNDP Kampala, UGANDA International Consul Inclusive Digital Economy Policy Consultant2020-09-23 2020-09-10
UNDP New York, United States P5 * Regional Advisor2020-09-23 2020-09-10
UNDP Honiara, Solomon Islands SB3 * Procurement and Finance Assistant2020-09-23 2020-09-10
UNDP Suva, Fiji SB3 * Procurement Associate2020-09-23 2020-09-10
UNDP Addis Ababa, Ethiopia P4 * Programme Specialist, Innovation2020-09-23 2020-09-10
WHO Iran, Islamic Republic of-Tehran G4 Temporary appointment under Staff Rule 420.4 Roster Team Assistant2020-09-23 2020-09-10
WHO Iran, Islamic Republic of-Tehran NO-B Temporary appointment under Staff Rule 420.4 NPO (Non-Communicable Diseases & Mental Health)2020-09-23 2020-09-10
UNDP Chisinau, Moldova, Republic of SB3 * Project Assistant - Effective Governance Cluster Projects - UNDP Moldova2020-09-23 2020-09-11
UNDP Home-based with no travel., THAILAND International Consul Consultant to support definition of programmatic offer on climate change, health equity and gender2020-09-23 2020-09-11
UNDP Home-based with no travel., THAILAND International Consul Consultant to support the development of a project document on programmatic offer on climate change, health equity and gender2020-09-23 2020-09-11
UNOPS Ciudad de Guatemala, Guatemala LICA-6 Asociado/a Financiero Finance2020-09-23 2020-09-12
UNOPS Ciudad de Guatemala, Guatemala LICA Specialist-10 Responsable de Ingeniería de Calidad Engineering2020-09-23 2020-09-12
UNOPS Ciudad de Guatemala, Guatemala IICA-2 Responsable de Arquitectura (Hospitalaria) Engineering | Health2020-09-23 2020-09-12
MONUSCO GOMA P-4 PROGRAMME MANAGEMENT OFFICER (DDR/CVR) [Temporary] - Economic, Social and Development, Programme Management2020-09-23 2020-09-12
UN OCHA KANANGA P-4 Humanitarian Affairs Officer/Head of Sub-Office (TJO) [Temporary] - Political, Peace and Humanitarian, Humanitarian Affairs2020-09-23 2020-09-12
UN ECLAC SANTIAGO G-3 Team Assistant - Management and Administration, Administration2020-09-23 2020-09-14
UNDP Juba, SOUTH SUDAN International Consul International Consultant, Strategic Plan Development Process for the Ministry of Justice and Constitutional Affairs, South Sudan2020-09-23 2020-09-16
UNOPS Geneva, Switzerland P4 Operations Manager (Internal Candidates Only) Administration | Leadership | Programme Management2020-09-23 2020-09-17
MINUSCA BANGUI D-2 CHIEF OF STAFF [Temporary] - Political, Peace and Humanitarian, Political Affairs2020-09-23 2020-09-18
UNODC VIENNA P-2 Associate Programme Officer (Cybercrime and Anti Money-Laundering/Counter-Financing of Terrorism (AML/CFT)) - Temporary [Temporary] - Economic, Social and Development, Drug Control and Crime Preventi2020-09-23 2020-09-18
UNEP BANGKOK P-3 PROGRAMME MANAGEMENT OFFICER - Economic, Social and Development, Programme Management2020-09-24 2020-08-12

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