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Level / Grade

Contract Type

Post Title

Closing Date

Posting Retrieved

UNDP Niamey, NIGER SB-2 CHAUFFEUR Zinder–WEE -Migration Project (for nationals and residents)2019-08-27 2019-08-16
UNDP Addis Ababa, ETHIOPIA International Consul International Consultant2019-08-27 2019-08-20
UNDP Addis Ababa, ETHIOPIA International Consul International Consultant- Trainer on Gender Mainstreaming and Analysis2019-08-27 2019-08-20
UNDP Addis Ababa, ETHIOPIA National Consultant National Consultant-Entrepreneurship Trainer2019-08-27 2019-08-20
UNDP Addis Ababa, ETHIOPIA National Consultant National Consultant- Translation of ‘“Guideline for Gender Responsive Media” to Afan Oromo2019-08-27 2019-08-20
UNDP Addis Ababa, ETHIOPIA National Consultant National Consultant- Communication Support2019-08-27 2019-08-20
UNDP Dili, East Timor NOB * Head of Experimentation2019-08-27 2019-08-20
UNDP Dili, East Timor NOB * Head of Exploration2019-08-27 2019-08-20
UNDP Phnom Penh, CAMBODIA International Consul Consultant for Investment Proposal and Investment Memorandum (Open to International and National with Residence in Cambodia)2019-08-27 2019-08-21
UNDP Phnom Penh, CAMBODIA International Consul Consultant for SME Cluster Park Stakeholder Mapping Analysis (Open to International and National with Residence in Cambodia)2019-08-27 2019-08-21
UNDP Abuja, Nigeria SB4 * National Project Officer-Finance Officer2019-08-27 2019-08-21
MINUSCA BANGUI P-3 HUMAN RIGHTS OFFICER [Temporary] - Political, Peace and Humanitarian, Human Rights Affairs2019-08-27 2019-08-22
UN OHCHR GENEVA P-3 Human Rights Officer - Political, Peace and Humanitarian, Human Rights Affairs2019-08-28 2019-07-16
UN DESA NEW YORK P-3 Programme Management Officer - Economic, Social and Development, Programme Management2019-08-28 2019-07-16
UN OIOS KUWAIT P-3 AUDITOR - Management and Administration, Audit2019-08-28 2019-07-17
UN OHCHR TEGUCIGALPA P-4 PROGRAMME MANAGEMENT OFFICER - Economic, Social and Development, Programme Management2019-08-28 2019-07-31
UN OHCHR GENEVA P-3 Human Rights Officer - Political, Peace and Humanitarian, Human Rights Affairs2019-08-28 2019-07-31
UNICEF United States ICS-10  Archivist, P-3, Division of Finance and Administrative Management, New York Headquarters #993432019-08-28 2019-08-07
UNICEF Niger   Contractant individuel international en charge du développement et de la mise en œuvre d’un programme du marketing de l’assainissement au Niger2019-08-28 2019-08-08
UNICEF United States ICS-10  Planning Specialist (Reports), P-3, DAPM - New York Headquarters, USA, #860162019-08-28 2019-08-08
UNDP Goma, Congo, The Democratic Republic P4 * Technical Specialist on Judicial Affairs and conflict related to sexual violence2019-08-28 2019-08-08
WHO South Sudan-Juba P4 Fixed-term appointment Technical Officer (Neglected Tropical Diseases)2019-08-28 2019-08-08
WHO South Sudan-Juba NO-C Fixed-term appointment National Professional Officer (Neglected Tropical Diseases)2019-08-28 2019-08-08
GAVI Geneva  Intern, Human Resources2019-08-28 2019-08-08
UNDP IBARRA, ECUADOR SB-4 ONUMUJERES PS 19-021 – Profesional para incorporación de enfoque de género en fortalecimiento de capacidades en contextos de cambio climático- Proyecto “Construcción de la capacidad de adaptación a tr2019-08-28 2019-08-09
UN Int. Residual System ARUSHA FS-4 Security Sergeant, Security and Safety Section - Internal Security and Safety, Security2019-08-28 2019-08-12
UNICEF Romania   Programme Officer - Child Participation (Temporary Appointment, NOA) Bucharest, Romania2019-08-28 2019-08-14
UNDP New York, United States G6 * Programme Associate - Local Development Finance2019-08-28 2019-08-14
UNDP Cotonou, Benin NOA * Procurement Analyst (Bénin)2019-08-28 2019-08-14
UNOPS Sanaa, Yemen LICA Specialist-8 Partnerships Analyst Partnerships2019-08-28 2019-08-15
UNOPS New York, United States of America LICA-6 Administration Associate Administration2019-08-28 2019-08-15
UNICEF Venezuela ICS-10  Communication for Development (C4D) Specialist, P-3, Caracas, Venezuela2019-08-28 2019-08-15
UNICEF South Africa   Consultancy - Private Sector Engagement Consultancy (Child Rights and Business focused)2019-08-28 2019-08-15
UNICEF Pap. New Guinea   Early Childhood Education Cost and Financing Study Consultancy2019-08-28 2019-08-15
UNDP Manila, PHILIPPINES National Consultant Transport Specialist for the Low Carbon Urban Transport Systems Project2019-08-28 2019-08-15
UNDP Home based with mission to Kazakhstan International Consul Ref.2019-023_International Consultant for 2021-2025 UN Sustainable Development Cooperation Framework (UNSDCF) for Kazakhstan2019-08-28 2019-08-15
UNDP Jakarta, INDONESIA National Consultant Senior Specialist for REDD+ Innovative Financing2019-08-28 2019-08-15
UNDP New York, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA Intern Intern - Womens Peace and Humanitarian Fund2019-08-28 2019-08-15
UNMISS JUBA P-5 SENIOR MANAGEMENT AND PROGRAMME ANALYST [Temporary] - Management and Administration, Management and Analysis2019-08-28 2019-08-15
UNDP Amman, JORDAN National Consultant Junior Project Officer2019-08-28 2019-08-15
UNOV VIENNA G-4 Computer Information Systems Assistant (Software Developer) - Information and Telecommunication Technology, Information Management Systems and Technology2019-08-28 2019-08-15
UNDP Khartoum, Sudan G7 * Executive Associate to UN Resident & Humanitarian Coordinator2019-08-28 2019-08-15
UNDP Kabul, Afghanistan SB3 * Executive Associate2019-08-28 2019-08-15
UNDP Bonn, Germany P4 * Human Resources Specialist (UN/DMSPC/OHR/CCS)2019-08-28 2019-08-15
UNDP New York, United States P4 * Audit Coordination Specialist2019-08-28 2019-08-15
UNICEF Ecuador   Consultoría Implementación del Protocolo Ecuatoriano de Entrevista Forense mediante Escucha Especializada para Niños, Niñas y Adolescentes Víctimas De Violencia Sexual. Quito, Ecuador. 4 Meses2019-08-28 2019-08-16
UNICEF Nigeria   National WASH (Gender) Consultant, Abuja2019-08-28 2019-08-16
UNICEF Somalia   Health Officer, Child Health, NO-B, Mogadishu Country Office, Somalia, Post# 00105551 (Open for Somali Nationals Only)2019-08-28 2019-08-16
UNDP Kabul, AFGHANISTAN National Consultant Re-advertisement,National Consultant (Translator/Interpreter) UNDP-LOTFA-TSM, Kabul Afghanistan - Kabul, AFGHANISTAN2019-08-28 2019-08-16

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