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World Bank Libreville, Gabon Local Hire Senior Procurement Specialist2017-04-04 2017-03-15
UNDP West Bank, Palestine SB3 * Programme Assistant2017-04-04 2017-03-22
UNDP West Bank, Palestine SB4 * IT System Expert2017-04-04 2017-03-22
UNDP West Bank, Palestine SB4 * Legal Expert Aid2017-04-04 2017-03-22
UNDP West Bank, Palestine SB4 * Citizen Security Coordinator2017-04-04 2017-03-22
UNDP West Bank, Palestine SB4 * Human Rights Coordinator2017-04-04 2017-03-22
UNDP West Bank, Palestine NOA * Project Analyst Gov/ Integrity2017-04-04 2017-03-22
UNDP West Bank, Palestine SB4 * Legal Expert Gndr Chld Juctice2017-04-04 2017-03-22
UNDP West Bank, Palestine SB4 * Legal Expert - Family Law2017-04-04 2017-03-22
UNDP West Bank, Palestine NOA * Project Analyst- Civil Society2017-04-04 2017-03-22
UNDP West Bank, Palestine SB3 * Legal Translator2017-04-04 2017-03-22
UNDP Gaza, Palestine SB4 * Civil Society Organizations Coordinator2017-04-04 2017-03-22
UNDP West Bank, Palestine SB3 * CSO Grants Officer2017-04-04 2017-03-22
UNDP Suva, Fiji P4 * Programme Specialist2017-04-04 2017-03-22
UNDP Istanbul, Turkey P4 * Policy Specialist, Anti-Corruption and Public Administration2017-04-04 2017-03-22
UNDP Suva, Fiji P4 * Team Leader (Inclusive Growth)2017-04-04 2017-03-22
UNDP Panama City, Panama P3 * Programme Specialist, Social Protection2017-04-04 2017-03-22
UNDP Panama City, Panama P4 * Programme Specialist, Climate Change and Energy (CCE)2017-04-04 2017-03-22
UNDP Dakar, SENEGAL International Consul Consultant international pour la formulation du document de projet pour le projet « Senegal National Adaptation Plan »2017-04-04 2017-03-22
UNDP Home based and Phnom Penh, CAMBODIA International Consul International Strategic Planning and Knowledge Management Specialist2017-04-04 2017-03-22
UNDP Amman, Jordan P4 * Team Leader, Strategic Partnerships & Communication2017-04-04 2017-03-23
UNDP Kuwait, Kuwait SB4 * Project Manager - National Drug Use Prevention Policy and Management Project2017-04-04 2017-03-23
World Bank Chennai, India Local Hire Senior Accounting Assistant - US Tax2017-04-04 2017-03-23
UNDP Cairo, EGYPT International Consul Pre-Final Evaluation for Energy Efficiency Project2017-04-04 2017-03-25
UNDP Manila, PHILIPPINES National Consultant Terminal Evaluator (KOICA-UNDP Project)2017-04-04 2017-03-28
UNDP PAKISTAN National Consultant UNDP-IC-2017-035 IC Notice National Support Consultant2017-04-04 2017-03-28
UNDP Islamabad, PAKISTAN National Consultant National Lead Consultant for Introduction of Performance Improvement Framework in the Federal Government of Pakistan.2017-04-04 2017-03-28
World Bank Port-au-Prince, Haiti Local Hire Team Assistant2017-04-04 2017-03-28
UN DAM NEW YORK P-3 Programme Officer, Social Sustainability and Gender Equality - Economic, Social and Development, Programme Management2017-04-05 2017-02-22
UN ICT BANGKOK P-3 Information Systems Officer - Information and Telecommunication Technology, Information and Telecommunication Technology2017-04-05 2017-02-24
UN OCHA SUVA P-4 PROGRAMME OFFICER - Economic, Social and Development, Programme Management2017-04-05 2017-03-08
UNDP Home based with International Travel International Consul Specialized Technical Project Managers (in 6 categories) - Re-advertisement2017-04-05 2017-03-14
UNDP Panama City, PANAMA P-4 UN Women: Policy Specialist, Ending Violence Against Women (EVAW)2017-04-05 2017-03-16
FAO Rome, Italy P4 Project Emergency and Rehabilitation Officer2017-04-05 2017-03-16
ILO ICS-04 Secretary2017-04-05 2017-03-16
ILO ICS-09 Technical Officer Labour-based Field Engineering, ERA Agro-Forestry2017-04-05 2017-03-16
ILO ICS-10 Contractors Training Officer, ERA Agro-Forestry2017-04-05 2017-03-16
ILO ICS-12 Chief Technical Adviser, ERA Agro-Forestry2017-04-05 2017-03-16
World Bank Sao Tome,Sao Tome and Principe International Hire Senior Procurement Specialist2017-04-05 2017-03-16
World Bank Washington, DC Local Hire Operations Analyst2017-04-05 2017-03-16
World Bank Washington, DC Local Hire Research Analyst2017-04-05 2017-03-16
UNDP Teheran, Iran (Islamic Republic Of) G5 * Local Security Assistant (LSA)2017-04-05 2017-03-17
UNDP Home Based International Consul Performance Audit Consultant2017-04-05 2017-03-18
UNDP Ndjamena, Chad SB4 * STRESS COUNCELOR2017-04-05 2017-03-21
UNDP Juba, SOUTH SUDAN International Consul Consultant for the Development of Strategic Plan for National Ministry of Federal Affairs (MoFedA)2017-04-05 2017-03-22
UNDP Istanbul, TURKEY Intern Human Rights and Rule of Law Intern2017-04-05 2017-03-22
UNDP Copenhagen, DENMARK Intern ICT Green Energy Internship with UNDP2017-04-05 2017-03-22
UNDP Copenhagen, DENMARK Intern ICT Enginner Internship with UNDP2017-04-05 2017-03-22
UNDP Copenhagen, DENMARK Intern Business Administrative Internship with UNDP2017-04-05 2017-03-22
UNDP Copenhagen, DENMARK Intern Software Engineer Internship with UNDP2017-04-05 2017-03-22

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