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MINUSMA NEW YORK P-4 SPECIAL ASSISTANT, POLITICAL AFFAIRS [Temporary] - Political, Peace and Humanitarian, Political Affairs2020-07-10 2020-06-27
WIPO Switzerland-CH-Geneva P3 Temporary Appointment Evaluation Officer, Evaluation Section, Internal Oversight Division2020-07-10 2020-06-27
WIPO Switzerland-CH-Geneva P2 Temporary Appointment Associate Translator, Spanish Translation Section, Language Division, Administration and Management Sector2020-07-10 2020-06-27
UNDP Male, Maldives SB4 * Junior Economist2020-07-10 2020-06-29
UNDP Male, Maldives SB5 * Senior Economist2020-07-10 2020-06-29
UNDP Male, Maldives SB3 * Administrative and Programme Assistant2020-07-10 2020-06-29
UNICEF Kyrgyzstan ICS-13  National Consultant for the MICS Follow-up Assessment of the Covid19 impact on Children and Women2020-07-10 2020-06-30
UNDP Peshawar, Pakistan SB4 * Project Officer – Rights Based Development2020-07-10 2020-06-30
UNICEF Mexico   Individual Contractor - Marketing Digital, especialista en Media Buy, Ciudad de México, México2020-07-10 2020-07-01
UNICEF Indonesia   National Consultant: Child Protection (Child Marriage Prevention) based in Bone (for Indonesian only)2020-07-10 2020-07-01
UNDP Home based with Frequent visits to field sites, PALESTINIAN TERRITORIES National Consultant Field Monitoring Support Consultant-West Bank2020-07-10 2020-07-01
UNDP Pretoria, SOUTH AFRICA Intern Intern – SDG Financing2020-07-10 2020-07-03
UNDP Home based (during COVID19 telecommuting arrangements) and office based in New York HQ, UNITED STAT National Consultant UN Women: Security and Safety Mainstreaming Consultant2020-07-10 2020-07-04
UN DPI NEW YORK I-1 INTERN - PUBLIC INFORMATION (Portuguese) [Temporary] -  , Internship2020-07-11 2020-05-15
UNODC NAIROBI P-3 Finance and Administrative Officer - Management and Administration, Administration2020-07-11 2020-05-29
UN ESCWA BEIRUT P-4 INFORMATION SYSTEMS OFFICER - Information and Telecommunication Technology, Information Management Systems and Technology2020-07-11 2020-06-13
UNON NAIROBI P-5 CHIEF OF SECTION, STAFF PAY AND BENEFITS - Management and Administration, Human Resources2020-07-11 2020-06-13
UNOPS Kabul, Afghanistan IICA-2 Project Manager Project Management2020-07-11 2020-06-24
UNOPS Múltiples Ciudades (Departamentos de Francisco Morazán y Cortés)., Honduras LICA Specialist-8 Arquitecto/a Engineering | Urban Development | Urban Planning/Design2020-07-11 2020-06-27
UNICEF Sudan   Re-advertisement: Strategic Planning and Monitoring Advisor, Ministry of Labour & Social Development (MoLSD) Office in Khartoum, Sudan for 11.5 months (Open to nationals of Sudan only)2020-07-11 2020-06-28
UNDP Colombo, Sri Lanka NOA * Procurement & Admin Analyst2020-07-11 2020-06-28
UNICEF Zambia   Strengthening Health Facility Birth Notification Consultancy (60 Working Days over 5 Months), Lusaka, Zambia2020-07-11 2020-06-29
UNIFIL NAQOURA P-4 PUBLIC INFORMATION OFFICER - Public Information and Conference Management, Public Information2020-07-11 2020-06-29
UNICEF Djibouti   Ingénieur - Consultant national pour le suivi et supervision des travaux de réhabilitation/ équipements des structures de santé à Djibouti2020-07-11 2020-07-02
UNICEF Libya ICS-13  Monitoring Children and Families in COVID-19 Consultant , 8 Months Home Based, Libya Country Office #5326492020-07-11 2020-07-03
UNEP NAIROBI P-4 PROGRAMME MANAGEMENT OFFICER - Economic, Social and Development, Programme Management2020-07-12 2020-05-30
UNEP NAIROBI P-4 LEGAL OFFICER - Legal, Legal Affairs2020-07-12 2020-05-30
UNCTAD GENEVA P-3 PROGRAMME MANAGEMENT OFFICER (eCommerce) - Economic, Social and Development, Programme Management2020-07-12 2020-05-30
UNECA ADDIS ABABA P-4 PROGRAMME MANAGEMENT OFFICER - Economic, Social and Development, Programme Management2020-07-12 2020-05-31
WHO France-Lyons P2 Fixed-term appointment Scientist (Lung & HPV-driven cancers)2020-07-12 2020-06-15
UNOPS Kampala, Uganda IICA-2 Programme Management Specialist [Artificial Intelligence and Data Policy] IT2020-07-12 2020-06-23
UNOPS Tunis, Tunisia LICA-7 Ingénieur·re en construction Engineering2020-07-12 2020-06-26
UNDP Copenhagen, Denmark G6 * Global Service Desk Associate2020-07-12 2020-06-26
UNOPS Home based IICA-2 Communications Specialist Communications2020-07-12 2020-06-27
UNOPS Tunis, Tunisia LICA Specialist-8 Ingénieur·re en construction Engineering2020-07-12 2020-06-27
UNOPS Ciudad de Guatemala, Guatemala LICA Specialist-9 Analista de Apoyo a la Gestión de Proyectos - Gestión del Cambio Administration | Human Resources | Project Management2020-07-12 2020-06-28
UNOPS Za’atari / Azraq Refugee Camps, Jordan LICA-6 Field Engineer Administration | Engineering2020-07-12 2020-06-29
UNICEF Sudan   International Consultant to analyze the costs and financing of Birth registration in Sudan, 6 months (75 working days), Khartoum with travels to the fields, Sudan2020-07-12 2020-06-29
UNOPS Pristina, Kosovo (under UNSCR 1244/99) LICA-5 Project Management Support - Senior Assistant Project Management | Procurement2020-07-12 2020-06-30
UNICEF Brazil   Child Protection, Individual Contractor, Salvador, Brazil2020-07-12 2020-06-30
UNICEF Uruguay ICS-09  Consultor/a para la preparación del Plan de Gestión del Programa de País (CPMP) 2021-2025 de UNICEF Uruguay2020-07-12 2020-06-30
UNDP Moroni, COMOROS International Consul Consultation internationale pour l’élaboration d’un PIF à soumettre au FEM portant sur « Le renforcement de la résilience des systèmes et chaines des valeurs agricoles climato intelligentes en Union d2020-07-12 2020-06-30
UNICEF Brazil   Internship, Communication, Salvador, Brazil2020-07-12 2020-07-01
UNDP San Salvador, EL SALVADOR National Consultant : Servicios de Asistencia técnica para propuestas de reformas del Código Penal y otros instrumentos normativos, para garantizar el alineamiento con las normas internacionales de derechos humanos para 2020-07-12 2020-07-01
UNDP San Salvador, EL SALVADOR National Consultant Servicios de Asistencia Técnica para la actualización y elaboración de herramientas técnicas para la coordinación y gobernanza de los servicios integrales y especializados para mujeres que enfrentan v2020-07-12 2020-07-01
UNICEF Maldives   Individual Consultancy (Maldivian National) to Coordinate Mental Health Services within the Centre for Mental Health.2020-07-12 2020-07-02
UNICEF Maldives   Individual Consultancy (Maldivian National) Research, Data and Knowledge Management Consultant for Centre for Mental Health2020-07-12 2020-07-02
UNDP Mawlamyine, Myanmar SB4 * Township Governance Officer (Only for Nationals)- SC82020-07-12 2020-07-03
UNDP Khujand, Tajikistan SB4 * LIIC Manager2020-07-12 2020-07-03
UNDP Gharm, Tajikistan SB4 * LIIC Manager2020-07-12 2020-07-03

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