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Please note: The UNDP vacancy website hosts also vacancies for UNIFEM, UNV and UNCDF. Therefore vacancies for UNIFEM, UNV and UNCDF are listed on the UN Job List as UNDP vacancies.


Duty Station

Level / Grade

Contract Type

Post Title

Closing Date

Posting Retrieved

UNDP New York, United States G6 ** Fund Portfolio Associate (3 positions)2022-08-09 2022-07-27
UNDP Chisinau, Moldova NB3 ** Project Associate (NPSA-7)2022-08-09 2022-07-27
UNDP Tashkent, Uzbekistan G6 ** Executive Associate to Resident Representative and Deputy Resident Representative2022-08-09 2022-07-28
UNDP Severodonetsk, Ukraine NB3 ** Procurement Associate (NPSA-6) DS: temporarily relocated to safer places2022-08-09 2022-07-29
UNDP Brasilia, Brazil NB4 ** Senior Frontend Developer / Desenvolvedor Frontend Sênior – (Home Based) – NPSA 8 (10 Vagas)2022-08-10 2022-07-28
UNDP Ankara, Turkey NB5 ** Project Manager (NPSA-11)2022-08-10 2022-07-28
UNDP Vientiane, LAO PDR National Consultant Local Consultant _ Asset Verification Consultant UXO Unit UNDP LAO PDR (Lao nationality only)2022-08-10 2022-07-29
UNDP Bishkek, KYRGYZSTAN National Consultant National Consultant on integration of the harmonized approach on gender equality to country polices and plans2022-08-10 2022-08-04
UNDP Homebased, with possible missions to North Macedonia (subject to COVID-19 protocols and regulations) International Consul International Consultant to prepare Gender Mainstreaming in IPA Training Methodology and Training Modules for Basic and Advanced Levels Trainings, and conduct the Gender Mainstreaming in IPA Trainings2022-08-10 2022-08-04
UNDP Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic NOC ** Operations Manager2022-08-10 2022-08-04
UNDP Phnom-Penh, Cambodia NOB ** Programme Analyst (Economic and Social Rights Unit)2022-08-11 2022-07-23
UNDP Phnom-Penh, Cambodia NOB ** Legal Advocacy Officer2022-08-11 2022-07-23
UNDP Bishkek, KYRGYZSTAN National Consultant National Consultant for Needs Assessment of Women living with HIV2022-08-11 2022-08-05
UNDP home-based with possible travel within Thailand, THAILAND National Consultant National Expert in Academy on Business and Human Rights for Japanese Companies (B+HR Academy), their suppliers and partners in Thailand (Thai National Only)2022-08-12 2022-07-30
UNDP Sukhumi, Georgia NB4 ** Project Analyst (NPSA-8)2022-08-12 2022-07-30
UNDP Cyprus NB2 ** Procurement Assistant (NPSA-5)2022-08-12 2022-07-30
UNDP Asmara, Eritrea P5 ** Policy Advisor2022-08-13 2022-08-04
UNDP Vientiane or Home-Based, LAO PDR International Consul International consultant _ Conduct an Assessment of Diversity and Inclusion in Business in Lao PDR2022-08-14 2022-07-27
UNDP Bamako, MALI P-4 Deputy Country Representative2022-08-14 2022-07-27
UNDP Vientiane or Home-Based, LAO PDR International Consul International Consultants _ Parliamentary Technical Advisors (Call for Expressions of Interest)2022-08-14 2022-07-29
UNDP Home-based International Consul Human Development Report Office - Call for Expression of Research Interest2022-08-14 2022-07-30
UNDP Vientiane or Home-Based, LAO PDR International Consul International consultant to undertake Knowledge, Attitude and Practice Study2022-08-14 2022-07-30
UNDP Vientiane and provinces, LAO PDR National Consultant National consultant to undertake Knowledge, Attitude and Practice Study (Lao nationality only)2022-08-14 2022-07-30
UNDP Home based with travel in the beneficiary countries, SENEGAL International Consul Consultant Global Thematic Evaluation of WCARO “Women Peace and Security (WPS)” program for better prevention of conflicts and for peace consolidation in the Sahel region2022-08-14 2022-07-30
UNDP San Jose, Costa Rica NB4 ** Analista de Comunicaciones (Remoto) - NPSA 82022-08-14 2022-07-31
UNDP Amman, JORDAN National Consultant Consultant to Develop the Gender Mainstreaming Policy for the Ministry of Labour2022-08-14 2022-08-02
UNDP Bonn, GERMANY Intern Intern - Data Analysis (00191351)2022-08-14 2022-08-02
UNDP Vientiane Capital, LAO PDR National Consultant National Consultant for the regulation on medical devices registration and guidelines2022-08-14 2022-08-03
UNDP Harare, ZIMBABWE National Consultant Individual Consultant - Climate Information Services Expert2022-08-14 2022-08-03
UNDP Ministry of Finance, Fiscal Policy Agency – Jakarta, INDONESIA National Consultant Senior Specialist on Climate Budget Tagging2022-08-14 2022-08-03
UNDP Vientiane, LAO PDR National Consultant National Consultant _ Disability Inclusion Support UNDP Governance Unit2022-08-14 2022-08-04
UNDP Kampala, UGANDA National Consultant IC-National Consultant (Uganda National) to conduct a diagnostic study on the digital transformation2022-08-14 2022-08-04
UNDP YEREVAN, ARMENIA National Consultant Local Education Expert on revision of State Education Standard and corresponding Modular Program for professional occupation “Operations of Computers”2022-08-14 2022-08-05
UNDP YEREVAN, ARMENIA National Consultant Local Expert-practitioner on revision of State Education Standard and corresponding Modular Program for professional occupation “Operations of Computers”2022-08-14 2022-08-05
UNDP Addis Ababa and multiple location, ETHIOPIA National Consultant Training Facilitator (Retainer) - (Deliver a training on Transformative Leadership for Gender Training for Target groups)2022-08-14 2022-08-09
UNDP Home based, with travel to Lombok, INDONESIA National Consultant Consultant to Support UN Women Indonesia Country Office Staff Retreat2022-08-14 2022-08-09
UNDP Dakar, SENEGAL GS-2 Chauffeur2022-08-14 2022-08-09
UNDP Addis Ababa, ETHIOPIA National Consultant Individual Coach - Facilitate Individual Coaching Programme for Women Leaders2022-08-14 2022-08-10
UNDP Djibouti City, DJIBOUTI International Consul Fournir l’expertise nécessaire à la Commission Nationale des Droits de l’Homme de Djibouti pour obtenir son accréditation auprès de l’Alliance Mondiale des Institutions Nationales des Droits de l’Homm2022-08-15 2022-07-12
UNDP Port Sudan- Red Sea State, SUDAN SB-4 Programme Analyst2022-08-15 2022-07-26
UNDP Peshawar, Pakistan SB3 ** Intern - Stabilization and Development Programme (CPRU)2022-08-15 2022-07-26
UNDP Islamabad, Pakistan SB3 ** Intern - Development Policy Unit2022-08-15 2022-07-26
UNDP Islamabad, Pakistan SB3 ** Intern - Human Resource2022-08-15 2022-07-26
UNDP Islamabad, Pakistan SB3 ** Intern - Common Premises/ICT2022-08-15 2022-07-26
UNDP Islamabad, Pakistan SB3 ** Intern - Democratic Governance Unit2022-08-15 2022-07-26
UNDP Islamabad, Pakistan SB3 ** Intern - Sustainable Development Goals (CPRU)2022-08-15 2022-07-26
UNDP Islamabad, Pakistan SB3 ** Intern - Climate Change Adapt & Mitigation (ECCU)2022-08-15 2022-07-26
UNDP MULTIPLES (Bukavu, Rutshuru, Kamango, Kalemie, Nyunzu, Bunia & Mahagi initialement), CONGO, DEM. RE NO-A Chargé (e) des Affaires Humanitaires Assistant (SEPT Postes)2022-08-15 2022-07-27
UNDP Kinshasa, CONGO, DEM. REPUBLIC NO-A Chargé(e) des Finances Assistant (e)2022-08-15 2022-07-27
UNDP Goma, CONGO, DEM. REPUBLIC GS-4 Commis à lAdministration2022-08-15 2022-07-27

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