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Please note: The UNDP vacancy website hosts also vacancies for UNIFEM, UNV and UNCDF. Therefore vacancies for UNIFEM, UNV and UNCDF are listed on the UN Job List as UNDP vacancies.


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UNDP Lagos, Nigeria NB4 ** Public Outreach & Communications Analyst2022-01-20 2022-01-07
UNDP Lagos, Nigeria NB4 ** Fellows Support Analyst-NPSA82022-01-20 2022-01-07
UNDP Putrajaya, Malaysia NB4 ** Economic Analyst (NPSA9)2022-01-20 2022-01-07
UNDP New Delhi, India NB2 ** Project Assistant, Accounts (NPSA4)2022-01-20 2022-01-07
UNDP New Delhi, India NB4 ** Project Analyst - Communications (NPSA9)2022-01-20 2022-01-07
UNDP Peshawar, Pakistan NB3 ** Senior Monitoring & Evaluation Associate (NPSA7)2022-01-20 2022-01-07
UNDP Lagos, Nigeria NB4 ** Digital Innovations Analyst-NPSA92022-01-20 2022-01-07
UNDP Maputo, Mozambique NB3 ** Admin and Finance Associate/SLI-NPSA72022-01-20 2022-01-07
UNDP Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina NB4 ** Project Manager (NPSA-9)2022-01-20 2022-01-07
UNDP Dhaka, Bangladesh NB3 ** Gender Associate-LIUPC (NPSA6)2022-01-20 2022-01-08
UNDP La Paz, BOLIVIA Intern Apoyo al área de reactivación económica2022-01-20 2022-01-13
UNDP Vientiane, LAO PDR National Consultant National Consultant for Regional Research on COVID-19 Medical Waste Management (Laos) _ Lao nationality only2022-01-20 2022-01-13
UNDP Lima, Peru NB3 ** Asociado/a técnico/a especializado/a para la implementación de la Declaración Conjunta de Intención sobre REDD+ y de su gobernanza en coordinación con actores estatales - NPSA72022-01-20 2022-01-14
UNDP Home-based International Consul Women’s Economic Empowerment and Evaluation - Consultant2022-01-20 2022-01-14
UNDP Bangkok, THAILAND International Consul International Consultant: Photographer (Retainer, one position)2022-01-20 2022-01-15
UNDP New York, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA D-1 Re-advertisement: UN Women: Chief, Intergovernmental Support Section2022-01-21 2021-12-22
UNDP UNDP Country Office; Juba, SOUTH SUDAN International Consul International Consultant, for Health Promotion and Risk Communication and Community Engagement Strategy for COVID-19 for South Sudan2022-01-21 2021-12-29
UNDP Home-based Intern Intern – GIS Data Engineer2022-01-21 2022-01-05
UNDP Tunisia NB3 ** Associé.e en reportage et communication d’information NPSA 7 (Tunis, Tunisie)2022-01-21 2022-01-07
UNDP Home-based, preferably in North or Latin America NPSA-7 Operations Associate2022-01-21 2022-01-07
UNDP Bangalore, Karnataka, INDIA National Consultant Individual Consultant – Technical Expert_Insurance_Pension Initiatives2022-01-21 2022-01-07
UNDP New Delhi, India NB3 ** Project Associate-Data Analytics (NPSA7)2022-01-21 2022-01-07
UNDP Algiers, Algeria NOC ** Team Leader-Environment2022-01-21 2022-01-07
UNDP Home-based with possible travel to Sakon Nakhon and Yala province, THAILAND National Consultant National Community-based Tourism Consultant (Thai national only)2022-01-21 2022-01-08
UNDP Beijing, CHINA SB-3 Programme Assistant2022-01-21 2022-01-08
UNDP New York, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA Intern BPC-Budget Intern2022-01-21 2022-01-08
UNDP Mexico, Mexico G7 ** Finance Associate NPSA72022-01-21 2022-01-08
UNDP New Delhi, India G5 ** Finance Assistant2022-01-21 2022-01-08
UNDP Minsk, Belarus NB3 ** Thematic Associate (NPSA-7)2022-01-21 2022-01-08
UNDP Home-based, PALESTINIAN TERRITORIES International Consul Communication and Social Media Consultant (Retainer)2022-01-21 2022-01-13
UNDP Home-based International Consul Professional English Editing and Writing Consultant2022-01-21 2022-01-13
UNDP Nairobi, Kenya NB5 ** Project Manager- Amkeni Wakenya (NPSA11)2022-01-21 2022-01-15
UNDP Bogota, Colombia NB2 ** Asistente Administrativo/a y Financiero/a para el Fortalecimiento de La Ruta de Reincorporación2022-01-21 2022-01-15
UNDP Bangkok, THAILAND National Consultant National Consultant – Programme Support (Thai national only)2022-01-21 2022-01-15
UNDP Manila, Philippines SB4 * National Programme Officer (Ma2022-01-21 2022-01-15
UNDP Tokyo, JAPAN Intern Advocacy, Outreach and Resource Mobilization Intern2022-01-22 2022-01-12
UNDP New Delhi, INDIA National Consultant Consultant – Innovative Finance (Open to Indian Nationals Only)2022-01-22 2022-01-13
UNDP Kabul, Afghanistan P4 ** Procurement Specialist2022-01-22 2022-01-16
UNDP Manila, Philippines NOD ** SHIELD Program Manager2022-01-23 2022-01-11
UNDP Abuja, Nigeria SB3 * Finance & Administrative Associate - SB3/4, Abuja and other duty stations in Nigeria2022-01-23 2022-01-11
UNDP Home-based, AUSTRALIA National Consultant Australia National Consultant – Unstereotype Alliance2022-01-23 2022-01-12
UNDP Vientiane, LAO PDR International Consul International Technical Advisor to Support Poverty Environment Action for Sustainable Development Goals Laos2022-01-23 2022-01-13
UNDP New York City, USA Intern Intern – Sustainable Development2022-01-23 2022-01-14
UNDP Jakarta National Consultant National Consultant to Support the production of gender statistics and research in Asia and the Pacific2022-01-23 2022-01-15
UNDP Homebased International Consul Editor Consultant2022-01-23 2022-01-18
UNDP Multiple International Consul CALL FOR APPLICATIONS - GPN ROSTER – Mental Health and Psychosocial Support (MHPSS) in PEACEBUILDING AND PREVENTION CONTEXTS2022-01-24 2021-12-17
UNDP New York, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA P-2 UN Women: Data Analyst2022-01-24 2022-01-05
UNDP Kuwait, Kuwait NB5 ** Roster - Project Manager – Gender Studies, NPSA 112022-01-24 2022-01-10
UNDP Tunisia NOC ** Operations Manager NOC (Tunis, Tunisia)2022-01-24 2022-01-10
UNDP Windhoek, Namibia NB3 * National PSA Programme Associa2022-01-24 2022-01-11

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