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Please note: The UNDP vacancy website hosts also vacancies for UNIFEM, UNV and UNCDF. Therefore vacancies for UNIFEM, UNV and UNCDF are listed on the UN Job List as UNDP vacancies.


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UNDP Palestine, State of NB4 ** JAIP Project Manager - NPSA82022-08-16 2022-08-03
UNDP Kyiv, Ukraine NB4 ** Energy Efficiency Policy Analyst (NPSA-9)2022-08-16 2022-08-03
UNDP Baku, Azerbaijan NB2 ** Project Assistant (NPSA-5)2022-08-16 2022-08-03
UNDP Istanbul, Turkey P3 ** Finance Specialist2022-08-16 2022-08-03
UNDP Cotabato City, PHILIPPINES SC-5 Programme Assistant – Women Peace and Security (Filipino only)2022-08-16 2022-08-03
UNDP Bujumbura, BURUNDI GS-3 Driver to the Country Representative2022-08-16 2022-08-03
UNDP Ministry of Finance, Fiscal Policy Agency Office - Jakarta, INDONESIA National Consultant IC/UNDP/058/2022 - Climate Change and Public Finance Expert2022-08-16 2022-08-03
UNDP Home-based (may be changed at a later stage) International Consul International Consultant - Next Generation ERP Programme and Project Management Stream (PPM)2022-08-16 2022-08-03
UNDP Riyadh, SAUDI ARABIA International Consul Survey Methodologies Expert2022-08-16 2022-08-03
UNDP Bogota, Colombia SB3 ** Procurement and Administrative Assistant2022-08-16 2022-08-03
UNDP Istanbul, Turkey IB ** Learning, System Thinking and Digital Specialist (IPSA-10) Home-based2022-08-16 2022-08-03
UNDP Lusaka, Zambia IB ** MSME Training and Data Analytics Expert (IPSA11)2022-08-16 2022-08-03
UNDP Lusaka, Zambia NB5 ** Results Measurement Specialist (NPSA11)2022-08-16 2022-08-03
UNDP Brasilia, Brazil NB4 ** Desenvolvedor Backend Sênior/Senior Backend Developer (Home Based) - NPSA 8 (8 Vagas)2022-08-16 2022-08-04
UNDP Brasilia, Brazil NB3 ** Backend Developer / Desenvolvedor Backend Pleno – (Home Based) NPSA 7 (11 vagas)2022-08-16 2022-08-04
UNDP Home-based IPSA-8 Programme Analyst (Knowledge Management) - IPSA 82022-08-16 2022-08-04
UNDP Juba, Republic of South Sudan, and Home based, SOUTH SUDAN International Consul International Consultancy to undertake a study to establish the level of gender representation in the judiciary and barriers to gender diversity at all levels.2022-08-16 2022-08-06
UNDP Ecuador NB3 ** Asociado(a) de Proyecto en Sostenibilidad de Procesos Agropecuarios Libres de Deforestación NPSA - 72022-08-16 2022-08-10
UNDP Home-Based, or Vientiane, LAO PDR International Consul International consultant _ Conduct Evidence-based Final Narrative Report for the Joint Programme “Enhancing Financing Efficiency” in Lao PDR2022-08-16 2022-08-11
UNDP New York, United States P4 ** Results and Strategic Planning Specialist2022-08-17 2022-07-22
UNDP Maputo, Mozambique NOB ** Reports and Public Information Officer2022-08-17 2022-07-28
UNDP Riyadh, SAUDI ARABIA International Consul International Consultant - Environmental Awareness Expert2022-08-17 2022-07-29
UNDP Homebased Intern Gender Team Intern2022-08-17 2022-08-03
UNDP Addis Ababa, ETHIOPIA SB-4 Programme Officer: Ending Violence Against Women and Girls (EVAWG)2022-08-17 2022-08-03
UNDP Kyiv, Ukraine SB4 ** Senior Project Coordinator , SB4, Kyiv, Ukraine2022-08-17 2022-08-03
UNDP Home-based without travels, THAILAND International Consul Research Consultant – Analysis of Social Innovation Platforms (SIP)2022-08-17 2022-08-04
UNDP Home-based and with travel to Kuala Lumpur, Perak, Pahang, and Johor, MALAYSIA National Consultant National Independent Assessor2022-08-17 2022-08-04
UNDP Algiers, Algeria NOC ** Team Leader-Environment2022-08-17 2022-08-04
UNDP Syrian Arab Republic NOC ** Snr Humanitarian Affairs2022-08-17 2022-08-04
UNDP Mopti, Gao, Tombouctou, Ménaka, MALI National Consultant Recrutement d’un(e) Consultant(e) national(e) pour la réalisation d’une étude sur l’état des lieux de l’approche « case de la paix » ONU Femmes, Femmes, Paix et Sécurité/PAN Résolution 13252022-08-17 2022-08-04
UNDP East Jerusalem, PALESTINIAN TERRITORIES SB-2 FAO Driver2022-08-17 2022-08-04
UNDP Geneva, SWITZERLAND Intern Internship - Communications - Geneva, Switzerland2022-08-17 2022-08-04
UNDP Home-based IPSA-9 Systems and Research Analyst - IPSA 92022-08-17 2022-08-04
UNDP Quito, ECUADOR SB-3 Especialista en Comunicación Senior2022-08-17 2022-08-04
UNDP Kuwait, Kuwait NB2 ** Project Assistant -Youth Development Delegates, NPSA 52022-08-17 2022-08-04
UNDP Tashkent, Uzbekistan NB5 ** Trade Programme Specialist (NPSA-10)2022-08-17 2022-08-04
UNDP Maroua, Cameroon NB1 ** Chauffeur projet Stabilisation, NPSA2 - Maroua, CAMEROUN2022-08-17 2022-08-05
UNDP Bogota, Colombia NB4 ** Analista Jefe de Proyecto Transformación Digital NPSA 82022-08-17 2022-08-05
UNDP Moroni, Comoros NOB ** Analyste au Programme Genre, NOB - Moroni, COMORES2022-08-17 2022-08-05
UNDP Tashkent, Uzbekistan G6 ** Finance and Administrative Associate2022-08-17 2022-08-05
UNDP Madagascar NOB ** Chargé de Communication, Relations externes et plaidoyer, NOB Antananarivo Madagascar2022-08-17 2022-08-09
UNDP Niamey, NIGER National Consultant Consultant-es International-e et National-e pour l’élaboration du Programme FEMME ET FILLE DANS LE NEXUS HUMANITAIRE, DEVELOPPEMENT ET PAIX AU NIGER2022-08-17 2022-08-11
UNDP Antananarivo, Madagascar IN * Stagiaires au sein de l’unité programme, volet environnement et développement durable2022-08-17 2022-08-11
UNDP Yaounde, Cameroon P3 ** Operations Manager2022-08-17 2022-08-11
UNDP New York, United States P2 ** Technical Analyst, Fistula, Sexual Reproductive Branch, Technical Division, P22022-08-18 2022-07-23
UNDP Home-based International Consul Gender Parity Consultant, focusing on advocacy and communications2022-08-18 2022-07-30
UNDP LEBANON International Consul Municipal Empowerment and Reslience Project Review2022-08-18 2022-08-03
UNDP Home-based, PHILIPPINES National Consultant Technical Expert on planning and assessment of leadership and governance program on HIV and Health for Local Chief Executives2022-08-18 2022-08-03
UNDP Dakar, SENEGAL NO-C Project Coordination Specialist, Humanitarian and DRR2022-08-18 2022-08-04
UNDP El Geneina, SUDAN NO-A National Field Coordinator2022-08-18 2022-08-04

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