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Please note: The UNDP vacancy website hosts also vacancies for UNIFEM, UNV and UNCDF. Therefore vacancies for UNIFEM, UNV and UNCDF are listed on the UN Job List as UNDP vacancies.


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UNDP Addis Ababa, ETHIOPIA National Consultant National Consultant-Supporting the Preparation of Ethiopia’s 9th Periodic Report on the CEDAW2022-12-10 2022-12-03
UNDP Addis Ababa, ETHIOPIA National Consultant National Consultant-Conduct an assessment about gender, youth, children, elderly and disability issues mainstreaming at federal and regional levels and prepare a comprehensive manual for the mainstrea2022-12-10 2022-12-03
UNDP Seoul, KOREA (REPUBLIC OF) Intern Research and Data Support Intern2022-12-10 2022-12-03
UNDP Seoul, KOREA (REPUBLIC OF) Intern External Relations Support Intern2022-12-10 2022-12-03
UNDP Seoul, KOREA (REPUBLIC OF) Intern Administrative Support Intern2022-12-10 2022-12-03
UNDP Geneve, Switzerland P2 ** WHO JPO - Technical Officer, Pandemic Influenza Preparedness (PIP)2022-12-11 2022-11-11
UNDP New York, United States P4 ** Security Policy Specialist2022-12-11 2022-11-23
UNDP Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina NB2 ** Security Assistant2022-12-11 2022-11-25
UNDP Funafuti, Tuvalu P4 ** Project Coordinator (International)2022-12-11 2022-11-29
UNDP Moroni, Comoros NB5 ** Coordonnateur National du Projet Déchet (NPSA11) Moroni, Comores2022-12-11 2022-11-29
UNDP Bishkek, KYRGYZSTAN SC-5 Programme Assistant, EVAWG Kyrgyzstan SI Programme (Open to Kyrgyzstan Nationals Only)2022-12-11 2022-11-29
UNDP Congo NB4 ** Chargé(e) de Suivi & Evaluation (NPSA) Brazzaville, République du Congo2022-12-11 2022-11-29
UNDP Tunisia NOC ** Operations Manager_FTA Local_NOC_Tunis - TUNISIA2022-12-11 2022-11-29
UNDP Astana, KAZAKHSTAN National Consultant Re-advertisement: National consultant to support the implementation of Spotlight second phase (2023)2022-12-11 2022-11-30
UNDP New York, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA P-3 UN Women: Programme Specialist, EVAW Grant-making2022-12-11 2022-12-02
UNDP Bishkek, KYRGYZSTAN National Consultant National Consultant for developing KM methodology and producing KM products (Open to Kyrgyzstan Nationals Only)2022-12-11 2022-12-02
UNDP Ashkhabad, Turkmenistan NB3 ** Administrative Associate2022-12-11 2022-12-03
UNDP Addis Ababa, ETHIOPIA International Consul International Consultant, Coordination of High-level multi-stakeholder continental summit (Re-advert)2022-12-11 2022-12-03
UNDP Onsite/Homebased (mission to South Africa) International Consul Consultancy – Customs Tax Expert (Tax Inspectors Without Borders), BPPS/SDG Finance2022-12-12 2022-11-29
UNDP Ha Noi, Viet Nam NB4 ** Human Rights and Inclusive Governance Analyst (NPSA9)2022-12-12 2022-11-29
UNDP Mexico, Mexico NB3 ** Short Term_Asociada/o de Programas a.i.2022-12-12 2022-11-29
UNDP Monrovia, Liberia P4 ** Regional Peacebuilding Officer2022-12-12 2022-11-29
UNDP Chennai, India NB5 ** Chief Development Goals Specialist (NPSA11)2022-12-12 2022-11-29
UNDP Home-based IPSA-11 Nature Investment Specialist - IPSA 11 - (Part-time 70%)2022-12-12 2022-11-29
UNDP New Delhi, India NB4 ** Project Analyst (NPSA9)2022-12-12 2022-11-29
UNDP Kampala, Uganda NOC ** National Climate Change Technical Specialist (Nationals Only)2022-12-12 2022-11-29
UNDP Luanda, Angola P5 ** Programme Coordinator - Global Fund2022-12-12 2022-11-29
UNDP Yaounde, Cameroon G4 ** Human Resources (HR) Assistant, FTA-G4, Yaounde Cameroun2022-12-12 2022-11-29
UNDP Monrovia, Liberia G5 ** Finance Assistant2022-12-12 2022-11-29
UNDP Bangkok, Thailand NB5 ** Head-Thailand Policy Lab2022-12-12 2022-11-29
UNDP Home-based IPSA-11 Senior Financial Sector Specialist - IPSA-112022-12-12 2022-11-30
UNDP Bangalore, Karnataka, INDIA National Consultant Individual Consultant –State Program Manager – Financial Inclusion and Credit Linkage2022-12-12 2022-11-30
UNDP Bangalore, Karnataka, INDIA National Consultant Individual Consultant – Technical Expert- Online/Digital Marketing2022-12-12 2022-11-30
UNDP Bangalore, Karnataka, INDIA National Consultant Individual Consultant – Technical Expert- Marketing Offline2022-12-12 2022-11-30
UNDP Bangalore, Karnataka, INDIA National Consultant Individual Consultant –Technical Expert – Financial Inclusion2022-12-12 2022-11-30
UNDP Bangalore, Karnataka, INDIA National Consultant Individual Consultant-State Program Manager - Human Resources Management2022-12-12 2022-11-30
UNDP Lebanon, LEBANON International Consul Health care waste Expert2022-12-12 2022-11-30
UNDP Bujumbura, Burundi G6 ** Technicien de laboratoire2022-12-12 2022-11-30
UNDP Suva, FIJI P-4 EVAWG Programme Coordinator (Spotlight Initiative)2022-12-12 2022-12-01
UNDP Bangkok, THAILAND International Consul Special Assistant to Leadership Team2022-12-12 2022-12-01
UNDP Dhaka, BANGLADESH International Consul (International Consultant): SPPS Project Evaluation Documentation (2 Positions)2022-12-12 2022-12-02
UNDP East Jerusalem, PALESTINIAN TERRITORIES Other WHO Field Information Officer2022-12-12 2022-12-02
UNDP India NB2 ** Human Resources Assistant2022-12-12 2022-12-04
UNDP Home-based, TURKMENISTAN International Consul International Consultant to conduct a workshop on global trends in digital economy2022-12-13 2022-11-29
UNDP Buenos Aires, Argentina NB3 ** Coordinador Nacional BIOFIN - NPSA 62022-12-13 2022-11-29
UNDP Bridgetown, Barbados NB3 ** Procurement Associate - NPSA62022-12-13 2022-11-30
UNDP San Marcos (COL), Colombia NB2 ** Auxiliar Técnico(a) en Soluciones Hídricas - NPSA42022-12-13 2022-11-30
UNDP Chennai, India NB3 ** Research Associate (NPSA7) (2 openings)2022-12-13 2022-11-30
UNDP Chennai, India NB5 ** Development Goals Specialist - Skilling, Livelihood, Employment (NPSA10)2022-12-13 2022-11-30
UNDP Colombo, Sri Lanka NB5 ** Management Specialist (NPSA10)2022-12-13 2022-11-30

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