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UNOPS Nouakchott, Mauritania LICA-2 Chauffeur.e Administration2021-10-27 2021-10-14
UNOPS Lima, Peru LICA Specialist-9 Oficial Sénior de TIC - Desarrollo de Software (SCADA de agua y saneamiento) Engineering | IT2021-12-26 2021-12-11
UNOPS East Jerusalem IICA-3 Rule of Law Director Legal2021-12-31 2021-12-10
UNOPS Bangkok, Thailand LICA-6 Finance Associate - Team Lead Finance | Human Resources2022-01-07 2021-12-09
UNOPS Geneva, Switzerland P5 Head of Markets Partnerships | Programme Management2022-01-16 2021-12-18
UNOPS Copenhagen, Denmark IICA-2 IPSAS Specialist Finance2022-01-16 2021-12-21
UNOPS Addis Ababa, Ethiopia LICA Specialist-10 Procurement Specialist Procurement2022-01-16 2021-12-31
UNOPS Tashkent, Uzbekistan IICA-4 Public Health Senior Advisor Health2022-01-18 2022-01-05
UNOPS Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea LICA-2 Driver Administration2022-01-20 2022-01-12
UNOPS Bangkok, Thailand LICA-5 HR Senior Assistant Administration | Human Resources2022-01-22 2021-12-23
UNOPS Bangkok, Thailand LICA-6 HR Associate Administration | Human Resources2022-01-22 2021-12-23
UNOPS Bangkok, Thailand IICA-2 HR Specialist Administration | Human Resources2022-01-22 2021-12-23
UNOPS Nairobi, Kenya P3 Administration Officer Administration2022-01-23 2021-12-30
UNOPS Yangon, Myanmar LICA Specialist-10 Communications Specialist (Translation & Interpretation) Communications2022-01-23 2022-01-05
UNOPS Renk/Wounthaw, South Sudan LICA-2 Driver Administration2022-01-23 2022-01-08
UNOPS Geneva, Switzerland IICA-1 Grants & Contracts Analyst Administration | Health | Project Management | Procurement2022-01-23 2022-01-08
UNOPS Copenhagen, Denmark IICA-2 Management Specialist Administration | Communications | Project Management2022-01-23 2022-01-09
UNOPS Home based IICA-2 Programme Management Specialist (Gender Specialist - Retainer) Programme Management2022-01-23 2022-01-11
UNOPS Home based IICA-2 Programme Management Specialist (PCVE Training Curriculum Specialist) - Retainer Programme Management2022-01-24 2022-01-11
UNOPS Amman, Jordan LICA-6 Partnerships and Planning Associate Partnerships2022-01-25 2022-01-12
UNOPS Bangkok, Thailand IICA-1 Project Management Office (PMO) - Analyst (Internal Vacancy Announcement) Project Management2022-01-25 2022-01-22
UNOPS Peshawar, Pakistan LICA Specialist-10 Deputy Project Manager (Re-Advertisement) Project Management2022-01-25 2022-01-22
UNOPS Home based LICA Specialist-9 Pool of Capacity Building Senior Officers (Urban Development Strategic Planning) (two retainer positions) Project Management | Urban Development2022-01-26 2022-01-07
UNOPS Home based LICA Specialist-8 Pool of Capacity Building Officers (Urban Development Strategic Planning) (four retainer positions) Project Management | Urban Development2022-01-26 2022-01-07
UNOPS Nairobi, Kenya IICA-1 Architect Urban Planning/Design2022-01-26 2022-01-12
UNOPS Managua, Nicaragua LICA-4 Asistente de Administración Administration2022-01-26 2022-01-12
UNOPS Home based IICA-2 HR Specialist (6 months) Human Resources2022-01-26 2022-01-13
UNOPS Geneva, Switzerland IICA-1 Finance and Grants Senior Officer (internal candidates only) Finance | Health | Project Management2022-01-26 2022-01-22
UNOPS Amman with daily site visits, Jordan LICA-4 Administration Assistant Administration2022-01-27 2022-01-14
UNOPS Valencia , Spain P3 Finance Specialist (Information Technology) Finance | IT2022-01-27 2022-01-18
UNOPS Lusaka, Zambia LICA-6 Project Management Support Associate Programme Management2022-01-28 2022-01-14
UNOPS Multiple IICA-4 Chief Technical Officer Health | Programme Management2022-01-30 2022-01-01
UNOPS Juba, South Sudan P3 Operations Specialist- Weapon and Ammunition Management (WAM)/Ammunition Technical Officer (ATO) Project Management | Demining2022-01-30 2022-01-05
UNOPS Port-au-Prince, Haiti P5 Director, Country Office Leadership2022-01-30 2022-01-08
UNOPS Ciudad de Guatemala, Guatemala LICA-3 Auxiliar de Administración Administration2022-01-30 2022-01-12
UNOPS Multiple IICA-4 Chief Advocacy and Communications Officer Communications | Health | Programme Management2022-01-30 2022-01-14
UNOPS Yangon, Myanmar LICA Specialist-9 Programme Management Senior Officer Health | Programme Management2022-01-30 2022-01-15
UNOPS Home based IICA-2 Diversity and Inclusion Specialist (Gender parity, disability inclusion, anti-racism and LGBTQI) - Retainer/Multiple hires Human Resources2022-01-30 2022-01-16
UNOPS Home based IICA-1 Programme Management - Analyst (Capacity-Building Analyst, Learning for Nature) Communications | Project Management | Environment2022-01-30 2022-01-16
UNOPS Bangkok, Thailand LICA Specialist-9 Reporting Senior Officer Human Resources | IT2022-01-30 2022-01-18
UNOPS Bangkok, Thailand LICA Specialist-9 Payroll Senior Officer (Internal Candidate Only) Finance | Human Resources2022-01-30 2022-01-18
UNOPS Phnom Penh, Cambodia LICA-7 Finance Senior Associate Finance2022-01-31 2022-01-11
UNOPS Bamako, Mali LICA-5 HR Senior Assistant Human Resources2022-01-31 2022-01-13
UNOPS Copenhagen, Denmark IICA-3 Project Finance Advisor Finance2022-01-31 2022-01-15
UNOPS Amman, Jordan LICA Specialist-10 Programme Management Specialist (Policy Development and Implementation) Project Management2022-01-31 2022-01-18
UNOPS Copenhagen, Denmark IICA-1 Senior Officer - Coordination (6 months) Communications | Human Resources2022-01-31 2022-01-18
UNOPS Islamabad, Pakistan LICA Specialist-10 Public Health Specialist(Retainer Contract) Health2022-01-31 2022-01-22
UNOPS Home based IICA-3 Chemicals and Waste Panel Member Environment2022-02-01 2021-12-03
UNOPS Panama City, Panama LICA-6 Procurement Associate Procurement2022-02-01 2022-01-18
UNOPS Chimanimani, Zimbabwe LICA-6 Associate Surveyor Project Management2022-02-01 2022-01-18

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