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WHO Switzerland-Geneva Multiple grade level Multiple contractual arrangements General Service (GS) Roster for Temporary and Fixed-Term G4/G5 Generic Positions2018-12-31 2018-03-12
WHO Switzerland-Geneva Multiple grade level Multiple contractual arrangements General Service (GS) Roster for Temporary and Fixed-Term G4/G5 Generic Positions2019-01-01 2018-08-23
WHO occupied Palestinian territory-Gaza P4 Fixed-term appointment Senior Health Emergency Officer2021-09-18 2021-08-27
WHO Congo-Brazzaville P6 Fixed-term appointment Emergency Operations Manager2021-10-19 2021-09-29
WHO Congo-Brazzaville P5 Fixed-term appointment Strategic Support Manager2021-10-19 2021-09-29
WHO United States-Washington, D.C. P6 Fixed-term appointment Chief, Revolving Fund Special Program for Access to Vaccines2022-01-07 2021-12-17
WHO Anywhere  External consultant Roster of consultants - Simulation Exercises (SimEx) and After Action Reviews (AARs)2022-01-07 2021-12-24
WHO Congo-Brazzaville P4 Fixed-term appointment Programme & Administrative Officer2022-01-12 2021-12-22
WHO France-Lyons P3 Fixed-term appointment Data Protection and Legal Officer2022-01-22 2022-01-06
WHO France-Lyons P1 Fixed-term appointment Scientist (Tattoos)2022-01-22 2022-01-06
WHO France-Lyons P1 Temporary appointment under Staff Rule 420.4 Scientist (Epi)2022-01-22 2022-01-06
WHO Nigeria NO-C Fixed-term appointment Coordinator2022-01-22 2022-01-08
WHO Philippines-Manila  External consultant COVID-19 Risk Communications Consultant2022-01-22 2022-01-15
WHO India-New Delhi No grade Special Services Agreement (SSA) Roster for Assistant Data Analyst2022-01-24 2022-01-04
WHO India-New Delhi No grade Special Services Agreement (SSA) Roster for Statistician2022-01-24 2022-01-04
WHO India-New Delhi No grade Special Services Agreement (SSA) Roster for Systems Unit Lead2022-01-24 2022-01-04
WHO India-New Delhi No grade Special Services Agreement (SSA) Roster for Systems Analyst IHIP2022-01-24 2022-01-04
WHO India-New Delhi No grade Special Services Agreement (SSA) Roster for Data Unit Lead2022-01-24 2022-01-04
WHO Switzerland-Geneva P4 Fixed-term appointment Programme Officer, Office of the Director of Noncommunicable Diseases2022-01-25 2022-01-04
WHO Indonesia-Jakarta G5 Fixed-term appointment Executive Assistant2022-01-25 2022-01-05
WHO India-New Delhi No grade Special Services Agreement (SSA) Mental Health Consultant (coordination)2022-01-25 2022-01-05
WHO Anywhere  External consultant Consultant - Physical activity tools and resources development2022-01-25 2022-01-11
WHO United States-Washington, D.C. No grade External consultant Consultant - Nutrition/ Sodium Intake Reduction and TFA Elimination2022-01-25 2022-01-17
WHO Indonesia-Jakarta NO-B Fixed-term appointment NPO (EDM)2022-01-26 2022-01-05
WHO Switzerland-Geneva P3 Fixed-term appointment External Relations Officer (Sport and Health)2022-01-26 2022-01-05
WHO Anywhere  External consultant Consultant - Strategic Technical Advisory Group of Experts (Nutrition)2022-01-26 2022-01-12
WHO United States-Washington, D.C. G5 Fixed-term appointment Procurement Assistant II2022-01-26 2022-01-12
WHO Maldives-Male  External consultant Consultant – Digital Health2022-01-26 2022-01-12
WHO Jordan-Amman  External consultant Consultant to support refugee and migration health project in Jordan2022-01-26 2022-01-12
WHO South Africa-Pretoria No grade Special Services Agreement (SSA) Public Health Officer (Emergency Response)2022-01-26 2022-01-12
WHO India-New Delhi P3 Temporary appointment under Staff Rule 420.4 Technical Officer (NCD)2022-01-26 2022-01-15
WHO Libya-Tripoli P5 Fixed-term appointment Senior Operations Officer2022-01-26 2022-01-19
WHO Libya-Tripoli P5 Fixed-term appointment WHE Team Lead2022-01-26 2022-01-19
WHO Anywhere  External consultant Consultant - Case studies on WHO’s work and impact in countries, territories and areas2022-01-26 2022-01-19
WHO United States-Washington, D.C. P4 Fixed-term appointment Advisor, Regulatory System Strengthening for Medicines & other Health Technologies2022-01-27 2021-12-23
WHO Switzerland-Geneva P4 Fixed-term appointment Technical Officer2022-01-27 2022-01-06
WHO Switzerland-Geneva P4 Fixed-term appointment Scientist2022-01-27 2022-01-06
WHO Switzerland-Geneva P4 Fixed-term appointment Scientist2022-01-27 2022-01-06
WHO Nepal No grade Special Services Agreement (SSA) Roster for Driver cum Messenger2022-01-27 2022-01-07
WHO Anywhere  External consultant Consultant - Solutions Engineer2022-01-27 2022-01-13
WHO Anywhere  External consultant Consultant - Health systems financing, social health protection, political economy and partnership collaboration2022-01-27 2022-01-13
WHO Cambodia-Phnom Penh P5 Fixed-term appointment Health Systems Coordinator2022-01-27 2022-01-13
WHO Anywhere  External consultant Consultant - Local Research and Local activities2022-01-27 2022-01-13
WHO Sudan  External consultant National Consultant - Universal Health Coverage and health security in Sudan2022-01-27 2022-01-20
WHO Jordan-Amman  External consultant Technical support for the development of the strategy and costed operational plan for Jordanian Centre for Diseases Control (CDC)2022-01-27 2022-01-20
WHO Multiple locations P4 Fixed-term appointment Coordonnateur de la prévention et de la répression de l’exploitation, des abus et du harcèlement sexuels (PRSEAH) à l’OMS-Locations :République démocratique du Congo/République centrafricaine/Mali2022-01-28 2022-01-08
WHO Multiple locations P4 Fixed-term appointment WHO Prevention and Response to Sexual Exploitation Abuse and Harassment Coordinator PRSEAH (Locations: Ethiopia/Nigeria/South Sudan)2022-01-28 2022-01-08
WHO Nepal-Kathmandu No grade Special Services Agreement (SSA) Mental Health Officer2022-01-28 2022-01-08
WHO Ukraine-Mariupol,Ukraine-Donetsk,Ukraine-Severodonetsk  External consultant National Consultant on Health Systems2022-01-28 2022-01-14
WHO Maldives-Male  External consultant Consultant - Primary Health Care2022-01-28 2022-01-14

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