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WHO Ukraine-Kyiv G6 Temporary appointment under Staff Rule 420.4 Administrative Assistant2022-08-15 2022-08-02
WHO Indonesia-Jakarta NO-B Fixed-term appointment National Professional Officer (HIV), NO-B2022-08-15 2022-08-02
WHO Multiple locations P4 Fixed-term appointment Coordonnateur de la prévention et de la répression de l’exploitation, des abus et du harcèlement sexuels (PRSEAH) à l’OMS - République Démocratique du Congo2022-08-15 2022-08-02
WHO Central African Republic-Bangui No grade External consultant Consultant (Expert en santé publique : Spécialiste dans léducation/enseignement de la santé)2022-08-15 2022-08-03
WHO Anywhere  External consultant Consultant - Infection Prevention and Control2022-08-15 2022-08-09
WHO Anywhere  External consultant Consultant - Software development2022-08-15 2022-08-09
WHO Anywhere  External consultant Roster of consultants – Data Analyst2022-08-16 2022-07-27
WHO Switzerland-Geneva P4 Temporary appointment under Staff Rule 420.4 Public Health Specialist2022-08-16 2022-07-28
WHO Switzerland-Geneva P4 Temporary appointment under Staff Rule 420.4 Programme Officer2022-08-16 2022-07-28
WHO Yemen-Sanaa G6 Temporary appointment under Staff Rule 420.4 Local Security Assistant2022-08-16 2022-08-02
WHO Anywhere  External consultant Consultant - Health financing2022-08-16 2022-08-03
WHO Multiple locations No grade Special Services Agreement (SSA) Assistants Logistiques2022-08-16 2022-08-04
WHO Nepal-Kathmandu  External consultant National Consultant/Expert for Post-partum Family Planning Program2022-08-16 2022-08-04
WHO Nigeria-Abuja NO-B Fixed-term appointment Technical Officer Laboratory2022-08-16 2022-08-04
WHO Tanzania, United Republic of-Dodoma No grade Special Services Agreement (SSA) Data Officer - SSA2022-08-17 2022-07-28
WHO Egypt-Cairo P3 Fixed-term appointment Technical Officer (Community-Based Initiatives)2022-08-17 2022-07-28
WHO Kyrgyzstan-Bishkek G5 Fixed-term appointment Programme Assistant2022-08-17 2022-07-28
WHO Congo, The Democratic Republic of the-Kinshasa No grade Special Services Agreement (SSA) Consultant Ingénieur Biomédical pour soutenir l’initiative « Oxygen Scale-Up » (SSA/NOB)2022-08-17 2022-08-04
WHO Congo, The Democratic Republic of the-Goma No grade Special Services Agreement (SSA) Assistant Administratif (SSA/G5)2022-08-17 2022-08-04
WHO Egypt-Cairo G5 Fixed-term appointment Programme Assistant2022-08-17 2022-08-04
WHO Qatar-Doha G7 Fixed-term appointment Senior Administrative Assistant2022-08-17 2022-08-04
WHO Multiple locations No grade Special Services Agreement (SSA) Consultants CREC (Renforcement Engagement Communautaire Vaccination COVID19)2022-08-17 2022-08-05
WHO India-New Delhi No grade Special Services Agreement (SSA) Communication Assistant2022-08-17 2022-08-05
WHO Uganda-Kampala No grade Special Services Agreement (SSA) IT Assistant - Non-staff (Special Services Agreement) - G5 - Duty Station: Kampala, Uganda2022-08-17 2022-08-09
WHO Nigeria-Ibadan No grade Special Services Agreement (SSA) State Technical Officer (Yellow Fever, Meningitis-A, Measles)2022-08-17 2022-08-11
WHO Congo, The Democratic Republic of the-Kinshasa P4 Fixed-term appointment Technical Officer (Emergency Preparedness)2022-08-18 2022-07-28
WHO Multiple locations P4 Fixed-term appointment Health Cluster Coordinator2022-08-18 2022-07-28
WHO Multiple locations P5 Fixed-term appointment Health Cluster Coordinator2022-08-18 2022-07-28
WHO Switzerland-Geneva G6 Fixed-term appointment Programme Assistant2022-08-18 2022-07-30
WHO India-New Delhi P4 Temporary appointment under Staff Rule 420.4 Technical Officer (Healthy Ageing)2022-08-18 2022-07-30
WHO India-New Delhi G5 Fixed-term appointment Executive Assistant2022-08-18 2022-07-30
WHO Anywhere  External consultant Consultant – Acceleration of vaccine development against invasive salmonella infections2022-08-18 2022-08-05
WHO Sierra Leone-Freetown  External consultant National Consultant – Safe Motherhood Reproductive Health Bill2022-08-18 2022-08-11
WHO Egypt-Cairo  External consultant Consultancy - Emergency Communication Officer2022-08-18 2022-08-12
WHO Multiple locations P4 Fixed-term appointment Coordonnateur de l’Equipe des Urgences Sanitaires, Préparation et Réponse2022-08-19 2022-07-29
WHO South Sudan P4 Fixed-term appointment Infectious Hazard Management (IHM) Officer2022-08-19 2022-07-29
WHO South Sudan-Juba P4 Fixed-term appointment Management & Administration Officer2022-08-19 2022-07-29
WHO South Sudan-Juba P3 Fixed-term appointment Technical Officer Water, Sanitation & Health2022-08-19 2022-07-29
WHO Congo, The Democratic Republic of the-Goma P3 Temporary appointment under Staff Rule 420.4 Health Cluster Coordinator2022-08-19 2022-07-29
WHO South Sudan-Juba P4 Fixed-term appointment Epidemiologist/IDSR2022-08-19 2022-07-29
WHO South Sudan-Juba P4 Fixed-term appointment Technical Officer - Response2022-08-19 2022-07-29
WHO Switzerland-Geneva P5 Fixed-term appointment Technical Officer (HIV Cross-Cutting Lead)2022-08-19 2022-07-30
WHO Suriname-Paramaribo P4 Fixed-term appointment Advisor, Noncommunicable Diseases and Mental Health2022-08-19 2022-07-30
WHO Switzerland-Geneva P3 Temporary appointment under Staff Rule 420.4 Project Management Officer2022-08-19 2022-07-31
WHO Mali-Bamako G7 Fixed-term appointment Human Resources Assistant2022-08-19 2022-08-02
WHO Burundi-Bujumbura No grade External consultant National Consultant pour mettre a jour le profil sanitaire2022-08-19 2022-08-05
WHO Guinea-Conakry G4 Fixed-term appointment Registry Clerk2022-08-19 2022-08-05
WHO Denmark-Copenhagen G5 Temporary appointment under Staff Rule 420.4 Human Resources Assistant2022-08-19 2022-08-06
WHO Seychelles-Victoria G2 Fixed-term appointment Driver2022-08-19 2022-08-06
WHO Myanmar-Yangon  External consultant National Consultant for Risks Assessment on Sexual Exploitation, Abuse and Harassment (SEAH)2022-08-19 2022-08-06

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