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Contract Type

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Closing Date

Posting Retrieved

UN DSS  1 - ,1970-01-01 2016-01-01
UN DPKO  1 - 4,1970-01-01 2016-01-01
IMF 138286 138286 1382861970-01-01 2016-08-02
IMF 163568 163568 1635681970-01-01 2017-12-28
WHO Anywhere No grade Fixed-term appointment General Profile1970-01-01 2018-08-23
UNFPA New York, USA   INTERNSHIP Programme at UNFPA Headquarters1970-01-01 2019-01-15
UNFPA Amman, Jordan ICS-12  International Programme Coordinator1970-01-01 2019-10-31
UNFPA Lome, Togo ICS-02  POSTE NATIONAL: Chauffeur, Lome, Togo, G21970-01-01 2019-11-02
UNFPA Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of the Congo ICS-10  Programme Specialist, Reporting and Strategic Partnership, Kinshasa, DRC, P-31970-01-01 2019-11-02
UNFPA New York ICS-11  RE-ADVERTISEMENT (Temporary Appointment)- Protection from Sexual Exploitation and Abuse and Sexual Harassment (PSEA/SH) Specialist, Office of the Executive Director, New York, P-41970-01-01 2019-11-05
UNFPA Dakar, Senegal ICS-10  TEMPORARY APPOINTMENT: Youth Mixed Migration Project Regional Coordinator, WCARO, Dakar, Senegal, P-31970-01-01 2019-11-06
IMF 193529 193529 1935291970-01-01 2019-11-07
IMF 193649 193649 1936491970-01-01 2019-11-07
UNFPA New York ICS-11  Finance Specialist, Finance Branch, Division for Management Services (DMS), New York, P-41970-01-01 2019-11-08
UNFPA Gaziantep, Turkey ICS-12  Cross Border Humanitarian Coordinator, Gaziantep, Turkey1970-01-01 2019-11-08
UNFPA Istanbul, Turkey ICS-12  Regional Adviser, Gender, Istanbul, Turkey1970-01-01 2019-11-08
UNFPA New York, NY ICS-10  Technical Specialist, Sexual and Reproductive Health and Maternal Health Linkages1970-01-01 2019-11-09
IMF 193409 193409 1934091970-01-01 2019-11-09
IMF 193670 193670 1936701970-01-01 2019-11-12
IMF 193829 193829 1938291970-01-01 2019-11-12
IMF 193629 193629 1936291970-01-01 2019-11-12
UNFPA Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of the Congo ICS-11  Programme Coordinator / Team Leader, GBV, Kinshasa, DRC, P-41970-01-01 2019-11-13
UNFPA Goma, Democratic Republic of the Congo ICS-11  Programme Coordinator / Head of Sub-Office, Goma, DRC, P-41970-01-01 2019-11-13
UNFPA Dakar, Senegal ICS-10  TEMPORARY APPOINTMENT: Roving GBViE Specialist, West and Central Africa Region, P-31970-01-01 2019-11-15
UNFPA Dakar, Senegal ICS-11  TEMPORARY APPOINTMENT: Roving Sexual and Reproductive Health in Emergencies Specialist, West and Central Africa Region, P-41970-01-01 2019-11-15
UNFPA Cox's Bazar ICS-10  TEMPORARY APPOINTMENT- Technical Specialist, Gender, Cox's Bazar, Bangladesh, P-31970-01-01 2019-11-16
WHO Switzerland-Geneva Multiple grade level Multiple contractual arrangements General Service (GS) Roster for Temporary and Fixed-Term G4/G5 Generic Positions2018-12-31 2018-03-12
WHO Switzerland-Geneva Multiple grade level Multiple contractual arrangements General Service (GS) Roster for Temporary and Fixed-Term G4/G5 Generic Positions2019-01-01 2018-08-23
WHO Belgium-Brussels,United Kingdom-London No grade External consultant OBS Health System Experts (Roster)2019-01-01 2018-11-15
WHO Egypt-Cairo NO-B Developmental opportunity National Professional Officer (Administration)2019-02-07 2019-02-08
UNICEF United States ICS-05  Batch Vacancy - Programme Assistants (GS-5) in Programme Division - New York HQ2019-02-10 2019-01-29
UNDP Bissau, GUINEA-BISSAU National Consultant Elaboration dun strategie nationale de lutte contre la corruption en Guinee-Bissau2019-03-10 2019-03-01
UNDP Malabo, Equatorial Guinea NOC * DevCoorOfficer-Data,Res&Report2019-03-31 2019-03-21
WHO Bangladesh-Coxs Bazaar P5 Fixed-term appointment Head of Sub Office2019-04-03 2019-03-15
UNOPS Bouar et Bambari, Central African Republic LICA-3 Chauffeur/ Assistant Logisticien Administration2019-04-27 2019-04-10
WHO France-Lyons NO-C Fixed-term appointment Staff Physician (Médecin du Personnel)2019-04-30 2019-04-10
UNICEF Hungary ICS-05  Talent Group for IT Assistants, GS-5, UNICEF Global Shared Services Centre, Budapest, Hungary2019-05-01 2019-04-13
UNICEF China ICS-06  Digital Marketing Assistant, (G-6), Beijing, China (Temporary Assignment 1 year)2019-05-01 2019-04-18
UNICEF Central Afr.Rep   Child Protection Specialist MRM/SEA, (NO3), Bangui, CAR #1045372019-05-07 2019-04-30
UNDP Addis Ababa, Ethiopia D1 * Governance and Peacebuilding Regional Coordinator2019-06-13 2019-05-14
WHO Multiple locations  External consultant Country Health Emergency Preparedness & International Health Regulations Consultants (Roster)2019-06-30 2019-06-05
UNICEF Kenya   Consultancy: Development of Nutrition Budget Brief Guidelines, ESARO2019-07-01 2019-06-18
UNDP New York, United States P4 * Policy Specialist, Specialist, South -South and Triangular Cooperation2019-07-04 2019-06-21
UNICEF Zimbabwe   UNICEF Zimbabwe is inviting applications from qualified national and international consultants to conduct a comprehensive evidence based multisectoral Early Childhood Development C4D Strategy, Costed2019-08-12 2019-07-31
UNDP Malabo, Equatorial Guinea NOC * DevCoordOfficer-Economist2019-09-10 2019-08-29
UNDP Panama, PANAMA SB-4 Programme Specialist2019-09-15 2019-08-28
UNDP Lilongwe, Malawi P4 * Programme Manager - SDG Hotspots2019-09-15 2019-09-05
UNDP Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia NOB * Head of Experimentation2019-09-25 2019-09-05
UNDP Bissau, GUINEA-BISSAU National Consultant Recrutamento de consultor nacional para elaborar regulamentos adequados e diretivas operacionais para integrar a contabilidade ambiental e a avaliação dos recursos naturais2019-09-30 2019-09-24
UNICEF Zimbabwe   UNICEF Zimbabwe is inviting applications from qualified individual consultants to conduct a policy analysis in the areas of sexual gender-based violence, harmful traditional practices and sexual and r2019-10-06 2019-09-24

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