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Duty Station

Level / Grade

Contract Type

Post Title

Closing Date

Posting Retrieved

IMF Full-time 11063 110631970-01-01 2013-12-03
UN DSS  1 - ,1970-01-01 2016-01-01
UN DPKO  1 - 4,1970-01-01 2016-01-01
UNOPS ... 1970-01-01 2017-07-24
IMF 170268 170268 1702681970-01-01 2018-06-02
WHO Anywhere No grade Fixed-term appointment General Profile1970-01-01 2018-08-23
IMF 176088 176088 1760881970-01-01 2018-11-21
UNFPA New York, USA   INTERNSHIP Programme at UNFPA Headquarters1970-01-01 2019-01-15
UNFPA Majuro, Republic of Marshall Islands   NATIONAL POST: Programme Specialist, UN Coordination, Majuro, Republic of Marshall Islands, Pacific Sub Regional Office, NOC1970-01-01 2019-04-13
UNFPA Honiara, Solomon Islands   NATIONAL POST: Programme Specialist, Honiara, Solomon Islands, Pacific Sub Regional Office, NOC1970-01-01 2019-04-13
UNFPA Nampula. Mozambique   NATIONAL POST: Programme Coordinator, Nampula, Mozambique, NO-C1970-01-01 2019-04-25
UNFPA Maseru, Lesotho   NATIONAL POST: Assistant Representative, Maseru, Lesotho, NO-C1970-01-01 2019-05-04
IMF 184930 184930 1849301970-01-01 2019-05-07
IMF 185009 185009 1850091970-01-01 2019-05-08
UNFPA Brazzaville, Congo   NATIONAL POST: Chargé de Programme IST-VIH/SIDA-SRAJ, Brazzaville, Congo1970-01-01 2019-05-09
UNFPA Kampala, Uganda   RE-ADVERTISEMENT: NATIONAL Programme Specialist Family Planning, Kampala, Uganda, NO-C1970-01-01 2019-05-10
UNFPA Dhaka, Bangladesh   SERVICE CONTRACT - Midwifery Project Officer, Dhaka, Bangladesh Country Office, SB41970-01-01 2019-05-10
UNFPA Damascus, Syria   National Post: Procurement Associate,SC6,Damascus Syria1970-01-01 2019-05-11
UNFPA Multiple   CONSULTANT: Internal Audit, Internal Audit Branch, Office of Audit and Investigation Services (OAIS), Multiple Duty Stations1970-01-01 2019-05-11
UNFPA Bamako, Mali   NATIONAL POST: Gender and GBV Specialist , European Union Spotlight Initiative, Bamako, Mali, NOC1970-01-01 2019-05-14
UNFPA Bamako, Mali ICS-06  NATIONAL POST: Finance Associate, European Union Spotlight Initiative, Bamako, Mali, G61970-01-01 2019-05-14
UNFPA Bamako, Mali   NATIONAL POST: Monitoring And Evaluation Specialist, European Union Spotlight Initiative, Bamako, Mali, NOC1970-01-01 2019-05-14
UNFPA Maputo, Mozambique   NATIONAL POST: Programme Analyst, Gender/GBV - Spotlight Initiative, Maputo, Mozambique, NO-B1970-01-01 2019-05-15
UNFPA Panama City, Panama ICS-12  Regional Monitoring And Evaluation Adviser, Panama City, Panama, P51970-01-01 2019-05-15
UNFPA Kampala, Uganda   NATIONAL POST: Programme Analyst - Quality Control, Learning and Policy Support; Kampala, Uganda, NO-B1970-01-01 2019-05-16
UNFPA Nairobi, Kenya ICS-12  Regional Humanitarian Advisor - East and Southern African Region, Nairobi, Kenya, P-51970-01-01 2019-05-16
UNFPA New York, New York ICS-12  Technical Adviser, Population Statistics, Population and Development Branch, Technical Division, P51970-01-01 2019-05-16
IMF 185769 185769 1857691970-01-01 2019-05-16
UNFPA Damascus, Syria   National Post: Programme Analyst, Gender ,NOA,Damascus,Syria1970-01-01 2019-05-17
UNFPA Maseru, Lesotho   NATIONAL POST: Programme Analyst, Gender, Maseru, Lesotho, NO-B1970-01-01 2019-05-17
UNFPA Tunis, Tunisia ICS-09  Monitoring and Reporting Analyst, Tunis, Tunisia, P21970-01-01 2019-05-18
UNFPA New York ICS-12  Coordinator, Every Women Every Child (EWEC) Secretariat, Office of the Executive Director, New York, P-51970-01-01 2019-05-18
IMF 185969 185969 1859691970-01-01 2019-05-18
UNFPA New York, New York ICS-09  Investigations Analyst, Office of Audit and Investigation Services (OAIS), New York,1970-01-01 2019-05-21
UNFPA La Paz, Bolivia ICS-12  Representative, La Paz, Bolivia, P-51970-01-01 2019-05-21
UNFPA New York ICS-11  (Temporary Appointment) Protection from Sexual Exploitation and Abuse and Sexual Harassment  (PSEA/SH) Specialist, Office of the Executive Director, New York, P-41970-01-01 2019-05-22
UNFPA New York, New York ICS-10  HIV/AIDS and CCO Liaison Specialist, Sexual Reproductive Health Branch, Technical Division1970-01-01 2019-05-23
UNFPA Cox's Bazar, Bangladesh   SERVICE CONTRACT: GBViE District Officer-Community Engagement, UNFPA Sub Office, Cox Bazar, Bangladesh, SB41970-01-01 2019-05-23
UNOPS Panama City, Panama IICA-2 Coordinator of Support Services, Panama Operational Hub (Internal candidates only) Administration | Finance | Human Resources | Procurement2018-08-20 2018-08-07
UN DFS NEW YORK I-1 INTERN - POLITICAL AFFAIRS [Temporary] -  , Internship2018-10-30 2018-06-21
UNOPS Yambio and Aweil, South Sudan IICA-2 Project Engineer Engineering2018-12-16 2018-12-04
UNOPS Juba, South Sudan LICA Specialist-10 Deputy Programme Manager Project Management2018-12-18 2018-12-05
WHO Switzerland-Geneva Multiple grade level Multiple contractual arrangements General Service (GS) Roster for Temporary and Fixed-Term G4/G5 Generic Positions2018-12-31 2018-03-12
UNOPS Juba, South Sudan LICA Specialist-9 Community mobilisation Officer Project Management2018-12-31 2018-12-10
UNOPS Juba, South Sudan LICA Specialist-10 Project Liaison Officer Project Management2018-12-31 2018-12-11
WHO Switzerland-Geneva Multiple grade level Multiple contractual arrangements General Service (GS) Roster for Temporary and Fixed-Term G4/G5 Generic Positions2019-01-01 2018-08-23
WHO Belgium-Brussels,United Kingdom-London No grade External consultant OBS Health System Experts (Roster)2019-01-01 2018-11-15
UNICEF China   Partnerships Officer, (South-South Cooperation & Partnerships), NO-B, Beijing, China2019-01-27 2019-01-15
UN ICT NEW YORK I-1 INTERN - INFORMATION SYSTEMS & COMMUNICATION TECHNOLOGY [Temporary] -  , Internship2019-02-01 2019-01-24
UNDP Brazzaville, Congo NOB * Responsable de lexploration2019-02-05 2019-01-23

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