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Please note: The UNDP vacancy website hosts also vacancies for UNIFEM, UNV and UNCDF. Therefore vacancies for UNIFEM, UNV and UNCDF are listed on the UN Job List as UNDP vacancies.


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UNDP Kampala, UGANDA National Consultant Consultant to Develop a “Multi-hazard Early Warning Dissemination Tools and Manuals2016-12-02 2016-11-17
UNDP Dakar, Senegal P4 * Programme Specialist (DRR/DRM)2017-02-28 2017-02-23
UNDP Istanbul, Turkey P4 * Policy Specialist, Energy and Climate Change2017-03-03 2017-02-11
UNDP Addis Ababa, Ethiopia P4 * Policy Specialist (Energy)2017-03-15 2017-02-23
UNDP Mbale, Blambuli, Manafa Districts, UGANDA National Consultant National Consultant on participatory development of guidelines, strategies and recommendations for implementing SLM, SFM and CCM in Land use plans in Mbale, Bulambuli and Manafwa Districts2017-03-16 2017-03-04
UNDP Kathmandu, Nepal SB5 * National Project Manager2017-03-18 2017-03-05
UNDP Home-based, TURKEY International Consul Consultant for reformulation of the second phase of project on Uranium Legacy Remediation in Central Asia2017-03-21 2017-03-08
UNDP Country Office, MALAYSIA National Consultant Local Consultant - Gender Gap Index Report: 2010-20152017-03-31 2017-03-21
UNDP Country Office, MALAYSIA National Consultant Local Consultant - Gender Mainstreaming2017-03-31 2017-03-21
UNDP New York, United States P5 * Policy Advisor (Crisis, Fragility, Resilience)2017-04-03 2017-03-22
UNDP Panama City, Panama SB3 * Asistente de Operaciones2017-04-03 2017-03-28
UNDP San Salvador, El Salvador SB4 * Coordinador(a) de Proyecto2017-04-11 2017-04-04
UNDP Bamako, MALI SC-4 Chargé du suivi évaluation2017-04-12 2017-04-07
UNDP Home Based International Consul Public Finance Expert (Fiscal Incentives) – International Consultant2017-04-13 2017-03-31
UNDP Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia G5 * Admin/Finance Assistant (For Malaysian Nationals Only)2017-04-14 2017-04-05
UNDP Bangkok, Thailand G5 * Administrative Assistant2017-04-14 2017-04-11
UNDP Dubai, United Arab Emirates G6 * Field Security Associate2017-04-15 2017-04-02
UNDP New York, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA National Consultant Gateway 2.0 Project Manager2017-04-17 2017-04-05
UNDP Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia NOB * Administrative Analyst (For Malaysian Nationals Only)2017-04-18 2017-04-05
UNDP Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia G5 * Human Resources Assistant (For Malaysian Nationals Only)2017-04-18 2017-04-05
UNDP New York, United States P5 * Advisor Regional2017-04-19 2017-03-30
UNDP Bangkok, Thailand SB3 * Project Assistant2017-04-20 2017-04-11
UNDP Jerusalem, Israel NOB * Programme Analyst2017-04-21 2017-04-12
UNDP Home-based with travel to Astana and regions, KAZAKHSTAN International Consul International Consultant to conduct gender analysis of policies and budgets programs in agriculture sector of Republic of Kazakhstan2017-04-24 2017-04-05
UNDP Dushanbe, TAJIKISTAN International Consul International Release Efficiency Consultant2017-04-24 2017-04-07
UNDP Home- based, THAILAND International Consul Poverty Environment Mainstreaming Tools Consultant2017-04-24 2017-04-11
UNDP Home-Based International Consul Framing Policies for the Digital Economy - Towards Policy Frameworks in Asia-Pacific2017-04-24 2017-04-18
UNDP Bangkok, Thailand P4 * Regional Finance Specialist2017-04-25 2017-04-18
UNDP Port Moresby, PAPUA NEW GUINEA Other Behaviour Change-Youth Coordinator Safe Public Transprot (Open to Nationals only)2017-04-25 2017-04-20
UNDP Bangkok, Thailand (Domestic travel may be required), THAILAND National Consultant National consultant - Communication and Social Media consultant2017-04-26 2017-04-13
UNDP Home-based, with regional travel to Asia-Pacific countries required, THAILAND International Consul Regional Public Financial Management Expert2017-04-26 2017-04-13
UNDP Bangkok, Thailand (Domestic travel may be required), THAILAND National Consultant National consultant - Youth and Community Coordinator2017-04-26 2017-04-13
UNDP Bangkok, Thailand, no travel required, THAILAND National Consultant National Consultant – Project Manager (Anti-Corruption Project)2017-04-26 2017-04-13
UNDP Bangkok with Travel within Thailand, THAILAND National Consultant MHS-RE_Terminal Evaluation (National Consultant)2017-04-26 2017-04-13
UNDP Bangkok with Travel within Thailand, THAILAND International Consul MHS-RE_Terminal Evaluation (International Consultant)2017-04-26 2017-04-13
UNDP Kigoma, Tanzania, United Republic of P4 * UN Area Coordinator2017-04-26 2017-04-13
UNDP Asmara, ERITREA International Consul International Consultant - Investment Code Development, Eritrea2017-04-27 2017-04-12
UNDP Jakarta, INDONESIA International Consul IC/UNDP/EU/043/2017 - Specialist Consultant for Social Finance and Gender (International Consultant)2017-04-27 2017-04-12
UNDP Home based, INDONESIA National Consultant IC/UNDP/PPG ISMIA Gold/ PPG National ASGM Expert - National Consultant - READVERTISEMENT2017-04-27 2017-04-12
UNDP Home based, INDONESIA National Consultant IC/UNDP/PPG ISMIA Gold/2017 - IC/UNDP/PPG ISMIA Gold/046/2017 - PPG National Coordinator (Institutional and Policy Expert) - National Consultant - READVERTISEMENT2017-04-27 2017-04-12
UNDP Home Based, INDONESIA National Consultant IC/UNDP/PPG ISMIA Gold/041/2017 - PPG National Financial Expert - National Consultant2017-04-27 2017-04-12
UNDP Home-based with travel to 1-2 countries in Asia Pacific region, THAILAND International Consul Country Support for Establishing Integrated National Financing Frameworks2017-04-27 2017-04-13
UNDP Home-based with travel to Mongolia, MONGOLIA International Consul Team Leader of Second phase of Mongolia Development Finance Assessment2017-04-27 2017-04-13
UNDP Panama City, Panama G5 * ICT Assistant2017-04-27 2017-04-13
UNDP Kampala, UGANDA International Consul Study on KYC Requirements for Digital Financial Services in Uganda2017-04-27 2017-04-14
UNDP Khartoum, SUDAN National Consultant National Consultant to Conduct Field-based Financial Monitoring for the FMU Partnership Agreements.2017-04-27 2017-04-14
UNDP Beirut, LEBANON National Consultant Provision of individual services of a consultant for the Development of National Urban Policies in Lebanon.2017-04-27 2017-04-14
UNDP Harare, ZIMBABWE National Consultant Individual Consultant for Development of a Digital Cadastral Database (Land Transaction System and a Digital Cadastral Index Map)2017-04-27 2017-04-15
UNDP Bonn, GERMANY International Consul 76309_SharePoint Trainer2017-04-27 2017-04-18
UNDP Windhoek, NAMIBIA International Consul Information Management Specialist2017-04-27 2017-04-22

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