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UNICEF Liberia   Driver1970-01-01 2018-10-11
UNICEF Senegal ICS-11  Nutrition Specialist (No Wasted Lives Coalition coordination) P4, WCARO, Dakar, Senegal#1066332018-06-14 2018-05-25
UNICEF Senegal   Education Specialist, NO-3, Fixed Term, Post # 96953 - Senegal Country Office, Dakar ,2018-08-21 2018-08-02
UNICEF Viet Nam   Junior Consultant, Youth Engagement and U-report Management Support, UNICEF Viet Nam (Vietnamese Nationals)2018-09-10 2018-08-30
UNICEF Malawi ICS-10  Procurement Specialist, P3, Lilongwe, Malawi #1076932018-10-22 2018-10-09
UNICEF Senegal   Consultant Individuel pour réviser les différents documents normatifs sur le dépistage et le dosage de la charge virale en intégrant la technologie du Point Of Care(POC) et accompagner la mise en oeuv2018-10-25 2018-10-18
UNICEF Senegal   Consultant Individuel pour la reproduction et la révision des outils de communication pour la mise en oeuvre des activités de communication dans le cadre du projet sur le dépistage rapide du VIH au po2018-10-25 2018-10-19
UNICEF Senegal ICS-11  Executive Manager, P4, WCARO, Dakar, Senegal, #863832018-10-29 2018-10-16
UNICEF Burundi   Internship: support the implementation and monitoring of schools as zones of peace, UNICEF Burundi, Bujumbura2018-11-07 2018-10-26
UNICEF Burundi   Internship,data visualization and documentation , UNICEF Burundi, Bujumbura2018-11-07 2018-10-26
UNICEF Philippines   Consultant: Information Management for Nutrition and WASH (3 months) (La Union and Baguio City)2018-11-13 2018-11-01
UNICEF Zimbabwe   UNICEF Zimbabwe is inviting applicants for the Humanitarian Performance Monitoring Consultancy2018-11-15 2018-11-10
UNICEF Congo, Dem. Rep   STAGIAIRE A LA SECTION POLITIQUE SOCIALE ET EVALUATION - Kinshasa (6 mois)2018-11-22 2018-11-09
UNICEF Malawi   Social Policy Specialist (Public Finance), NOC, Lilongwe, Malawi # 107663 (RE-ADVERTISEMENT - OPEN FOR MALAWIAN NATIONALS ONLY)2018-11-27 2018-11-15
UNICEF United States ICS-11  Batch Recruitment: Strategic Planning Specialist, P-4, NYHQ (two positions)2018-11-29 2018-11-09
UNICEF United States   Consultancy: Deployment Strategy and Packaging Specialist, Office of Innovation, Remote, 11.5 months2018-11-30 2018-11-17
UNICEF Belarus   International Consultant for Sports and Volunteer engagement, Belarus2018-11-30 2018-11-20
UNICEF Myanmar   National Consultant_ for Development of National Rural Sanitation and Hygiene Policy and Costed Implementation Plan (2019-2023)2018-12-04 2018-11-21
UNICEF Algeria   Expertise d’appui a la conduite de l’évaluation de la Stratégie Nationale d’Elimination de la Transmission du VIH de la Mère à l’Enfant en Algérie (2013-2015)2018-12-05 2018-11-23
UNICEF Jordan   Adolescent Development Officer, NOB - Amman, Jordan - 63445 - FT - Open for Jordanian nationals only2018-12-06 2018-11-23
UNICEF Uganda   Consultancy - Programme Development Consultant - 60 days (Open to International Professionals only)2018-12-06 2018-11-30
UNICEF Tajikistan   National consultancy on the development of a budget brief for pre-school and general secondary education2018-12-07 2018-11-30
UNICEF Dominican Rep.   Health Officer (NO-A), Dominican Republic (Temporary Appointment)2018-12-09 2018-11-25
UNICEF Dominican Rep.   Roster Local: Contratista Individual "Protección de niños y niñas en movimiento fronterizo entre República Dominicana y Haití"2018-12-09 2018-11-25
UNICEF Georgia   Individual Contractor - Education Support Assistant, Sukhumi2018-12-10 2018-11-27
UNICEF Denmark   Consultancy Title: Project Manager, supply chain BI solution2018-12-10 2018-12-01
UNICEF Lebanon   Research and Evaluation Officer, NOA, Lebanon Beirut, Temporary Appointment2018-12-10 2018-12-01
UNICEF Utd.Arab.Emir.   Consultancy to Develop an Action Plan to end violence against children in the UAE2018-12-11 2018-11-28
UNICEF Congo, Dem. Rep ICS-11  Re-advertisement: Emergency Manager, (P-4), Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo2018-12-12 2018-11-29
UNICEF Mali ICS-10  Reports Specialist, (P-3), Bamako, Mali2018-12-12 2018-11-30
UNICEF Mali ICS-10  TA: Construction Engineer, (P-3), Bamako, Mali (364 days)2018-12-12 2018-11-30
UNICEF India   Social Policy Specialist, NOC (TA), New Delhi2018-12-13 2018-11-29
UNICEF Lebanon   Social Media Intern, Lebanon Beirut - 6 Months2018-12-13 2018-11-30
UNICEF Lebanon   Health & Nutrition Officer (roving), NOB, Lebanon Beirut, Temporary Appointment2018-12-13 2018-11-30
UNICEF Lebanon   Consultant - WASH Sanitation Expert, Beirut, Lebanon (10.5 months)2018-12-13 2018-12-01
UNICEF Cameroon   Nutrition Officer, (NO-2), Maroua, Cameroon #108506, Temporary appointment (364 days), only for cameronian nationals2018-12-13 2018-12-01
UNICEF Senegal ICS-07  Re-advertisement: Senior Human Resources Associate, GS7 WCARO Dakar Senegal#220492018-12-13 2018-12-02
UNICEF Albania, Bulgaria, Croatia, Greece, Romania, Slovenia, Denmark, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Switzerland   Home-based Consultancy: Systematic review; the nutritional status of adolescents and children (7-18 years old) and the existing policies and programs to address their nutritional problems, in Eastern 2018-12-13 2018-12-07
UNICEF Panama ICS-05  TA Administrative Assistant (GS-5), #107868, Panama City - Panama RO2018-12-13 2018-12-07
UNICEF United States   Monitoring Officer2018-12-13 2018-12-07
UNICEF Congo, Dem. Rep ICS-10  Ebola response: Health Specialist (IPC), P3, TA, Goma (Beni)2018-12-13 2018-12-07
UNICEF Romania   National Consultant to verify and clean the databases for the Special Report of the Ombudsman Institution on protection of the rights of children in residential care in Romania2018-12-13 2018-12-07
UNICEF Uganda   Consultancy - For secondary analysis of survey data on nutrition in Uganda for both international and national professionals (4 months)2018-12-13 2018-12-07
UNICEF India   Communication Officer, NOA (Temporary Appointment), New Delhi2018-12-13 2018-12-07
UNICEF Egypt   Consultancy for Nutrition Communication & Dietary Diversity - Nationals only.2018-12-13 2018-12-08
UNICEF Angola ICS-06  Executive Associate GS-6 (Only for Angola Nationals)2018-12-14 2018-11-24
UNICEF Madagascar ICS-10  WASH Specialist-TA, P3, Antananarivo Madagascar # 108295--(364 days)2018-12-14 2018-11-30
UNICEF United States   Consultancy: Jr. Blockchain Software Developer, Office of Innovation, New York, USA, 11.5 months2018-12-14 2018-12-01
UNICEF United States   Consultancy: Urban Innovation Lead, Office of Innovation, San Francisco, USA, 11.5 months2018-12-14 2018-12-01
UNICEF United States   Internship - Graphic Designer, Administrative Management Services (AMS), DFAM, New York Headquarters (Six months duration with Stipend)2018-12-14 2018-12-01

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