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Get your own UN Job List Widget

UN Job List

by Sebastian Rottmair

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The UN Job List widget is a widget you can add to your page if you would like to feature UN Job List postings on your website. The widget looks like the example on the right:

To get your widget, follow these easy steps:

  1. Decide on which widget to get:
    There are currently two widgets available: The first is a WordPress Plugin for Wordpress and the second is a iFrame Widget for your website (or any other non Wordpress site). Decided on what you want? Great! Now you will need UN Job List Widget code.
  2. Get your widget code:
    To receive your widget code, go to the UN Job List Search Page and search for the jobs you are interested in. Make sure you try different searches and you are happy with the result.
  3. Wordpress: How to enter your widget code
    First, dowload the widget, unzip it, and upload it into your plug-in folder in WordPress. Then activate it in your WordPress Plug-In Admin panel and move over to "Appearance" and then "Widgets". Drag the widget where you need it and enter the widget code. Depending on your liking adjust the widget title and sizing.
  4. iFrame: How to enter your widget code
    If you would like to use the iFrame, simply copy the code below and replace the word "WIDGETCODE" in the text with your widget code:

I have written a short blog post about the widgets. Please let me know if you have issues using the widget or ideas on how to improve it - thanks!