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UNOPS Home based IICA-2 Supply Chain Management Specialist (Logistics/Assets/HSSE) - Home-based Retainer Administration2022-02-01 2022-01-19
UNOPS (Anbar and Ninewa Governorates), Iraq LICA Specialist-9 Project Management Support - Senior Officer Project Management2022-02-01 2022-01-19
UNOPS (Anbar and Ninewa Governorates), Iraq LICA Specialist-9 Civil Engineer Engineering2022-02-01 2022-01-19
UNOPS (Anbar and Ninewa Governorates), Iraq LICA-7 Monitoring & Evaluation (M&E), and Reporting Senior Associate Project Management2022-02-01 2022-01-19
UNOPS Managua, Nicaragua LICA-4 Asistente de Proyecto - Unidad Quejas y Reclamos Administration | Finance | Project Management2022-02-01 2022-01-22
UNOPS New York, United States of America IICA-2 Partnerships Specialist - Due Diligence Legal | Partnerships2022-02-02 2022-01-13
UNOPS Paris, France IICA-1 Programme Management - Senior Analyst (Project Management, Communications) Communications | Project Management | Programme Management2022-02-02 2022-01-21
UNOPS Freetown, Sierra Leone LICA Specialist-8 Health, Safety, Social and Environmental Analyst Health, Safety and Environment2022-02-02 2022-01-22
UNOPS Phnom Penh, Cambodia LICA-6 Associate Civil Engineer Engineering2022-02-02 2022-01-22
UNOPS Paris, France IICA-1 Programme Management -Senior Analyst (Developing country engagement, Governance) Project Management | Programme Management2022-02-02 2022-01-22
UNOPS Damascus, Syrian Arab Republic LICA-5 Senior Procurement Assistant (open to internal candidates only) Administration | Procurement2022-02-02 2022-01-22
UNOPS Home based IICA-4 Procurement Senior Advisor (Retainer, multiple positions) Procurement2022-02-03 2022-01-14
UNOPS Home based IICA-3 Procurement Advisor (Retainer, multiple positions) Procurement2022-02-03 2022-01-14
UNOPS Mogadishu, Somalia LICA-6 Administration Associate Administration2022-02-03 2022-01-19
UNOPS New York, United States of America LICA-6 Portfolio Associate Administration | Project Management | Programme Management2022-02-03 2022-01-19
UNOPS Dakar, Senegal LICA-5 Assistant(e) Principal(e) aux Ressources Humaines Human Resources2022-02-03 2022-01-21
UNOPS Freetown, Sierra Leone IICA-3 Country Manager Project Management | Leadership | Programme Management2022-02-03 2022-01-21
UNOPS New York, United States of America IICA-1 Partnerships Senior Analyst Partnerships2022-02-03 2022-01-22
UNOPS Nairobi, Kenya LICA-7 Programme Management - Senior Associate Project Management | Programme Management2022-02-04 2022-01-19
UNOPS Monrovia, Liberia LICA Specialist-8 Finance Officer Finance2022-02-04 2022-01-22
UNOPS Maiduguri, Nigeria LICA Specialist-8 Supply Chain Management Officer Administration2022-02-04 2022-01-22
UNOPS Abuja, Nigeria LICA Specialist-9 Finance Senior Officer Finance2022-02-04 2022-01-22
UNOPS Monrovia, Liberia LICA-6 Administration Associate Administration2022-02-04 2022-01-22
UNOPS Yangon, Myanmar LICA Specialist-9 M&E Senior Officer – (Agriculture and Rural Finance) Programme Management2022-02-06 2022-01-18
UNOPS Copenhagen, Denmark IICA-1 French Translator/Reviser Communications2022-02-06 2022-01-21
UNOPS Copenhagen, Denmark IICA-1 Spanish Translator/Reviser Communications2022-02-06 2022-01-21
UNOPS San José, Costa Rica LICA Specialist-8 Oficial de Apoyo a la Gestión de Proyectos Project Management2022-02-06 2022-01-21
UNOPS Panama City, Panama LICA-7 ICT Senior Associate IT2022-02-07 2022-01-22
UNOPS Yangon, Myanmar LICA Specialist-10 Deputy Project Manager (Myanmar Nationals) Project Management2022-02-09 2022-01-21
UNOPS Bamako , Mali IICA-2 Capacity Building Specialist Project Management2022-02-17 2022-01-22

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